Bacp ethical framework update 2014


Bacp ethics update

The Bacp are in the process of re writing the code of ethics for counsellors and psychotherapist, Professor Tim Bond is one of the academics who is helping shape the ethical views of the counselling and psychotherapy profession, in what is almost certainly going to become a regulated environment.

A consultation exercise has taken place, canvassing views from all eligible members, by the provision of a series of seminars where members could share their observations and concerns.

One of the biggest changes in the framework is going to be the inclusion of ‘core tasks’ or ‘non negotiables’ that both practitioners and supervisors, must adhere to, or presumably be in breach of ethics.

This is a significant shift from the current framework which is ostensibly provides ‘guidance’ not regulation.

The new framework will also bring counselling and psychotherapy in to the 21st century by offering guidance for working in an online environment such as Skype, and webinar environments,

Which, theoretically could see therapists working with clients in different countries, with differing laws on such things as child protection, confidentiality, and levels of qualification to practice.

As soon as the new framework is available I will be writing another blog post outlining the changes and how they effect both those in training and qualified therapists.

In the meantime you can access the last revision of the framework which was in 2012,with some aspects coming in to force in 2013 – Here (Click)


What are your views on the changes to the code of ethics ?

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