Psychodynamic Theorists

Born in Vienna on the 6th of May 1856, Sigismund Freud is considered the ‘father’ of talking therapies. He initially trained as a neurologist but is best remembered as the founder of Psychoanalysis, a method of treating patients by use of dialogue and analysis of their subconscious process. To find out more about his work, Click HERE. 

Melanie Klein was born on the 30 March 1882 in Vienna, before moving to England in 1938. She is best remembered for her pioneering work using psychoanalysis with children, which started when she lived in Budapest in 1919.

Although she had very few formal qualifications, her work was considered groundbreaking and is still held in high regard by those in the psychoanalytical community. To find out more about her work, Click HERE. 

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