Counselling Tutor Update

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Counselling Tutor Update 

Reading list for next years Counselling Courses

Over the last few days I have been interviewing prospective students who have applied for counselling courses.One of the recurring themes in the interviews was 'what shall I read, what books do I need for my course ?'

To help you choose the right books for your course ,we are opening a book shop via Amazon and if you buy by clicking through our bookshop web page we will gain a small affiliate commission (about 10 pence) a book.

This is not so much a get rich quick scheme on behalf of myself and Ken, more a drink tea slowly initiative!

If we sell 20 books then we can afford a box of good quality Earl Grey Tea a slice of lemon (well it is summer) and a pint of milk.

To help you choose which books may suit your needs,all the books will include a review by myself and indicate which ones are 'must haves' and which ones although not essential would make good presents for birthdays, celebrations , or thank you gifts.

The book shop goes live Saturday the 13th of July, LIVE NOW !  via the front page of the website so don’t buy any books until you have read the reviews on!


We are also eager to hear from any student who would like to publish book reviews in the library section or an suggest a good read ,myself and Ken really want this to be your site and where ever possible student led so get involved, more on this later.

Library Update

First of all a big thank you to those of you who have got in contact to be beta testers for the library , the response has been heart warming and exiting in equal measure , and reminds us that you are really taking ownership of this resource so thank you again!

We will get in touch with everybody nearer the time whether you are selected or not, and to be honest the selection process will be so hard for us given the response.

I hope you understand if you are not selected , however we have other plans for viewer participation, so if you miss out this time there will be other opportunities .

The construction of online library are progressing well, behind the curtain we are building the search sting and adding the resources.

Just a few words about managing expectations , after having lengthy discussions with Yvonne our library manager (she has a BA Hon's in library management you know….).

She tells me that we can only use public domain resources in the library and any book which is considered to be free from copyright. So don’t expect to find the entire library of Sage or PCCS books.

When I asked what would happen if, inadvertently we did include copyright material in the library her response was, and I quote …. “ they will lock you up dad! “ ……..(did I mention that she is in the final year of her Masters Degree in Education...)

The good news is that we have had permission from some authors to use copyright material, also we have been contacted by interested parties who would like their resources on the site , so all good really.

Should you use any of my articles you can cite in your reference lists and bibliography’s.

We also have a huge amount of really good articles that will be of help in your learning and be citable in assignment reference lists.

We will keep you updated……

Guest Blogger

We are delighted to announce that former Diploma student Barry Heap has agreed to produce a monthly guest blog discussing his experience and observation of being Gay Affirmative Counselling Practitioner

Barry who has had  articles published in THEGAYUK online magazine is a passionate advocate on the subject of men’s sexual health and is a really ,really nice guy. (I know, I taught him for three years 10 weeks)

On a practical level Barry's observations will be really usefully when considering how to construct equality and diversity assignments.

Hint to tutors.. you could even print them out for class discussions ….. !

Get involved….

Anyone out there interested in writing a student experience guest blog ?

We don’t pay cash money however anyone who submits an article for publication will receive a Counselling Tutor Earl Grey tea bag in the post 

We are interested in any one who wants to share their student experience ?

I would also be interested in any students from our world wide audience to share their experiences of counselling training in their country.

Get involved, Get in touch here 

New TV Channel

Following the massive success and positive comments from the You-tube Channel Counselling Resource which started in 2011 and now has over 400.000 hits (thank you for watching!)

In January 2014 , I am launching Counselling TV a You-tube channel of which the content is produced by You ….More details to follow… don’t touch that dial “

Give us some feedback on this update, post you comments below.