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Do not copy any text directly, word for word, from the Counselling Assignment Guide and use it on your assignment. Assessors and awarding bodies use copy protection software that picks up on duplicated content.

The counselling assignment guide is designed as a help guide to compliment existing knowledge and skills developed and obtained during a suitable counselling course. The guide should be used for reference purposes only to expand on your existing knowledge, books and course handouts provided by your learning provider.

The assignment exemplars contained within the Counselling Assignment Help Guide are used with the permission of the authors. The assignments are genuine and the content is unedited. The counselling assignment exemplars were submitted by the authors and found to hit criteria at the time of assessment.

Please keep in mind that assessment is subjective and although all efforts have been made to ensure the quality of the information, there can be no guarantee that all of the information contained within this guide is 100% accurate and free from error.

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