Fresh starts and familiar fears



This week we offer a warm' Counselling Tutor Welcome' to Jane Vaughan who has Kindley offered to share her experiences of training at Masters level. Jane is no stranger to blogging as she runs her own blog –'Sunbeamsthroughtheclouds'  and has a lively twitter feed.. over to you Jane…..

In the next few weeks I will be heading back to University for the second year of my Counselling MA – one year down, two to go.  Actually, I’ve just read that sentence and I realise how it sums up the attitude I often have to any venture in my life – always looking forward to the next thing rather than just taking in the moment.

 Whilst I have felt real benefits from my somewhat half hearted dalliances into mindfulness, I also love a fresh start and a good plan.  You know that excited feeling every New Years Day as you compile that entirely unrealistic list of things you will achieve in the coming year? Well, why wait until January?

 There is something about a fresh start that I love, even just the start of a new month – maybe it’s the idea of “wiping the slate clean” or perhaps it symbolises forgiveness of past mistakes and disappointments.  So in this spirit, I thought I’d write my “New Academic Year resolutions” for 2012/13:

1.    When preparing for an essay I will read widely around the topic, including the latest research.   I will aim to do this before I am compiling my reference list and realise that I only have three items, and two of those are written by Carl Rogers.

2.     I will challenge myself to be more emotionally open and vulnerable in personal development group and whole group exercises.  In smaller groups such as triad work I feel safe enough to walk down the more murky alleyways of my emotional world, but put me in the larger group and I’d much prefer to stay away from the shadows.  I know that this is something I need to work on this year.

3.    I will overcome my phobia of the crayon tin.  I thought I had left my feeble attempts at art work safely back in 1986, but no, apparently to be a counsellor you need to be the next L.S. Lowry.  Actually, that’s not strictly true but it’s the second thought that goes through my head whenever our tutors pull out the crayons (my first thought is always “ooh, chocolate!” – the crayons are kept in an old Celebrations tin.  Then I remember…)  My resolution is therefore to enter into any drawing exercises with a spirit of fun and exploration.  Yeah, right…

I think three resolutions are enough for now, don’t you?  After all, it’s not that long until January! 
Do you like to make resolutions, or are they just a waste of time.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you are also a counselling student just starting a new year of study