Just do Right !

Just do right !

Let me start this post off with a question, what would you be prepared to sacrifice in order to ‘do the right thing?

My reason for asking this question, was earlier this week I was prepared to tender my resignation from the job I love because of an ethical dilemma that was facing me.

I have never considered myself a brave person and still don’t, however as I have got older and more seasoned  in practice, the more I believe that if you ‘stand for nothing you will fall for everything’.

Being a counsellor has been a way of life for me for over a decade, it is more of a lifestyle than an occupation, although I do have a life outside counselling, it would be fair to say that I find great personal fulfillment in my work.

So the question I had to ask myself was “how much of my personal integrity am I prepared to lose in order to keep the lifestyle I cherish so much?”

Well the answer soon became very clear – As a teacher, I have to live my teaching , it’s not a case of ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say !’

Doing the right thing, may not make you rich or popular, however one reflection that 10 years of counselling practice and 56 years of life has taught me, is that the truth always comes out and right always prevails.

All my learners know of my love for the late Maya Angelou , especially the quote “ Without courage you cannot practice any other virtue constantly” in other words if you give up your integrity then you pretty much lose the ability to love , be compassionate ,be kind and honest.

You lose some of your humanity, and I believe it never returns.

So to answer the question I asked of you at the beginning of this piece is easy  -for me , without integrity we are not living a real authentic life, quite simply one cannot exist as a complete human being.