Review – Cognitive Behavioural Counselling in Action

Cognitive Behavioural Counselling in Action

‘An essential text for students of counselling and psychotherapy’

Cognitive behavioural counselling in action

Third Edition

Cognitive Behavioural Counselling in Action, is essential reading for students studying CBT or related approaches.

By reading this book you will discover the theories of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck. Two pioneering therapists who believed that by changing the way we think about things the happier we will be.

Ellis and Beck describe how we perceive events, have a direct impact on our emotional well-being , summed up in this observation;

 “Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them”.

Epictetus- Stoic Philospher 

Counselling students will find a wealth of knowledge contained in the pages.

The opening chapter discusses ‘ NATS’ (Negative Automatic Thoughts).  Thinking  such as ‘ If I fail my exams- I will be a failure forever’  would fall into this category. It goes on to describe the core theory of most behavioural models.

Sometimes referred to as the ABC Model –

A = An activating event  ‘I failed my exam’

B= A belief formed from that event ‘I am stupid and will always fail’ 

C= Living your life to that faulty belief ‘ I am not clever enough to pass my course’

You will discover that the goal of CBT therapy is to  challenge and change the faulty beliefs.

You will learn a number of ways this can be achieved. Hence,by using interventions such as homework and goal setting techniques. The result is that clients, with the counsellor’s  support, can measure how they are proceeding.  They can then evidence the outcomes of the techniques they learn in therapy.

One of the fundamental ideas the book proposes is;

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein

In other words, a large part of  the counselling techniques CBT therapist use is to try to help clients consider different answers to their faulty beliefs.

To aid this ,the book contains sample worksheets as well as questionnaires.

You will also discover how Cognitive behavioural techniques can be used in coaching. This is referred to in the book as CBC  or Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.

Suggested reference for the book .

Trower, P. Jones, J. Dryden, W. (2015) Cognitive Behavioural Counselling in Action, 3rd edn., London: Sage.

Where can I buy this book ?

Cognitive Behavioural Counselling in Action is published by Sage publications and is available from their website.

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