Review – Counselling Adolescents

Counselling Adolescents

An essential book for counselling students

Counselling young people  has become more of a priority in recent years, as a result of a growing number of children and adolescents  struggling with emotional and mental health issues.

As a consequence of this, schools, colleges and universities are offering counselling students placement opportunities.

One of the challenges for those counselling young people is chiefly what interventions are more likely to be successful?

In particular, is being trained in one modality of therapy enough to work with sometimes quite complex presentations?

Students who buy this book will find answers to these questions and in particular benefit from both the case studies and useful example of interventions. Such as use of drawing, and using animal figures to encourage young people to open up.

 The book discusses;

counselling adolescents

  • How to understand a young person’s frame of reference

  • How to develop a pro-active approach to counselling

  • Strategies for working with young people

  • Professional and ethical issues

  • Case studies linked to theory


Counselling young people can have ethical implications, for example, if a client disclosed self-harm or abuse. Consequently,practitioners can find themselves in a very confusing situation , on one hand ,keeping  client confidentiality ,while on the other considering issues of child protection.

The book’s final chapter discusses ethical and legal implications , for example working in conjunction with other professionals and how to handle instances where confidentiality needs to be breached.

The book also has a number of helpful  case studies illustrating how to use differing counselling  approaches to good effect. These can be very useful as we begin to understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach may not be appropriate in this field.

A highly recommended read , especially for students wanting to work with young people.

Suggested reference for the book .

Geldard, K.  et al  (2016)  Counselling Adolescents, 4th  edn., London: Sage.

Where can I buy this book ?

Counselling Adolescents is published by Sage publications and is available from their website.

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