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TA Today by Ian Stewart & Vann Joines

A Definitive Guide for Students of Transactional Analysis

Counselling students love TA Today because it’s accessible, while still retaining an in-depth examination of Eric Berne’s work. Each chapter of the book covers a different piece of theory,at the end of each chapter, there is a practical task which reinforces learning.

 TA Today includes clear explanations of –TA Today by Ian Stewart & Vann Joines counselling tutor


What makes this book so popular ?

Eric Berne believed that a lot of the decisions that shape our lives are made in childhood.  Berne observed this process stating ;-

“Each person decides in early childhood how he will live and how he will die… His trivial behavior may be decided by reason, but his important decisions have already been made: what kind of person he will marry, how many children he will have, what kind of bed he will die in… It is incredible to think, at first, that man’s fate, all his nobility and all his degradation, is decided by a child no more than six years old, and usually three… (but) it is very easy to believe by looking at what is happening in the world today, and what happened yesterday, and seeing what will happen tomorrow.”

In other words, messages we receive as children can impact on the relationships we have as adults.

Counselling students who read this book will come to appreciate not only the elegance of Berne’s idea. They will go on to develop an understanding of how TA is a complete theory of human personality.

The clear writing style and practical use of examples bring the theory to life. As well as  practical activities students can try out in class .  One such activity named the ‘Egogram test’ encourages students to identify which of the Parent – Adult- Child Ego State  they exhibit the most.

These fun learning experiments help bring theory to life, as a result complex theory becomes easier to understand. Watch Rory’s video review below.

Suggested reference for the book .

Stewart, I. Joines V. (2012) TA Today, 2nd edn., Melton Mowbrary: Lifespace Publishing.

Where can I get my copy?

TA Today is published by Lifespace publishing and is available from their website.

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