The Examined Life How We Lose And Find Ourselves Book Review

The Examined Life Book Review

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The Geek Philosopher Socrates informed us that “The unexamined life is not worth living” the notion that without some form of self understanding or self awareness them we are destined to live a life which is unfulfilling and lacking in richness and maybe unhappy.

Stephen Grosz’s book ‘The examined life’ How we lose and finds ourselves; opens the door to a world where his clients try to find meaning in their lives.
With his help clients or as he refers to them patients, explore their life through the prism of psychoanalysis, the world of subconscious process, the part of our psych that is unavailable to us without the help of a therapist and their interpretations.

The book is a fascinating journey in which we meet many individuals whose lives seem on the surface to be guided by the invisible hand of their past or denial of the present.
Thank you to Frances Gizauskas at Random house for the review copy.