Counselling Theory in Practice – A Student Guide

Counselling Theory in Practice - A Student Guide

The perfect guide to help students prepare for counselling in the real world

Written in easy-to-understand (non-academic) language - Counselling theory brought to life

Includes practical examples not covered in academic textbooks or counselling training

Packed with concise, invaluable and realistic information for anyone considering, studying, or already in the field of counselling

What fellow students think


Valuable content for ALL students embarking and during their counselling education.

It’s a great book for students studying or wanting to study counselling, wish I had read this when I started my journey some years ago.

- Shanne Evans


Easy to read. Lots of Information. Very relatable

Excellent book. Very detailed and informative. A must have for all who are into counselling and psychotherapy. Most questions students have at the back of their mind is all answered in the book.

This book is a cover to cover read but for me will remain an essential handbook throughout my studies. I refer to it as a handbook as you will discover a well laid out index covering chapters with subheadings within making it easy to reference specific items quickly.

A great book and is really useful alongside Kenneth Kelly's book of Counselling Skills.

- R Heayes


A super little book that answers all your questions in a clear and simple way. Highly recommend.

Overall it's a brilliant piece of writing, which definitely will be an invaluable source of information for anyone considering, studying, or already in the counselling fields.  It's very informative yet easy to read.

I wish that I had this at the beginning of my counselling journey as to explain a lot of the unknown.

- Audrey Haynes

There were many a moment whilst reading where things just fell into place and questions, I didn’t even realise I had, were answered.

- Charlie Nagy

A really informative guide, a must have for anyone starting on the path of becoming a listening helper.

- Helen Thunder

A must for anyone studying counselling from UK level 2 up to level 5.

Arrived today and I can’t put it down. Written in easy to read clear language. Rory has written about his own personal experiences of teaching in a classroom and as a practicing counsellor. This will be a book I can refer back to time and time again.

- Jet

I'm a Level 4 integrating counselling skills and theory student. This book came highly recommended by our tutor and it hasn't disappointed. Easy to read in an informative and knowledgeable way, with lots of personal experiences shared by Rory which makes it even more real. If you are about to embark on this counselling journey, make this one of your "Must Have" books.

- Sharianne

Brought this book at the beginning of L2 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel I will be referring back to this book numerous times during my training.

Rory star of the fantastic Counselling Tutor Podcasts brings his easy to understand and down to earth approach to a complex subject to print.

Would highly recommend to any counsellor in training or qualified

- Ian Deslow

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This book shines a light into the unknown, filling the gap between what you learn in class and what you will experience in the real world of counselling.

Years of classed based teaching, combined with my personal experience as a practicing counsellor and supervisor, form the foundations of this book.

I offer practical observations and direct responses to the thousands of questions I have been asked through the years of running our website,, our academic library “The Counselling Study Resource,” and our weekly podcast, aptly named The Counselling Tutor Podcast.

It is my hope that it answers your questions and help ease your counselling journey - Rory Lees-Oakes

Rory Lees Oakes

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