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Counselling Podcast

Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly examine the theory and practice of counselling. Delivering academic content in an easy to understand podcast.

Counselling Skills

Counseling skills explained with practical real-world application examples. How to explain counselling skills in your assignments.

Counselling Theory

Differing counselling approaches simplified. Theoretical approaches compared, contrasted & evaluated. Tips for writing your assignment.


Counselling Study Resource (CSR) - The world's most comprehensive assignment and study support resource for counselling students.

How Counselling Tutor Helps

Counselling Tutor was built to help you during your counselling studies.

It is a collection of resources that, if used correctly, can help reduce assignment anxiety, help you understand the complex theory by decoding it into plain English and help you understand and hit the dreaded criteria.

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Assignment guidance and study support for counselling students

Lecture library - Live fortnightly lectures, accessed online using any device. All lectures are added to the lecture library. The lectures cover key theory, skills and professional development linked to your counselling study.

Assignment Guidance - complete assignment exemplars and portfolios of work that have been passed by both tutors and awarding bodies.
Benchmark your assignments against ones that have already passed and matched criteria.

Theory Decoded - differing counselling theories broken down into easy-to-understand ‘chunks’, with clear examples to follow. Supporting audio files, videos and downloadable documents. Modalities covered include Person Centred, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Integrative Therapy, Attachment Theory, EMDR and Behavioural-based modalities such as CBT and REBT.

Skills Mastery - Each skill is outlined, it's application and reason for use explained. Listen to audio examples of skills being used in sessions. Downloadable feedback sheets for use in group work to record and develop both your and your peer’s skills.

Ethical Practice - ethical foundation that is fundamental to good practice. Sections include note taking and storage, use of supervision, dealing with ethical dilemmas and your own self-development as a counsellor.

Rory and I (Ken), taught counselling at practice level for a good number of years and we know first-hand the pressures of balancing a study, work and home life.
We recognised, in our own students, that assignments can cause anxiety, new theories can seem daunting and that the requirement to hit academic criteria, can sometimes feel like an impossible task.

The Counselling Tutor Facebook group is the ideal meeting place for  students of counselling and psychotherapy all over the world. The private group is a great place to exchange views, get support and have a general chin wag about counselling related issues.

Counselling tutor offer support and resources for students undertaking a counselling course who feel they would like some extra support.