AI Policy

Counselling Tutor Artificial and Assistive Intelligence (AI) Policy Statement


Counselling Tutor employs Artificial & Assistive Intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance the educational and support experience for our users. This policy outlines how we use AI, the potential benefits of its integration, the challenges it might pose, and the measures we’ve put in place to address these challenges.

1. Purpose

The primary aim of this policy is to provide clarity on Counselling Tutor's use of AI technologies and to establish guidelines that ensure its ethical and responsible application. Given the rapid advancements in AI and its increasing influence in various sectors, including education, it’s crucial to have a framework that promotes its ethical and beneficial use.

2. How Counselling Tutor Uses AI

We use Counselling Tutor developed specific AI models for:

Resource Identification: to help users identify relevant educational resources, streamlining their learning process.

Support Queries: in answering support-related queries, ensuring users receive timely and accurate responses.

We use native AI models for:

Content Creation: AI aids in generating content, ensuring it's tailored to the needs and preferences of our users. There is always a person that reviews and edits any AI generated content.

3. Potential Misuses of AI

Over-reliance: While AI can be a valuable tool, over-reliance on it can lead to diminished critical thinking and analytical skills.

Misrepresentation: There's a risk that AI-generated content could be passed off as original work by users, leading to academic or professional misconduct.

Data Privacy Concerns: Without proper safeguards, AI tools could be misused to access or share sensitive information.

4. Mitigation Strategies

Over-reliance: CT uses AI to point people in the right direction and not to diminish critical thinking skills within our learner user base. We will provide a list of resources for people to access.

Data Protection: Counselling Tutor prioritises user data protection. Our AI tools are designed to operate without asking for, capturing or storing sensitive personal information, and we regularly review our data protection protocols.

Education: We provide resources and training to our users on the ethical use of AI, ensuring they understand the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Monitoring & Feedback: We continuously monitor the use of our AI tools to detect and address any misuse. We also encourage feedback from our users to help us improve.

5. Internal Training and Development

Employee Training: All employees will receive training on this AI policy and the ethical use of AI.

Continuous Learning: AI systems will undergo continuous learning and updates to ensure they remain effective and ethical.

6. Ethical Considerations

Counselling Tutor is committed to the ethical use of AI. We ensure that our AI tools are used in ways that respect user autonomy, promote fairness, and avoid harm.

7. Policy Review and Updates

This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and up-to-date with technological advancements and ethical considerations.

8. Feedback Mechanism

For feedback, concerns, or queries about this policy or our use of AI, please contact Your feedback is invaluable in ensuring the continuous improvement of this policy.