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How to cite Counselling Tutor resources in assignments


Referencing a Handout

Referencing a Handout from Counselling Tutor

If you want to reference a handout that you have downloaded through the Counselling Tutor podcast show-notes, this is the format you should use:

Counselling Tutor. 2017. Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development. [Handout]. Available from: https://counsellingtutor.com/060-self-care-for-counsellors-piagets-theory-of-cognitive-development/ (Accessed 23 November 2016).

Referencing Ken Kelly's Book - Basic Counselling Skills - A Student Guide.

If the reference is taken from Ken's book, use the following to reference.

Kelly, K. (2017) Basic Counselling Skills: A Student Guide, Warrington: Counselling Tutor

Referencing Rory Lees-Oakes Book - Counselling Theory To Practice - A Student Guide.

If the reference is taken from Rory's book, use the following to reference.

Lees-Oakes, R. (2019) Counselling Theory In Practice: A Student Guide, Warrington: Counselling Tutor

Referencing a Handout from Counselling Tutor Handouts Vault

If the handout is from the Handouts Vault or Counselling Study Resource (CSR), then your tutor (as a non-member) will not be able to access this, so you should exclude the URL:

Counselling Study Resource. 2017. Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development [Handout].

Referencing a Podcast

Here’s how you would reference part of one of our podcasts:

Lees-Oakes, R. and Kelly, K. 2017. ‘When Your Personal Beliefs Differ from the Client’s’. Counselling Tutor Podcast 059. Available at: https://counsellingtutor.com/059-when-your-personal-beliefs-differ-from-the-clients-eugene-gendlins-focusing/ (Accessed 23 November 2016).

Again, the text in quote marks shows the specific part of the podcast to which you are referring.

Referencing a Video

If you wish to reference a video from our YouTube channel, you can do so like this:

Counselling Tutor. 2011. The Phenomenology of Person Centred Therapy [Video]. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBjhUJ0qzyU (Accessed 23 November 2016).

Referencing a Lecture

When referring to a lecture from the Counselling Study Resource (CSR), set out your reference as follows:

Lees-Oakes, R. 2017. ‘Common Themes in Survivors’. Preparing to Work with Clients Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse [Lecture Recording]. Counselling Study Resource.

Here, the part in quote marks shows the section of the lecture that you are referring to (as the whole lecture may be an hour long).

Other Tips

  • Before referencing, do check the policy of your learning establishment: some have very specific requirements of their own that you must follow.
  • The examples given in this video use the Harvard style of referencing. There are other systems too, such as Vancouver referencing and APA (American Psychological Association) referencing. Most UK learning institutions accept Harvard referencing, but again do check before investing time in this part of your assignment.
  • Some learning establishments may require you to submit (as appendices) any referenced materials that the tutor cannot access. (While Counselling Tutor materials are publically available on our website, materials from the Handouts Vault and CSR are available only to members.)


Other Resources on Referencing

We would recommend the following two university sites as being academically rigorous on their referencing tools and advice:

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