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Counselling Loneliness
What you need to know

 - Understand the different types of loneliness
 - Know what causes loneliness
 - How to work with loneliness

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8th May 2022 @ 11am BST (London Time)


In this free-to-attend lecture, Rory Lees-Oakes will share how you as a counsellor can identify and manage loneliness in our clients.

By attending this lecture you will gain a contextual understanding of loneliness

 The learning objectives are

- To define loneliness
- To discuss the impact of loneliness
- To analyse the social, economic, and psychological aspects of loneliness
- To describe some strategies to help clients who present with loneliness

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme is Loneliness. To start the week off, Rory Lees Oakes presents a live lecture looking at loneliness, its impact, its social, economic and psychological aspects, and some strategies to help clients who present with loneliness.