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Counselling assignment help guide for the Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (UK Level 4).

The most helpful and comprehensive assignment help guide for passing the Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

This guide will suit students who are studying the Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. (Equivalent to UKLevel 4)

Level 4 diploma in counselling assignment help guide The information shared in the counselling assignment guides have helped hundreds of students pass their counselling assignments.

Level 4 Guide Overview

This guide contains counselling resources, video links, podcasts, ebooks, a skills passport, citable reference documents as well as  assignment exemplars containing over 20.000 words of counselling theory linked to practice.  

All assignment exemplars were submitted for grading and met level 4 criteria at the time of assessment. You also get lifetime free updates to ensure your guide remains up to date.

                                                                                                    Who Compiled This Guide Ken and Rory ARTWORK

The guide has been written by, Rory Lees-Oakes, a counselling tour with over a decade of experience training counsellors on the diploma course. Apart from his counselling qualification, Rory holds a post graduate certificate in teaching, a counselling supervision certificate and he is also in practice as counsellor.

The guide was compiled by Kenneth Kelly. Ken is also a counselling Tutor and practicing counsellor working closely with Rory at a collegiate in the United Kingdom. Having the combined experience of two counselling tutors gives you the best chance to pass your counselling assignments. The main model covered is the Person Centred Approach to counselling with Transactional Analysis and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy outlines as comparative models. The counselling assignment help guide walks you through what information the awarding bodies are looking for and how the information should be presented in order to pass.

You get the guidance of a real counselling tutor who has over a decade of experience helping students meet the grade.


Assignment Guidance Over Three Years of Your Counselling Study

The Level 2, 3 and 4 Bundle contains all of the Counselling Assignment Help Guides that you will need in your study to become a practicing counsellor. The bundle includes all of the Certificate in Counselling Concepts (UK Level 2) and The Certificate in Counselling Skills (UK Level 3), Diploma in Counselling Skills (UK Level 3) guides as well as additional specialist resources for students undertaking the, 2 year, Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (UK Level 4) in counselling.

The "Counselling Assignment Help Guide" walks you through step-by-step!

Assignment ExemplarsWould you find any of this helpful?

  • Guidance on assignment structure
  • Writing tips for better marks
  • Words and phrases you should use
  • How to reference and use quotes
  • Assignment language explained such as compare, contrast, describe and define.
  • Citable reference resources

All of this and so much more is included.

Diploma In Therapeutic Counselling (UK Level 4)

  • Over 20.000 words of level 4 assignment exemplar material
  • A 14 page ebook on how to analyse supervision case studies
  • Examples of a case study with notes on where criteria is being met.
  • A level 4 exemplar on the the theoretical approach to Person Centred Counselling with notes of what hits criteria
  • The 19 propositions decoded
  • Citable, quality reference materials on the Caldecott Principles, Carl Rogers, Erick Berne, History of CBT, History of TA, REBT Elements, History of Psycho Analysis.

A final year counselling diploma portfolio index to help you arrange your portfolio Counselling-Tutor-testimonial-Colette

Assignment exemplars at Diploma level.

Counselling assignment help bundleAssignment topics include

  • Professional organisational issues in counselling (2727 words)
  • Counselling in a diverse society (2794 words)
  • Advanced Counselling skills (2647 words)
  • Specialism report and research into alcoholism (2740 words)

An exemplar of a completed portfolio including

  1. Information on one relevant piece of legislation (543 words)
  2. Practical Case study linked to supervision (1649 words)
  3. Practical Case study linked to theory (1614 words)
  4. The benefits of using working agreements evaluation (517 words)
  5. Description of agencies and other organisation, including team work (2749 words)
  6. Cometary on learning learned from placements (1028 words)
  7. Self awareness for counsellors (2746 words)

You also get

  • Video reference link matrix at level 4
  • A comprehensive Counselling Theory and Practice Guide
  • A counselling skills passport - 6000 words outlining how skills are used and evaluated
  • 38 pages of paraphrased counselling theory relevant to your assignment.
  • The guide has been carefully written to include the key words and phrases that hit the criteria of the awarding body’s. Important facts are included without going too deep into details that are not needed for the assignment.

Topics include

  1. Analyse supervision case study BOOKComparing and contrasting three models of therapy
  2. Ethics in counselling
  3. The Law related to counselling
  4. Supervision
  5. Making referrals
  6. Barriers to communication
  7. Counselling skills
  8. Non-verbal communication explained
  9. Use of silence explained
  10. Attending
  11. Reflection explained
  12. use of closed questions
  13. Focusing explained
  14. And so much more

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Get this Guide Right Now for Only £25

Just £25 gives you 30 days of unlimited access to Counselling Study Resource (CSR).

CSR is the worlds most comprehensive study resource for students of counselling and psychotherapy.

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He has your back. Your VLE is super simple to access. You enter your email address and a password, that you setup during registration, and it acts as a key to the VLE. Once setup its simple to get in from your smartphone (apple and android), tablet, laptop and desktop. If you have connection to the internet, you have your Counsellor VLE with you. Any issues at all and you then get Ken Kelly’s support.
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Bonus #1 - Reports (theory linked to assignment)

  • A report outlining the key features of the BACP ethical framework
  • A report comparison of two ethical frameworks
  • A report examining advantage and disadvantage of power in counseling

Audio Visual 2Bullet-Bulat-1---green Bonus #2 - Videos (watch on phone, tablet & PC)

A list of topics and related videos that underpin the Counselling Theory and Practice Guide all linked to the assignment criteria. 13 videos from our highly successful YouTube channel covering the topics covered in the assignments. The videos are referenced for you on a document, you just click the link and you are taken directly to the video. No more trawling YouTube tying to find the relevant videos.

Bullet-Bulat-1---green Bonus #3 - Audio Podcast (listen on your phone, mp3 player or computor)

  • An audio file on how to keep a reflective journal
  • An audio file on the life and work of Carl Rogers
  • An audio file comparison of two ethical frameworks
  • An audio file examining advantages and disadvantages of power in counselling
  • Audio files are iPhone and smartphone compatible for use on phone, computer, laptop or tablet.

Bonus value is easily worth £50.00 and you get it ABSOLUTELY FREE (For a limited time only)

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Get this Guide Right Now for Only £25

Just £25 gives you 30 days of unlimited access to Counselling Study Resource (CSR).

CSR is the worlds most comprehensive study resource for students of counselling and psychotherapy.


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Snippet from one of the diploma in counselling assignments (UK Level 4)

Deploma in counselling assignment example

Snippet from "How to Analyse Supervision Case Studies" e-Book (UK Level 4)

supervision case studdy

Snippet from "Carl Rogers 19 Propositions Decoded" (Level 4)

19 propositions decoded

Snippet from the Skills Passport (over 6000 words)

assignment skills

Snippet from Counselling Theory and Practice Ebook (35 pages) 

assignment theory book

 Snippet from Assignment Tips Guide

assignmnet tips

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Rory Lees-Oakes, Counselling Tutor.

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