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Counsellor CPD is an online library of top-quality CPD lectures and resources created for counsellors, by counsellors.

Our focus is to provide you with relevant CPD, that is implementable in your day-to-day practice.

Our aim is to help counsellors, like you, go further and enjoy deeper, more meaningful moments with clients.

What topics are in the CPD library?

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Hundreds of hours of on-demand CPD  to help you stay current with your CPD ethical requirements.

Access your learning anytime you want ... anywhere you choose ... using any device type — desktop or mobile.

Quick Reference Resource section, packed with hundreds of topics on theory, skills and running a counselling practice.

Experience a wealth of knowledge with regular additions of top-notch lectures featuring top names in counselling.

Support, and be supported, by thousands of other counsellors as a member of the exclusive online community.

Online CPD for counsellors

Counselling Tutor's CPD library is " Quality Checked CPD" awarded by the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS)

Below are Some of the Lecture Topics

5 Relationship Model - Advanced Skills - Contracting - Adverse Childhood Experiences - Attachment Theory - Attending - Bereaved Children - Boundaries in Counselling - Challenge in Counselling - Clients who Self-Harm - Codependent Clients -Configurations of Self - Contemporary Issues in Counselling - Contracting - Counselling ADHD - Counselling Autistic Clients - Counselling Clients in Substance Misuse - Counselling for Chronic Illness - Counselling in a Diverse Society - Developments in PCT - Dialogical Theory - Dyslexia - Endings in Counselling - Ethical Problem Solving - Feelings of Incompetence - Freud's Key Theories - GDPR - Data Protection - Grief Recovery Method - Hard-to-Help Clients - Introduction to Couples Counselling - Introduction to Suicide Awareness - Link Skills to Practice - Link Theory to Personal Development - Models of Mental Health - Models of Personal Development - Models of Supervision - Note Taking - Personal Development - Pluralistic Counselling - Preparing for PD Groups - Preparing to Work with Loss and Bereavement - Preparing to work with Sexual Abuse - Private Practice Guide - Psychosexual Development - Rapport - Reflecting and Paraphrasing - Reflective Journaling - Relational Depth - Self-Care - Skills Evaluation - Stages of Human Development - Stockholm Syndrome - Structuring Counselling Skills - Transference and Countertransference - Trauma and Brain Plasticity - Trauma and the Brain - Use of Questioning - Using Measurement in Therapy, Using Silence Effectively, Using Supervision - Attachment Theories - Working with Autism - Working with Children in Therapy - Working with Immediacy - Working with Metaphors - Working with Shame - Working with Young People

Here’s a sampling of lectures in the CPD Library

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What will you find inside Counsellor CPD?

Hundreds of hours of CPD lectures all with CPD certificates. You will be supported within our caring and supportive learning environment from which you can develop and grow a thriving, up-to-date practice.

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Over 150 hours of on-demand CPD lectures you can watch anytime

Online CPD for counsellors

The online learning centre is a library of over 150 hours of streamable counselling CPD lectures , each worth 1.5 hours of CPD.

Lectures are focused on specialist client presentations, delivered by experts in the field of counselling and psychotherapy.

With two brand-new lectures added each month, you’ll have an ongoing supply of fresh learning.


Keeps you current and gives you the confidence of knowing you are working to best practice

We understand that  CPD is much more than just learning about client presentations.

As reflective practitioners' we are asked to stay updated with new theories, sharpen our skill set and balance ethics, law and self-care.

The academic section gives you a solid and reliable foundation on which to build your practice.

Counsellor CPD

* Theory

A useful refresher on prior learning and a way to learn about other modalities, perhaps to decide whether you’d like to study these in greater depth or to gain a better understanding of  previous therapy that your clients may have experienced

* Skills

In-depth dives into each counselling skill, with skills demonstration audio examples so you can hear skills used in practice and then evaluated

* Practice

Robust practice-based support on important topics such as self-care, supervision, law, ethics and the day-to-day running of a successful counselling practice


Short, easy-to-digest  resources, articles and audio files that you can take action on immediately

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to watch a whole lecture right away, our Resources Library gives you short, easy-to-find articles that you can implement rapidly.

You get a huge range of academically researched key topics at your fingertips.

This saves you time as our team have done the research for you, meaning you can search, read and put your learning into practice quickly.

Counsellor CPD Online

Some of the popular topics in the Resources Library

* When clients do not attend

* Making a referral

* Hard-to-help clients

* Contracting example

* Ethical problem solving

* Assessing clients

* Supervision checklist

* Clinical will

* Reviewing client progress

* Barriers to communication

* Endings

* Note taking



Peer support and convenient networking — Make and develop new connections

Online Counsellor CPD and community

Counselling can be a lonely business, as we often work solo and have only our clinical supervisor with whom we can share any professional concerns.

You might miss college days, when peer support and a sense of community were there on tap.

The Counsellor CPD community offers you a safe space to share your day-to-day journey, to support and be supported by peers and to network with like-minded professionals.

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Your 100% No-Risk Guarantee

At Counselling Tutor, we hold ethics as a core value. We truly believe that if you enrol in Counsellor CPD, you will get immense value. If however you enrol and feel dissatisfied, then you have 30 days to let us know and we will refund 100% of your money. No questions, no fuss.

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Why CPD Matters

As a qualified counsellor, you’re well aware of the requirement of your ethical body (for example, BACP or NCPS) to undertake a minimum amount of CPD each year.

Not only is this important for ensuring you work ethically, it also provides an invaluable opportunity to add to your knowledge and skills base, enabling you to serve clients better and to attract paid work (whether in an employed role or in private practice).

CPD also allows you to differentiate yourself from many other counsellors out there. While you might all have the same — or very similar — basic qualifications, the CPD you choose can show potential employers and clients your areas of special interest, so helping you attract the most fulfilling and rewarding work.

How you benefit by becoming a Counsellor CPD member

Academically Rigorous Content

Our academically rigorous content is delivered by specialist speakers from the world of counselling and psychotherapy.

What do we mean by “academically rigorous”?

Other online CPD providers serve up a recording of an expert Q&A session and call it a lecture. You never know what topics will be covered or if you’ll learn something useful.

In contrast, our lectures are mapped to defined outcomes. You’ll know…

* exactly what’s to be covered

* what you can expect to learn by watching

With our focused lecture content, you get far more learning value from every minute spent watching.

Easy CPD Reporting

Every lecture in Counsellor CPD comes with a CPD certificate: your evidence to your ethical body, employer and/or clients that you are committed to ongoing learning and development.

What’s more, the Certificates section lists all completed lectures for you, so you can see at a glance how many CPD credits you have.

And when it comes time to report your completed CPD hours, simply print the completed lectures in list form, or as individual certificates.

Free tool for tracking your CPD hours

As time goes by, it can be difficult to keep track of where you stand with your CPD hours. To help, we’ve created a free CPD tracking tool that tracks your progress. You’ll never fall short of your hours, or spend more time on CPD than you need.

Weekly Podcast

In addition to our lectures, we produce a weekly podcast to help you stay current with changes in the industry.

CT Podcast COVID Special ep 01 featured image - Topics Discussed: Dealing with disruption for students; CPCAB response to the virus; Different ways of counselling during the COVID-19 outbreak
CT Podcast Ep 145 featured image - Topics Discussed: Working with shame in counselling; External verification of training courses; General Data Protection Regulation
CT Podcast Ep144 featured image - Topics Discussed: Making an ethical referral; What tutors learn from their students; Suicide prevention for counsellors
CT Podcast Ep143 featured image - Topics Discussed: Cognitive dissonance; Minimum assessment levels; Grief Recovery Method
24/7/365 Access

Because all of our lectures are online, they can be accessed at any time — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means you can accumulate your CPD hours when it’s convenient for you — no travel required.