Developing Core Competence in Race and Culture: Eight Reasons Why It Matters

In this lecture, psychotherapist Mamood Ahmad aims to help you understand why core competence in race, culture and antidiscrimination matters so you can situate your learning.

After listening to the lecture, you will be able to:

  • explain why race and culture core competence is vital
  • recognise the possible consequences of not being core competent
  • understand what it takes to be core competent
  • consider options for core competence training and certification.
Developing Core Competence in Race and Culture - CPD lecture for counsellors

Mamood begins by providing working definitions of various race-related terms, before inviting early reflections using a range of quotes relating to experience of race and society.

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Moving to eight reasons why it matters to develop core competence in race and culture, the lecture covers:

  • universalism
  • racial and cultural identity
  • adaptation
  • race and intersectional discrimination
  • social justice and fair practices
  • personal development
  • building the relationship
  • ethical practice.

In each of these eight areas, Mamood provides a mixture of theoretical insights based on research and anecdotal evidence, useful models, composite case studies, and questions for reflection.

Finally, Mamood describes further training offered by The Anti-Discrimination Foundation (TADF), and feedback from participants on this. As well as the content of this lecture and information on how to take your training in this further, you will also receive a list of over 20 references that you can use for self-directed further study of this important area of counselling and psychotherapy practice.

About the Lecture Presenter

Mamood Ahmad Counsellor CPD lecture

Mamood is a UKCP psychotherapist, trainer, author and founder of The Anti-Discrimination Foundation (TADF) which provides diversity and anti-discrimination focused consultancy and training services to training institutes and individuals.

He holds a private practice in the village of Binfield, Berkshire.

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Developing Core Competence in Race and Culture - lecture overview