Online and Telephone Counselling Course Testimonials

Online and Telephone Counselling Course

I really enjoyed the course and while I found the conversational style of the presentation initially surprising as I had not experienced it before, I really came to value and appreciate it...

there was much that was new to me and it was also extremely helpful to have a wider context within which to frame my experience.

Michael (Essex)


I found the course very thorough with points that I would never have thought of from the client's perspective.

It felt very good support in this ever-changing world we find ourselves in. The black hole effect is definitely more present in my telephone and online work, so good to know I’m not the only one that it has a massive impact.

Thank you! Well done!

Louise (West Yorkshire)

I have dyslexia and I have found the layout and different methods of learning really useful. 

I like how I can work at my own pace and pause to write notes.

I enjoyed the lectures given by Rory and felt that all the topics were thoughtfully covered.

There was some good use of repetition to make sure the same information was delivered in different aspects to ensure the message was getting across.

Clair (Dumfries and Galloway)

The course was very eye-opening and easy to understand. Teamwork was excellent. 

Hope I will be able to revisit the modules from time to time to refresh my memory. 

EXCELLENT job guys!

Clementina (Kingston-Jamaica)

Even as an experienced counsellor, I took away some really interesting information that will improve my online practice.

The course has made me re-appraise my online contracts and there are some topics that have led to a lot of reflection in and out of supervision. 

All in all, a very good course. Thank you.

Victoria (Essex)


The course is very comprehensive and covers all the areas I expected. Interesting and thought-provoking.

Anne (Dubai)

Informative and useful to listen to lectures/chats whilst driving for example.

I was nervous about doing this course, as I often struggle with new online processes.

However, the way the course was set out is pitched so that all the necessary steps to understanding how to work online are covered, but without feeling, it has been "dumbed down" for those of us less confident with working online.

I now know what I need to improve, and more importantly, how to do it.

Georgina (Devon)

The course explores more topics than I thought were there to explore - it gave a lot of insight and was very helpful. 

I have learnt a lot and am thankful for that. It made me realise how vulnerable I was coming out of my course - being told I could practice but actually did not have the 'management' tools required in order to practise safely.

Annabel (Wales)


I found the course to be of excellent quality as in keeping with the usual CT standards that I've come to know and appreciate. I am very happy with what I've received as in knowledge and support and would recommend this and any other course that I participate in at Counselling Tutor.

June (Berkshire)

I found the course was useful in terms of prompting me to think about contracting online, give clients informed consent about the different feel of online therapy, privacy and security issues. It had some useful resources such as contracts, risk assessments and evaluation forms.

Cristy (Coventry)

The course made me realise that telephone and online counselling is like a separate counselling modality in itself. It requires a particular skill set. The course has been developmental for me and I feel expanded and more confident in this way of working.

Colin (East Yorkshire)

I found this a very informative course. Guidance with regards to the type of email address I use, insurance I hold, record-keeping, contracting, evaluation forms & having a clinical will were all really helpful and have prompted me to put things in place that I hadn't previously considered.

Fiona (Brighton)

" Plenty of information and new ways to help practicing online counselling in new and updated ways. You explain every module and every topic in the course in very simple ways."


Broken down into very easy to understand modules, with additional reading and links.

Lisa (Surrey)

I enjoyed the course and the bite-sized modules. It has given me a lot to think about as I am surprised about the number of things I hadn't thought of.

Zoe (Kent)

Really useful and practical information. Thanks!

Rio (Nottingham)

The course was satisfying. The slides were rich in valuable information some of which I already knew and others I did not know.

Dalia (Edinburgh)

I am now feeling much more confident; I always want to keep my integrity and be professional.

I could have made so many mistakes if I had not done this course.

Also, it is an amazing added value to be able to access the learning life long and I know I will come back to it often.

Caroline (UK)


Covered all the key areas to be aware of when moving from face-to-face practice to online/telephone practice. Resources for setting up in private practice were useful, as well as examples of wording and structuring of documents.

Simon (Birmingham)

I enjoyed the course and found it easy to follow and very informative.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course content - how it relates to the rules and laws of the country and how one needs to put in perspective the country they work in.

I would highly recommend it to all counsellors working online as definitely after attending this course, we have a place to review our techniques and to look after our own well-being.

Suzie (Dubai, UAE)

I found the course interesting and relevant to my practice. I really appreciated the extra learning materials and especially examples of documents that I can adapt to my practice.

Juliet (Cambridge)

I felt the course highlighted topics I already had knowledge of, which helped me to solidify my learning more. The course also touched on areas I didn't have much experience in and this helped me to understand the online counselling world more. I think the course is great to understand what is expected from us when delivering online therapy.

Florence (Australia)

The course was great. It made me really tighten up some of my procedures. Thank you!

The course helped me see the transferable skills I already have and how to adapt them. It made me reflect on things that I hadn't thought about for some time.

The difference between face-to-face and online therapy, things to consider working online. It made me more aware of transference, especially for telephone counselling.

It was very informative and covered most aspects of working online with clients.

Jackie (London)

It is a great initiative taken to guide professionals in counselling in terms of online and telephone counselling.

I am very much delighted to take up this course and would like others to take this course for their professional development in counselling which is the need of the hour in these pandemic circumstances.

The agreement form is very much useful since it is the beginning stage of any counselling with the clients.

Dr. Rita (India)

"Excellent course! I've gained a wealth of knowledge and feel much more equipped and able to be effective and confident with my online practice."


Loved the way it was structured and broken down into bite-sized segments. The level of explanation was thorough and appropriate.

Found the references helpful. Very friendly and helpful-sounding delivery. Found specimen documents helpful.

Alvin (Notts)

This course has definitely polished off areas that I was unaware of such as disinhibition in online working. Working in other countries such as the USA.

This course will definitely be part of counsellors' and supervisors' training course/s in the future as now online working has become another option. Thank you.

Maggie (Kent)

The most beneficial thing about the course is that you can complete it at your own speed which I have managed to fit around work, uni, placement & everyday life.

The encouraging emails and finding a buddy kept me going. I am also pleased that I will have access to amendments in the future which I think will help support me going into private practice.

Dawn (Peak District)

The most useful part for me was looking at the contract. As a student counsellor, I have overhauled my contract which I have taken into placement, which is currently all online/telephone due to COVID and then tweaked it as I put it into practice.

Susan (Devon)

Very user friendly, not too onerous. Informative without being overly academic with plenty of opportunity for self-reflection.



It was excellent to learn what I didn’t know was lacking. A comprehensive course well delivered.


Elizabeth (Scotland)

It's good to have the affirmation that my way of working with clients, especially my phone clients where I have no visual clues and never see them face to face, I have been conducting the sessions along the right lines, so that has given me confidence and now I feel things are clicking into place.

Roselle (London)

I loved the flexibility of this course. It took me a while to complete because I’ve been so busy, but loved that I didn’t feel pressured and could dip in and out when I had the time and space to learn freely.

It’s given me much more confidence in working remotely with clients. Thank you!

Sarah (Cheshire)

This is the very best course! I love it. Met expectations and I'm very satisfied. It's very important to me. Highly recommending this course.

Lots of new knowledge for me, and more than just the obvious. Lots of things I would never have thought of. I have saved all the downloads into a folder and will refer back to them in my own time as needed. I feel like the course has made me a more robust counsellor. Thank you!

Jacqueline (Warwickshire)


Easy to understand, comprehensive and with lots of layers with video, audio and reflections - very useful.

Nimesha (Sri Lanka)

Much more content and information than expected! There are a lot of decisions to consider in terms of policies and procedures which I hadn't known about. It's great that I have been made aware of what I need to succeed.

I am also designing my website and the course has helped me to map out the site further. The course has also helped to develop my learning further and I will continue to do this once the course ends. 

A fellow counsellor recommended this course to me. Thank you.

Jane (West Sussex)


Very informative. I enjoyed the clarity which manifested in the course structure and also the clarity of the presentations and lectures. I found the teaching videos easy to follow and thought-provoking and loaded with useful info and practical knowledge. I appreciated added resources, links, templates and samples of documents which helped me to cope with the initial feeling of overwhelm with the number of documents, forms, paperwork needed around the ethical and effective online (and face to face) practice.

I have to say I got used to your voices and presence in my home and they are now linked with my developing practice as some of your phrases keep echoing while I put my learning into practice. I guess this is a part of experiential learning in building a relationship online and also an illustration of some of the discussed phenomena of online relating.

And finally, this course boosted my confidence and skills in telephone counselling and highlighted so many areas for consideration and further development and self-reflection. A game-changer, I am not stiff and tense anymore as I gesticulate away and feel I can finally access my therapeutic part when on the phone.

- Renata (Edinburgh)


We moved to telephone counselling due to COVID restrictions. I loved this form of counselling and found it to be just as valuable and meaningful, if not more so, than face-to-face. However, this course has raised awareness of how little I actually knew about the nuances of telephone work. Furthermore, it has both complemented my degree course and filled in gaps in my knowledge and understanding.

As a result, I feel much more confident about moving into private practice I'm really excited about the prospect. I loved how the course was structured, with Rory's lectures, followed by the practice discussions, which embedded and reinforced my learning. I also found the resources valuable, especially the academic papers as they provided factual information on research findings which gives a robust foundation to the course.

- Lynn (Norfolk)


My feeling about working online has changed. It was something I couldn't even consider before starting the course. I stubbornly decided it was never going to be my way of working. I am a 54-year old student who struggled with technology. Since starting the course, I have become familiar with Zoom.

With the support of my peers and supervisor, I have become more comfortable in understanding that working online is around my lack of understanding of technology rather than working with clients. I also realised that phone counselling was something that I would be comfortable with and this was another way of working.

- Kate (Essex)


A great course. As an ex Learning Technologist (before I became a counsellor), I really appreciated how well the course was set up from a pedagogical perspective as well as covering so much information that I will find useful as a therapist. The information followed by a discussion really helped me absorb the information.

- Heather (Nottingham)


Being dyslexic myself knowing that both Rory and Ken are, too gave me confidence that I needed and that text and email counselling would not be for me.

- Pauline (Essex)


I have found this course very useful and have already recommended it to my colleagues! I know that there are skills I will be using immediately as well as skills I can take forward and use further in my career (such as if I began private practice). A broad range of subjects and resources were available and offered in a very accessible fashion.

- Sophie (London)


The course contained much more content than I had expected. Delivery was fantastic from both Rory and Ken. They made each topic fun and easy to grasp. The course was really user-friendly.

- Beverley (Northampton)


Has taken me 10 months to get this far (was doing assignments for the second year of counselling degree at some points and had to take a break from the course) and the learning has been incredible - I listened to most topics twice as they were invaluable. In fact, I hope to get through some of them a third time!

- Áine (Northern Ireland - Co.Fermanagh)


Excellent content! Very professional psychological and therapeutic practice guide, reminders and excellent lovely people to work with. Thank you team for the good job you are doing. I couldn't do it on my own despite all the theories I know. Now it's easy.

- Alice (Coventry)


Got some good insights - useful to have a discussion after the talk to help reinforce learning and have another perspective.

- Maureen (London)


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. As I already work online as a coach, I'm familiar with technology and so was a little sceptical about how much I would gain from this course. I quickly realised I had LOTS to learn and I'm so pleased I enrolled. Very in-depth information, quick support, lots of additional resources; I'm super glad I chose this course.

- Kate (Sydney, Australia)


I was very impressed with the course content and how it was taught and all areas were covered in tremendous detail and very interesting.

- Yvonne (Dublin, Ireland)


I have been counselling for a long time and qualified as a telephone counsellor many years ago but am relatively new to online zoom counselling. Although I thought a lot of the course was aimed at students and newly qualified, it was reassuring to see that I was doing most things necessary already. It was a good 'refresher' to think about things and consider some things like attachment and paperwork and disclaimers that I might not have thought about recently.

I think you have been very thorough and covered everything that needs to be done. I now feel even more ready to continue online as well as eventually going back to some face-to-face. It was also good to be able to go at my slow pace because I have a very busy life and sometimes other things got in the way.

- Christina (Leeds)

"I enjoyed learning about all aspects especially how in-depth the contracting is."


The start of the course and the module on being aware of the risks of online counselling made me apprehensive of working online. The information covered in this course is invaluable! By the end of the course, I feel prepared for all the benefits and I am so excited to start working online with confidence! Thank you to all of you for putting together this informative course.

- Mamta (Bangkok, Thailand)


I am a counselling student in Sydney, Australia. Moving to online learning during the pandemic was initially a struggle for many students. When I discovered this course, I was not sure how effective it would be, however, I was blown away by the depth and breadth of information provided by Rory and Ken.

It has illuminated my awareness of the pitfalls of this relatively new medium and also my responsibilities moving forward as I would like to focus on online work, to be able to reach as many clients as possible. I am grateful for this course, for the content, and the easy way in which Rory (and Ken) present this vital information. Thanks to you both, and your team at Counselling Tutor.

- Pete (Sydney, Australia)


Good course. I like the way Rory and Ken discuss the topics and find them really helpful and enjoyable.

- Janet (Essex)


There are so many good things about this course. I know that I will be revisiting it time and time again as there was a lot to take in on the first viewing.

- Linda (Harrogate)


I think there was a lot of information in the course and really helpful links to other reading materials, research, etc. I also really enjoyed the suggestions for different ways to explore the course material in practice.

- Angel (London)


I am so pleased I took this course! I work online with clients and it has enhanced and emphasised the importance of so many aspects. So beneficial. Thank you!

- Sofia (Enfield)


I enjoyed the course. It has been both helpful and very interesting at a time when face to face learning has been restricted.

- Vivienne (Berkshire)


Excellent course! It has set me up nicely for my placement which is entirely online and on the telephone at the moment, so thanks, guys. It's been great and I've gained a wealth of knowledge and feel much more equipped and able to be effective and confident with my online practice.

- Alice (Edinburgh)


Handouts were really good and the teaching style was easy to follow the topics. Very good resources and lectures.

- Nico (Leeds)


Found the videos helpful and informative that allowed a lot of room for improvement.

- Mary Joy (Brighton)


I found the course very steadily paced and accessible, covering all I need to consider from the practical elements of working online, including the technical considerations, right through to the emotional ones such as self-care as a practitioner. The resources such as example paperwork and further reading are generous and highly useful.

I found the course generally gave me a good refresher on working with clients overall, whether it be face to face or online. I enjoyed especially the Practice Discussion sessions as the conversations made the previous lecture points very accessible and raised some of my own thoughts. Overall, a very well thought through course, considering all types of learning styles and accessibility. Thank you!

- Nicola (Yorkshire)


I found the informality of the delivery of the course a joy. I felt every time I logged in, that I was going to be spending time with people whose company I valued. I found myself smiling rather a lot, too. I'm dragging my feet a bit as the course comes to a close as I've so enjoyed the learning I don't want it to end!

Thank you, Rory and Ken. I've already been letting my colleagues know about this course and, importantly for me as someone who has been delivering counselling by phone and Zoom for some time now, learning where I've been going wrong and putting it right. My heartfelt thanks to all the team and good luck in your future endeavours.

- Karen (Grantham)


I found most of the course very informative. The course provided a lot of insightful information with valuable links and downloads which was brilliant. The whole course was presented extremely well from the power points to the video sessions and was very easy to follow.

I also liked the fact that there were regular emails about the course and upcoming lectures. The site is easy to access and well laid out. I most certainly would recommend anyone looking at online counselling to take this course. It will be highly beneficial to your practice and clinical development.

- Tina (Highlands Scotland)


Thank you very much really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

- Sarah (United Kingdom)


I found the course easily accessible and to navigate. The content was extremely detailed and easy to understand. I found the practice discussions after each presentation really useful to reflect on what had been taught. The resources offered was also very useful which I have downloaded.

I liked having the flexibility of working at my own pace and the mini assessments at the end as it helped me to check my understanding of the course. I also joined the live webinars on Wednesdays which I felt was extremely helpful and useful to ask any questions. I feel Rory, Ken and Collette when above and beyond on this course and I am so thankful I came across this.

- Leanne (London)


Highly informative, I learned so much and it really opened my eyes to the difference between face to face and online counselling!

- Gemma (Inverness)


Appreciated the videos to listen to and also have the script to read along with. Extra learning was really useful and interesting. Extra videos embedded in the modules were great learning tools and enabled me to increase my knowledge and gain CPD points. The disinhibition module was of particular interest and I am noticing it more and more now. Great resources around the subject Great learning. Thank you.

- Lorraine (Hove)


Thank you so much. This was a fabulous course. To be honest I did not expect to learn anything, as I have been working online since the beginning of Lockdown. I learnt about the disinhibition effect, which although I was experiencing it, as content in the course it confirmed it for me, as was the same with transference. Clarified and added to my reflective practice.

I also liked the fact that I could log in, start the course and pause it (particularly helpful to me as I had a family bereavement in the middle of doing it and it was so helpful to just be able to pick up where I left off and when I had difficulties your Live Chat staff were lovely and helpful, quick to respond and solved the problem quickly).

- Kim (Hillington)


The course exceeded my expectations and has increased my confidence in online counselling. The course worked well around other life expectations - study / family / new job as could be accessed at any time which for me was greatly appealing.

- Nicola (North Lincolnshire)


I thoroughly enjoyed this and feel more prepared as I go into placement. I know I'll be dipping into modules again as things arise and I really enjoyed the referral to other lectures that we can access to build up the bigger picture. Thank you!

- Carly (Coventry)


I really enjoyed the bite-size videos. It really suited my learning style.

- Meerah (Leicester)


Very thorough course. I feel that it will give me the confidence to set up an online private practice. For me, being able to log back in and watch videos again is invaluable. I will be referring to both videos and templates when putting together my paperwork for private practice.

- Anna (Salisbury)


I think I benefitted most from the documentation discussions and templates which fitted well with me starting up in private practice. It was also good to hear others experiences and meet with other therapists online.

- Andy (Harrogate)


When I first signed up for the course, it was more out of necessity. Partly due to the pandemic but also because I had been quite resistant to the idea of online counselling in the past - so I felt it would be a good way to work through some of these aspects.

In all honestly, I did not expect to learn as much as I did and feel I am walking away with a sound understanding of the different and important considerations in regards to online/telephone counselling. I really enjoyed the prompts to reflect at the end of each topic as well as the structure of the course overall.

Further, I was very impressed to see how quickly and well Counselling Tutor responded to the recent updates the BACP made to their online working guidance. This provided me with the opportunity to have all my bases covered with the most up to date information available.

Here is a genuine big thank you from someone who now at the end of this course has a real appreciation for the importance of telephone/online counselling.

- Marisa (Brighton)


It's been a difficult year for many - I decided to start my private practice during the lockdown, as my school counselling service had completely stopped when schools closed. Much of my counselling work had to be online. This course gave me so much confidence in using the tech, but also allowed me to find that online is just as good as face to face. I love working online, and I feel that the love has definitely come from the growth in my confidence since doing this course. Thank you!

- Ruth (London)


I enjoyed the course and learned lots more than I expected as I am already working online and on the telephone. I could listen to Rory and Ken all day so I'm a little sad that it's ending ha ha.

- Vicky (Sunderland)

'An excellent course. Very informative and food for thought. I liked how access could be via listening or reading.'


It was a very pertinent course that was incredibly helpful at a time of having to move more fully to online working.

- James (France)


I really like the fact that I could do it my own time and yet continue to have ongoing support as and when I needed it. Any issues I had were sorted really quickly. Thank you.

- Lynda (Hampshire)


It made me think about my practice generally.

- Pamela (Monmouthshire)


I enjoyed this course. To be honest, I really thought it was going to be like stating the obvious, but it was good to be reminded of things, and I learnt new things, too. Thank you.

- Joylette (Bedford)


I found the course very thorough. It was useful to listen to the conversations between the trainers to enhance the learning. The course was easy to follow and good that there wasn't a time limit.

- Liz (Hertfordshire)


I found the learning simple, thorough and relevant.

- Victoria (Northumberland)


I really liked the structure of the course and encouraging buddying up, I’ve found this useful to learn and practice with someone outside on my face-to-face teaching group.

- Steph (Cambridge)


The course was informative and covered all aspects required to provide online counselling confidently and competently. Lots of useful resources in the form of examples and templates.

- Julie (Co Durham)


I found the course really useful. I have completed a module once a week and had weekly buddy sessions, where we carried out practical discussions and shared thoughts about course material.

- Sarah (London)


I have found this course very interesting. For me, the flexibility in the timing is remarkable. It has been really important for me to know that I was not in a hurry. With regard to the contents, I'm really satisfied. I´ve learnt and discovered about different topics. Another issue is that I´m Spanish, a Spanish counsellor, psychologist, and in this country counselling isn´t enough developed. And contact with you has been exciting and challenging. Thanks for this opportunity.

- Ernolando (Canary Islands - Spain)


This was a very good course. I am pleased I took part and I value the learning I have achieved from it.

- Fleur (County Durham)


Feel a much more rounded service provider with this accredited string to my bow ... and skillset.

- Helen (London)


I really enjoyed how easily the course content and website was to navigate. I thought the course was very comprehensive and gave me a lot of food for thought. It highlighted areas that I would want to go and read into in more depth. It has improved my paperwork and understanding of the more 'dry' areas like GDPR.

- Danielle (Leicester)


I enjoyed the balance between the education of facts/legislation and anecdotal evidence from both Ken and Rory.

- Helen (Hertfordshire)


I think the course was excellent value for money and has given me the qualification and confidence I need to work as an online practitioner before I expected, due to the pandemic. The proof of this is in the 'to do' list I have after each module! I like how rich the module is in resources related to the subjects discussed. This has been really helpful in putting into practice some of the recommendations. It's also been beneficial for my practice in general. For instance, I'd been thinking that I wanted to find a way for getting feedback from my clients but haven't heard of other practitioners doing this. It was helpful to hear that is recommended and the different ways of setting it up.

- Lisa (Liverpool)

'I love working online, and I feel that the love has definitely come from the growth in my confidence since doing this course.'


I have found this course really helpful and have come out with a greater understanding of how online/telephone counselling works and feel much more confident in using these mediums for counselling. I started with a 'hmm suppose I'd better get used to working online' attitude and ended up feeling genuinely enthused and enjoying online work - and feeling safe doing it.

I've really enjoyed the mix of tutorial presentation with a practice discussion and lots of options for listening or downloading scripts. I found the buddy suggestion really good, too and that has been great for sharing and learning and motivating each other.
The course also helped me revisit many counselling basics and apply them to online and telephone work eg using supervision, client care, safe practice and endings which was useful.

I liked the element of acceptance that we're all on a learning journey with online/telephone counselling and that reflection helps us improve, learn and grow - and it did! So many thanks. I've really enjoyed your course and I will be back for more courses.

- Sue (West Midlands)


The flexibility to complete the course at my own pace was great as I'm juggling full-time work and a counselling placement. I really liked the variety of ways you presented information in each module, with the options for further reading. I am sure I will be referring back to the course material and exercises in the coming years, so this is a very valuable resource for me to have.

- Laura (Somerset)


The course is well structured and the content is delivered with great clarity and passion. It leaves you, the student to digest and reflect on each module. I also like how the course set up a support group on Facebook allowing practitioners from all backgrounds and levels of experience to come together, share and learn. The course perfectly mirrored the online setup one may use if working online. I have definitely evolved in the way I practice since starting the course. I’m grateful to Rory and Ken and the team as a whole for how they have structured and delivered this course with the practice followed by discussion. Thank you.

- Gino (Cheshire)


Many key ideas and considerations were included. The course is structured well and very practical in nature.

- Hazel (Wales)


Comprehensive and well thought out material. Whilst some of the content could be considered as pretty common-sensical, there were also some real insights and areas which I had not considered before and which are very relevant and specific issues relating to online and telephone work.

- Jennifer (Hertfordshire)


I really enjoyed the course. The lectures and the follow-up discussions were enlightening. I liked that they were in short sections. Really helpful in fitting into my normally busy schedule.

- Hilary (Ireland)


I have really enjoyed the course and feel as if it has given me a great foundation to be able to practice online and telephone counselling. The course has opened my eyes to a lot of issues I had not even thought about. I will feel more confident with what I am doing now. Thank you.

- Louise (Bath)


Having been forced to conduct online counselling when lockdown took place, some of what was included in the course I had already put into place. I was a third-year student at the time of lockdown and my college required we complete a six-hour course on online/telephone counselling before we could start to practice this way. That was helpful, however, this course would have been more so at that point, but I only learnt of it later on in the year.

- Carole (Kent)


Really great course. I'm impressed how quick it was created and at such a high level.

- Rich (Kent)


As a middle-aged person changing to a counselling career, I have found the thought of moving into private practice daunting if not frightening. The course helped me to break things down into smaller steps and I am moving closer to private practice faster than I could have imagined. The course has helped me to think about how best to do this ethically and with one eye on self-care.

- Lisa (South West England)


Great course! Thank you so much to you all.

- Nicola (Cambridgeshire)


The course has encompassed more aspects of online working than I imagined. I particularly found the work on attachment and endings very helpful.

- Emma (Surrey)


I enjoyed being able to do it at my own pace as this meant that I was focused when accessing it. I liked how the modules were broken down - they summarised the key learning points of my counselling course and in a manageable and effective way. As I am setting up my private practice currently, I could reflect on so many aspects of what needed to be in place such as the contract and the privacy notice. There was so much more content than I imagined. I also liked the elements of mindset, such a good reminder of a key area to note. Your knowledge and experience really came through.

- Nicola (Hampshire)


I have enjoyed the course, it was really clear and to the point. The Facebook part is another best way to learn and I gained much.

- Jennifer (London)


Thank you so much for all the time, energy and information you've all provided. I am leaving this course with lots of new knowledge. I'm excited to put all my new learning into practice. I definitely feel more prepared for working with clients via telephone and video call.

- Tanya (Cheshire)


I have been working online and by phone as a support worker for a while and wasn't sure how much I would learn. But I was surprised and would like to talk with colleagues about what I have learned. Especially modules covering the practical aspects of counselling, contracts, endings, evaluations etc. as going into placement soon. Before the academic year resumes, we didn't cover much of this before being allowed to 'fly solo' so this was very helpful. The course was relaxed and laid back, as was able to sit back and listen, and reflect and think later, not a lot of reading and writing.

- Erin (Inverness)


I have referenced the course over the past year before committing to fully completing it as I have found it all so invaluable to access during the learning curb we all experienced during lockdown!

- Danielle (Dorset)


I thought overall the course was brilliant, and I learned much more than I had initially hoped. I am very grateful that I can return to all module topics and subjects covered when I start my private practice up in the coming year.

- Lisa (Wiltshire)


I felt the course providers were very passionate about the subject and came across as friendly and approachable. It gave some insights into the difference between working online and face-to-face and the considerations that needed to be thought of, particularly about phone counselling. Revisiting some basic counselling concepts that were interesting to be reminded of. The practice discussions were particularly helpful and the extra resources/lectures were provided.

- Becca (Exeter)


The course was incredibly thorough and for someone with their private practice. I imagine everything would be relevant and valuable. I certainly learned a lot.

- Elaine (Nottingham)


The practice discussions did bring each topic to a better level of understanding, with examples relating to real counselling practice.

- Greg (Dublin)


As someone who is partially deaf, I would like to share my appreciation for the thought and preparation that has gone into the course. It's great to have both subtitles and transcript available, as well as the clarity of the presentation which I find very easy to follow.

- Jo (Plymouth)


I found practice discussions particularly helpful and the added content to comply with BACP guidelines was really helpful.

- Gemma (West Yorkshire)


I have over 20 years of experience using online communication in other work (consulting) roles. One client is unable to use video calling of any type (security reasons) and I had no idea how developed my listening skills had become until your course took me through those areas and allowed me to be more aware. I was delighted with the various ways in which the course materials are presented. Video and slides, transcripts and sound files and the amount of work that must have gone into those additional resources are very much appreciated. The helpful links to other sites and agencies all in one document is invaluable. The Practice Discussions really helped give a 'live' feel to it all and provided a deeper understanding of the slides in a quick and easily accessed format. Thank you so much.

- Barbara (Scotland)


Really enjoyed the course and thought the discussions of each module helped to reinforce the learning. Thought the slides were presented clearly and was impressed by the in-depth look at aspects of online and telephone work.

- Tom (Felixstowe)


Excellent quality course. Very comprehensive. Tells you all you need to know about online working.

- Andy (Nottingham)

'OMG! This course blew me away! It's fantastic and I wish I had done it earlier. Thank you so much for the support, help, everyone who was involved with this course. I truly feel my professionalism has gone up a notch.'


I found the course very informative and it was good to hear personal experience and examples making it clearer to understand.

- Bill (Buckinghamshire)


Interesting topics. I had never initially considered text/email counselling was a 'thing'. I particularly liked the option to read the transcript as opposed to listening to the recordings as I absorb information easier this way.

- Lizzie (London)


A really well-presented course. Clear, succinct, packed with helpful information. Well done. I'd recommend your course to any therapist thinking about working online.

- Elaine (Malta)


An excellent course - I loved that there was no pressure regarding time, and I could do it at my own pace. The additional features such as the extra lectures/links were added value.

- Ellie (Inverness)


The course was very informative and detailed also updated regularly. I have taken a while to get through it but have been over each module a few times and made use of the lecture library which is extensive and very helpful. It was easy to follow in backing up learning. The downloads for the paperwork and Tamara`s advice and paperwork is very useful.

- Chico (Manchester)


I started this course unsure of what to expect or how much I would learn. What I didn't consider is how much I would enjoy the course or the positive impact it would have on my personal and professional development.

- Angeline (Devon)


Found the course well presented and learnt a lot.

- Joanne (United Kingdom)


I really enjoyed the course because the modules were bite-size sessions so I could listen to however many/less sessions that I liked in any one sitting. The videos were great in that I could pause and move around and then come back to them later. The explanations were well presented and explained.

Before I started the course I did wonder whether I would achieve much because I had already been doing online therapy for over a year without any formal training - basically learning as I was going along and discussing issues at supervision. My intention was just to get the certificate so I would have something to show for it if my professionalism was ever called up for questioning.

OMG! This course blew me away! It's fantastic and I wish I had done it earlier. It has certainly shown me where there are 'holes' in the way I have been providing online counselling. Some parts of the course I had already known but it served as a good reminder. The templates provided are absolutely fantastic, better than what I already had. The hosting of the weekly webinars has proven very useful to get instant answers. The support help from admin and Facebook were really helpful as well.

Thank you so much for the support, help, everyone who was involved with this course. I truly feel my professionalism has gone up a notch. Thanks again.

- Shirley (London)


Easy to navigate the learning area, very experienced and knowledgeable tutors.

- Sharon (Norfolk)


I am a Gestalt Pychotherapist with years of experience working online. When I started the course, I thought I knew it all. Now I realise just how little I know. Thank you so much for all your patient attention to detail and process, your sensitive non-judgemental stance and your supportive use of language. And thank you especially for sharing invaluable information about online ethics, GDPR, self-care, and preparation for eventualities - leaving a clinical will is a brilliant idea.

- Alex (Zurrieq - Malta)


Thank you very much for making this course available and for the thought and personal input that went into it. I was already practising online by the time I did it but I still learned very helpful stuff and adapted my practice based on what I learned. I liked the structure, breakdown of topics and 'chunking' of things that allowed me to dip in and out. I liked your style of delivery - open, down-to-earth, approachable. I learned more than I hoped and the availability during the pandemic was perfect. I have also joined the library and appreciate the breadth of coverage in it.

- Claire (Edinburgh)


Just to thank you and Rory for such an enjoyable, yes I said enjoyable! and rewarding training programme.

As a counsellor with many years of experience and also a bit sceptical of online working, I found, after session one, my whole mindset had changed. I learnt such a lot from the course, valued the many resources and found watching the discussions between you both very helpful and informative. I now feel more competent, knowledgeable and equipped to work safely online.

So again, thank you - I'm encouraging all my supervisees to enrol!

- Pam (Chilcote)


I found the course informative and thought-provoking. It suited me to work through the material at my own pace and I used my peer group, some of whom have already completed the course, to reflect on my process and understanding of the course material.

- Heather (Moray, Scotland)


Excellent course! Gave me lots to think about and reflect on the provision of suggested documents/samples was helpful as it prompted me to evaluate all my client docs and make adaptations to pretty much all of them! It's given me more confidence to practice online and to remember things that I wouldn't have thought about beforehand extremely thorough - provision of sample docs, useful links etc helpful to have the FB page and read comments in there alongside the course.

- Allan (Manchester)


Thank you. I learnt so much and it has made me comfortable working online.

- Alexa (Berks)


I found the course to be thought-provoking at pretty much every stage. I very much enjoyed it, thank you!

- Helen (Lincolnshire)


Excellent and informative course. It has really helped me change my views on online counselling, adapt my working practice as a counsellor (such as contracts, wills etc) and learn what might be different in online counselling regarding transference, disinhibition etc. I'll take a lot away going forward and will refer to this course a lot.

- Clementine (Kent)


I found this course very easy to do in my own time which was a bonus. Very easy to manage as the way it is put together is very user-friendly.

- Sarahjane (Ireland)


There were things that I had not considered that were covered. Found the delivery ideal, I could work at my own pace.

- Clare (Derbyshire)

'The course has really helped me be more confident and knowledgeable about working online. If I can maintain my client numbers, I don’t see myself returning to face-to-face working any time soon.'


I really appreciate the thought that has gone into this course. I have learnt a lot about the practicalities of counselling remotely, and the paperwork and procedures that need to be followed, which has been really helpful.

- Nikki (Southern Kent)


It was a great experience. I learnt a lot about the online counselling world and this seems like the new world for a long time to come even if face to face returns after the lockdown.

- Tony (UK)


I was really appreciative of the contact from the team when I took some time out from learning due to other commitments. Was really lovely to have someone contact me and check all was ok, and offer assistance if needed.

- Marge (Glasgow)


I am coming away from the course with a knowledge base to build upon. The links to look up further information and research helps to build up my confidence in what I am doing. I enjoyed the course, thought the presentors were friendly and clear in how they gave the information. It has changed my perception of how I thought online counselling was and also has given me the confidence to add it to my practice. Thank you.

- Donna (Wirral)


I enjoyed the course very much. I found it very informative, taking away some very useful information. Each working at our own pace, supporting each other through the Facebook page, where the online community were very friendly and helpful.

The Facebook page where the Students chat is probably one of the best parts of the course, for me at least. Some of the topics were not about the course but still to do with an aspect of counselling, and how we as counsellors would deal with that aspect giving several perspectives. as counsellors would deal with a situation, giving several perspectives.

- Christine (Nottingham)


I appreciated the efforts to apply the theory to the everyday issues we are likely to encounter in practice with clients. The course was clearly laid out and the templates were particularly useful. I was initially motivated to take the course for practical reasons i.e. as a structured way to help me put in place all the paperwork I needed to start in private practice, but I also got a lot from the ethical and philosophical discussions. These were valuable in ways I hadn't expected and helped me think about the principles upon which I want to build my practice.

- Helen (Glasgow)


Excellent course! So flexible and a very different way of learning. I really enjoyed it. The tutors were very open and honest and the use of sharing real-life experiences was invaluable.

- Teresa (West Midlands)


The course content was excellent and very thorough, with lots of additional resources available should you require them.

- Linda (Hampshire)


As a practitioner that has qualified but yet to start a private practice, this has helped from that perspective, too. I have been on maternity leave and the course and the team have embodied supportiveness and encouragement which has aided me getting to this stage in my own time and my own way.

- Natalie (Greater London)


I found the course very accessible. I loved that I could do it in my own time and there was no pressure regarding the completion date. I was able to fit it into a busy schedule.

- Joy (Kent)


Thoroughly enjoy the teaching style and feel delivered in a really positive manner.

- Samantha (Dorset)


I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the value for money was fantastic having been offered a huge discount as a result of volunteering for Frontline19. I enjoyed that each topic is covered in short bursts with plenty of opportunities to reflect, whilst I made notes throughout.

Thank you for sending me an encouraging email letting me know I was on Module 5 so not too far from finishing, receiving this offered a personal touch to your service, letting me know someone was tracking my progress and offering encouragement. Many thanks to Rory, Ken and Collette. I love the Counselling Tutor!

- Sophie (East Midlands)


I found all the issues relating specifically to the online environment very useful. The information provided around GDPR and the ICO was fairly new to me. I knew about it but not in any detail, so I found this information very helpful. I found the online mindset an important consideration as I have been tempted to regard online counselling as not the same as the 'gold standard' face to face counselling. I recognise now that yes it is different but can still be 'gold standard'. Having the additional reading and articles was also very helpful.

- Lynn (Midlands)


It is evident that a lot of time and effort has gone into producing this course, ensuring it is robust and informative whilst covering a lot of topics. I think the resources provided have been very useful. I particularly appreciated the transcripts as I find it easier to process information this way.

- Maggie (Northamptonshire)


Such a fantastic and insightful course. Cleared up some blurry areas, highlighted areas I was not aware of, reinforced and added to learning I have picked up through my training centre. Delivered in a really easy to understand way. Having lecture slides and extra information with links to more information was fantastic and very helpful. I also felt inspired and reassured. Well done on the delivery of the course and massive thank you.

- Gideon (Kent)


Good course and pleased you put the transcripts up as it is easier for me to follow this than watch the videos.

- Katie (Northamptonshire)


I must say that at the beginning of the course I thought it was going to be less complex, however, I found the language used throughout the course very accessible and not full of jargon. I really liked the practice discussion videos because they sometimes brought different issues to light that wasn't reflected in the lectures to the same extent. I also like the podcasts. I think they are a fantastic tool for refreshing memory on theory and exploring so many important topics and I like that you also use a bit of humour.

I am glad that so much was covered in such depth, especially the extra lecture videos under resources to refresh memory and expand knowledge on certain topics. I found that very useful, because for me that led to greater learning and thanks to this course I now feel ready to give the best service to my clients in an online environment. Thank you so much for this reflective journey, which has become a reflexive journey on the path of good practice.

- Jesica (Torrevieja - Spain)


The course was constructive and the teaching clear and helpful. I had been working online for a while, but due to the pandemic and BACP requirements, I looked at doing this course, which was recommended by a colleague to make sure I was working safely ethically and with my clients best interests.

- Ros (Somerset)


This course met a need at a time we were having to adapt our practice, although I am an experienced counsellor I learnt a lot and considered adaptations to my practice in collaboration with buddies. I really appreciated the way the course is evolving and adding and amending its content in line with professional body recommendations. Thank you.

- Christine (Edinburgh)

'I learnt such a lot from the course, valued the many resources and found watching the discussions between Rory and Ken very helpful and informative. I now feel more competent, knowledgeable and equipped to work safely online.'


A really good course all in all, and I enjoyed the way you all presented it. Broken down and easy to digest.

- Gary (East Sussex)


Very clear and effective information.

- Nisha (Singapore)


I found it very informative. I like the mix of PowerPoint and other resources.

- Gary (London)


Really thorough course with lots of points I would not have considered regarding online work. It was very enjoyable learning the way it was presented in bite sized chunks. I found the overall style friendly and encouraging. Every topic was very well thought through and the real world examples very helpful. I will recommend others to try this course.

- Lisa (South West England)


I really enjoyed the course and I was surprised it covered many areas I had not thought about. I feel confident now as an online counsellor and I appreciated the bonus lectures even though they did test my hurry up driver.

- Simone (East Sussex)


The course was comprehensive and wide in the issues that were covered and being able to print the transcripts as well as listen to the discussions between Rory and Ken really supported my learning. The breadth of material covered was huge, getting me to consider and reflect on issues, difficulties I had never considered. Found the buddy idea extremely helpful. My buddy and I had different experiences we were able to share. Thank you for a very helpful and well thought through training course. I have already recommended it to several of my supervisees.

- Pam (United Kingdom)


I have been working as a telephone counsellor for a few years and this course was very helpful in causing me to reflect on my experience and offering some very useful guidance.

- Amelia (Wales)


I found it very informative good practical advice, self-care aspect found just confirmed how online etc can be physically demanding. I could do the course at my own pace.

- Virginia (Kent)


I have learned more than I was expecting from the course, it helped with highlighting things I need to look at in my practice, that I had not considered.

- Vikki (Manchester)


This course is so jam-packed with things to learn as I step into private practice! Much, much more than I ever expected, and I have really appreciated being able to take it at my own pace. I hope I can make time to go back and revisit some of the discussion videos. The additional downloadable resources were an unexpected benefit.

- Anthony (Norwich)


This course has given me the confidence I was lacking since having to work online due to covid. There were several little gems that I hadn't even thought about as well as a lot of important information that anyone working online should be aware of. I loved Rory's advice of 'plan for the worst but hope for the best' and this made me double-check many things with my organisation and gave me confidence in how to approach online situations. Lots of samples for you to work from for your practice. This course is a must and I now see myself as an online counsellor rather than a counsellor having to work online.

- Gillian (Cardiff)


This course came at just the right time for me professionally as I’d moved from face-to-face practice to phone counselling (due to the pandemic). I’d become aware of some of the issues discussed in the programme (particularly disinhibition and the black hole effect). It’s really helped to raise my awareness of these and other subjects.

My practice feels more robust and professional and my confidence has soared. I feel more prepared and secure in my boundaries. Thank you so much! Your teaching/presenting style is wonderful. Relaxed yet professional and informative. I shall be recommending it to all. Thanks again.

- Deborah (Staffordshire)


I have been working remotely for some time now. it reinforced my current working practice.

- Adrian (Northern Ireland)


The tutors were the main reason my learning and experience of the course was top quality. They spoke using language that was clear, concise and not trying to use words to confuse a student. Basically, no arrogance what so ever in them. It was a very equality driven experience. They spoke in a non-judgmental way they were very real and honest people.
The course covered a lot of information and I did feel overwhelmed in the beginning but then the process of teaching and learning from start to end was well managed and supported. I did not feel like I was on my own. The experience was of being in a lecture room but better. This was better than a University learning experience for me.

- Naela (London)


I have found the course enjoyable. I like Rory's and Ken's down to earth approach delivered professionally. I like the fact that I have been able to complete it at my own pace around my work and life commitments. I have appreciated the additional material and links. I have appreciated that I have been able to contact the team if I needed to or the Facebook group. I like the fact that there is a degree of autonomy so that I have been able to engage as much as I have wanted to. The information and course materials pretty much cover every aspect of what is required to practice in this medium as well as a refresher of good practice.

- Jayne (Wolverhampton)


I found myself wanting to do the next topic and then the next module.

- Seán (Co Derry)


Fantastic course! It's really helped my confidence moving into online work. Especially impressed by the book to accompany the course.

- Danielle (Shropshire)

'I liked the structure, breakdown of topics and 'chunking' of things that allowed me to dip in and out. I liked your style of delivery – open, down-to-earth, approachable.'


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt more than I had expected especially in the earlier modules. Having live weekly meetings added a human in-person quality that I valued. Being able to work at my own pace as and when is important for me at this time. Thank you.

- Sandy (Worcester)


The course has given me really helpful and useful direction and tips to being well equipped to provide counselling online and telephone service to my clients. It is done in line, updating any changing, with the regulations of the governing body BACP. The 4 weekly online sessions were really helpful.

I have enjoyed and learned from the short videos in each module and completing each one at my own time. This is vital in feeling that sense of achievement every time I have watched, listened and reflected on each video. Laughed, too. Somehow as I keep at it, I realised I have actually come to an end and I have completed the course. Hurray! It is really worth it for those doing online and telephone work, and especially so for those coming into private practice.

- Georgie (Scotland)


I really enjoyed the course and I think I have not expected to learn so much. To be honest I thought it would be boring and talking about the obvious. It was not!

It helped to broaden my perspective on online counselling and the online world. Especially to realize the online safety issues and also to put many practical things in order.

I appreciate the gentle, supportive and warm attitude of tutors. A bit parent-like (the good parent!) with a good balance of support and challenge. I really enjoyed them sharing examples of their own experience - I think it was a valuable part of the course.

-  Joanna (Scotland)


The course went above and beyond for me in terms of giving me knowledge on working online with counselling and vital steps to setting up a private practice online - I really enjoyed working through all the modules and loved that I could do it in my own time with no pressure of assignments or deadlines. Thank you so much 🙂

- Hanah (South Ayrshire)


I have been working online for a year so this was a very helpful refresher to check I have covered the ethical and practical issues I must. I love the simple format and that the information is easy to digest with visual as well as audible learning, with model forms and extra courses available to help illustrate or contextualise the learning. Many thanks 🙂

- Sally (Cheltenham)


Very easy to follow. Found practice discussions brought material alive. Felt course gave thorough explanations of topics and reasons behind what is discussed.

- Jackie (Edinburgh)


Great course! Cover things I have never thought about.

- Janet (Norfolk)


Loved the course! Taught me so much.

- Phil (Essex)


Really well thought out course.

- Anna (Torquay)


Enjoyed the modules. Good to download extra material to review at later date.

- Kate (Northamptonshire)


Doing this course has really helped me to look at my practice and to embrace the merits of online work. I am hoping to have a blended way of working going forward. It made me look at my prejudices and re-evaluate my stance. I found the tutor input interesting and the way things were explained helped to improve my way of being online.

- Maggie (Lesmahagow)


I found the course very informative, I enjoyed the mixture of the different medium used eg:- Power-points, audio presentation and the extra links/information which was provided. - extremely useful.

- Don (Wales)


The accessibility of the course was straight forward to use. I received my course details promptly and the support and resources available were great.

- Joanna (Northamptonshire)


The course was well planned out and I enjoyed every topic. I felt I learned a lot and it has made me reflect more on my online practice.

- Claire (Surrey)


I really enjoyed the course. I was reassured by realising how many things I already knew something about and appreciated that the course also filled in the (many) gaps. Everything was extremely accessible, inclusive, clear, well-organised, highly practical and enjoyably presented. Despite it being an online course, there was a friendly feeling to it, and I felt welcomed by the online team. The additional information that was available at various points within modules felt like a generous offer.

- Elizabeth (Edinburgh)


I am a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, already spending time on the phone speaking to clients through my employer but this course has really opened my eyes to ethical, moral and a range of issues that you do not always get a chance to explore during a busy working week unless a problem occurs. It has enhanced my reflective and reflexivity. It has provided me with a framework to work to when I start to work in private practice again hopefully this year.

The Facebook and counselling tutor team are approachable and it is a great place to return to when you need advice or ideas. The resources and references are excellent and I have found the mixture of tuition perfect for myself. Thank you, Ken and Rory. It is an excellent course which I would have no hesitation in recommending.

- Karen (Derbyshire)


The people who run the course came across as friendly and approachable. The platform used to deliver the modules is professional and easy-to-use, and the material covered seems to be very comprehensive. Also, it was encouraging to see the course material updated almost as soon as the BACP updated its guidance for working online.

- Stephen (Liverpool)


I am so pleased I signed up for this course. I have learnt such a lot from it, more than I thought I would. I have found the content very easy to understand and it is very well presented. I can compare this to reading a good book, once you start you won't want to put it down.

- Karen (Essex)


My preconceptions were challenged. The major piece of learning for me was around the online mindset, the disinhibition effect and nuanced listening. I've really enjoyed the course, especially the relationship between Rory and Ken as a learning model. The weekly meeting was very helpful, too. Also, very useful to have continuing access to the learning materials and CPD.

- Evelyn (Scotland)

'My practice feels more robust and professional, and my confidence has soared.'


The course content, regarding Technology, was very informative, educational and structured. The training course offered me a flow chart of what to do in my transition from face to face to online work, Thank you, Rory and Ken.

- Michelle (Bromley)


The course has been put together thoroughly, the practice discussion videos offered an extension of learning which was brilliant. It is very apparent throughout the course, through every single module that ethics and ethical practising is at the heart of this course. Fantastic course! Thank you Rory and Ken for creating it for us.

- Denisa (West Sussex)


I'm very impressed, it's great to have the latest up to date information included in the course. My employer is also very impressed with the course.

- Bethan (Pembrokeshire)


I found the course very user-friendly. A simple query I had was answered very quickly in the online chat. I thought Rory's presentations were clear and backed up well by the practice discussions.

I have been working online due to Covid but the course has given me the confidence to advertise myself as an online counsellor going forwards and increased my awareness of the differences between online and face to face.

- Sally (Sussex)


The course was thought-provoking and practical and helped me re-evaluate my own work practices.

- Norma (Northern Ireland)


I like the mixed learning styles the fact that it can be accessed at my convenience. Because I have experience in this style of therapy, I was grateful not to be obliged to have any more contact than I did. However, it is encouraging to know that such support would be there should I undertake other training where I might need it.

- Diane (Wales)


I enjoyed the course. I'm glad there was no time constraint. I thought the course was very thorough and included things that my supervisor hadn't considered.

- Jo (Birmingham)


The course was very helpful and add to my practice of offering online work which had become a necessity during the pandemic. I found some of the pro forma policies and forms very useful and have gained the confidence to go to work via online methods in my private practice.

- Rachel (Bedfordshire)


Went into lots of detail and although much of the material was stuff I had already covered, it was good to recap, and there were plenty of additional good tips in regards to taking practice online.

- Miriam (London)


I am so glad I joined this course despite the hesitation. I have committed myself to work through the units while on holiday, finding them both challenging, thought-provoking and helpful but very thorough and easy to follow. It has been a well mapped out learning journey and the ability to have the resources there to review, the Facebook connections, the fascinating extra videos from associated experts and the client have all added depth to an already amazing course. I would feel very comfortable signing up for further CPD with Counselling Tutor and have already recommended the course to a friend.

- Rhona (Singapore)


I really enjoyed the course. Thanks, everyone. Very easy to access. Friendly tutors. Training delivered in a user-friendly way. Really useful additional resources. I would recommend it!

- Helen (Pembrokeshire)


I found both Rory and Ken really interesting professionals who came across and delivered a real genuine insight across the modules. This made the course enjoyable and easy to learn from.

- Malchus (Qatar)


Thank you so much I have realised there is a bit of work for me to do, but not difficult to achieve!!!

- Jon (London)


I have found the course really useful having been thrown into online working because of Covid-19. I came on the course after a few months of experience working with my agency and starting a small private practice. I have learnt a lot and also bought the book as it is a great resource to refer to and think about how I can keep improving what I do. I am about to start thinking about my website and again loads of great thoughts and ideas to contemplate before starting.

- Elaine (Scotland)

'Thank you so much for all your patient attention to detail and process, your sensitive non-judgemental stance and your supportive use of language.'


This was a highly informative, well researched and user-friendly course. It was so well laid out with a great format! Wonderful resources!

- Atifa (Guildford)


Just over a year ago, pre-COVID, I would not have been able to imagine myself working online with clients, let alone setting up an online private practice! This course has convinced me of the value and place of online counselling in our world today and for the future.

I feel far more confident and equipped to start up in private practice with all the useful, relevant modules and excellent resources. The course was recommended to me by a friend and colleague with whom I trained, who has recently set up her own private practice. She suggested that if I wanted to work online this would be an excellent foundation and she was right!

- Caroline (Surrey)


Excellent and comprehensive course which I have already recommended to friends.

- Teresa (Singapore)


I found the course very informative. I liked the fact that it is self-paced, I work full time so am very busy and rarely have much free time at the minute.

- Julie (Hertfordshire)


In terms of getting into online practice, this course was excellent. Particular strengths for me were getting my paperworks, contracts, etc. sorted and considering in more depth confidentiality and their impacts of working online both for clients and counsellor. Easy to use. Loads of info and the extra lectures appreciated.

- Liz (Scotland)


The course was incredibly thorough and I appreciated the fact that the content continues to be developed and updated. I benefited early on (it took me months to complete the course) from the huge amount of information at the beginning of the course and made changes to my practice to reflect my learning. Now that I am near the end of the course, I am aware that I may need to revisit a few things as well as start to ask for evaluation forms!

- Raymond (Kent)


I now feel more confident to embark on an online practice.

- Carp (Qatar)


I was extremely nervous about the technical aspects of online counselling but feel encouraged to begin to practice and improve my technical expertise. The course was more than technical - it caused me to think and rethink, how I work in practice - and that's a great thing!

- Moira (Edinburgh)


The course is extremely well-organised. The learning content is informative and up-to-date. I found the online lectures very pleasant to watch and their pace suited my learning style. Lots of additional material and the practice discussions helped me to consolidate my learning.

- Chris (Manchester)


I liked the course and gained a lot from it.

- Scottie (Northern Ireland)


I am coming from a position of a highly qualified and experienced counsellor as well as a PhD student and researcher. I felt the level of teaching was biased towards new counsellors which is an obvious level to set it at given that the experience of the students is not known. Having said that, I was reminded of the basic skills which perhaps, in my case had suffered from therapist drift. The course also reinforced my current understanding of the topics.

- Mark (Cumbria)


The course was very comprehensive and has lead me to think more deeply about online practice and how this differs from face-to-face therapy.

- Adrian (Derry - Northern Ireland)


The course is very well structured as it builds on both the learner's knowledge and the necessary skills of Online and Telephone Counselling gradually, therefore, developing the learner's confidence in his/her remote practice. I appreciated your recent and prompt adaptation to the course, relevant to the latest updates of the BACP Online and Phone Counselling competence framework. I found your gentle guidance throughout the course and your evident, comprehensive knowledge and experience of the subject - affirming, encouraging and hopeful about the next steps in my professional journey. Thank you all very much!

- Karina (Lincoln)


The course and content was very good and easy to understand.

- Arlene (London)


I am a student about to enter placement and this will be through online video counselling so the course has been very useful. It also supplements my current course in terms of continual focus on always acting in the best interests of the client, etc. I have really enjoyed the 'heart' and ethos that Ken and Rory have brought to the course which could have been very dry content without their angle on things.

- Lucy (Bournemouth)


Very professionally presented with current issues covered and good resources.

- Janet (Devon)

'The course was more than technical - it caused me to think and rethink how I work in practice - and that's a great thing!'


Good course with a lot of information but also lots of files to download which I really appreciate. It made me think about a lot of things.

- Amelia (Yorkshire)


It is incredibly difficult to design a course to accommodate trainee counsellors, journeymen and experienced counsellors. I think what you have achieved here is a very good balance. There is a huge amount of extra learning and resources for those less experienced, as well as a very useful reminder and refresher for those who are more experienced and familiar with online working.

I am particularly appreciative of the fact that I can revisit it as and when I need to. You have also offered a variety of learning methods to suit all. Well done guys.

- Jane (Surrey)



I find it helpful to have all the sound files and transcripts provided - ease of mind and so I can focus on listening to the content. I also find the course very resourceful. The additional downloads or lectures and suggested reading - something to hold on to for further development. It also shows the generosity of the trainers, which means the care of the trainers for the learners, the presentations are all in bite-size - easy to focus on and take breaks when necessary.

- Dawn (Sheffield)


Several aspects were very thought-provoking and helpful.

- Claire (London)


I feel privileged to have done this course, even if it did take me ages! I can see that a lot of thought has gone into creating it and it has paid off. I think it is very appropriate for the times we are living in and it has enabled me to feel much more confident about practising online or telephone counselling and what I need to do to ensure I give good service.

- Paula (County Durham)


I found the course very informative and love the idea of being able to access the information again in the future.

- Philip (Ireland)


I enjoyed the flexibility of the course, it was easy to access all the learning materials and informative. I have learnt so much about online working.

- Lindani (Hampshire)


I have found the course very user-friendly, without being patronising. It has reassured me about what I am already doing and what I need to address.

- Alvin (Coventry)


There were lots to think about that I hadn't considered, even though I was already working online when I took the course.

- Pippa (Singapore)


I found the course very informative. There was a lot of content and it was explained in a clear and easy to understand way. It really made me think about areas of online and telephone work that I wouldn't have thought of. Thank you.

- Marvin (Aberdeenshire)


I have been counselling via telephone for several years. This course has made me rethink certain aspects around contracting, self-care and the value of being a telephone counsellor. In truth, I have always felt that face to face counselling is better and a more superior model of therapy - the course has made me rethink that. I have enjoyed the learning- what great value for money!

- Clare (Kent)


Your course has been so incredibly in-depth. I found your course a brilliant enhancement.

As a tutor myself, I am always looking to improve my skills and your course have such value-added learning especially in these times.

I am able to use my skills with people that live in the UK and the relevance in what is in your course is completely approached to enable practitioners to see if working online is a ‘way of working' for them.

I wish to thank you all for such a comprehensive course.

- Karla (Castel)


The course has worked to reassure me that I'm ok in my practice, but it has also helped me to think about ethics, risk and protocol in making my work as safe and professional as it can be and indeed needs to be. Thank you to you and Rory for putting this together. I've worked through it on my last week of Annual Leave. I didn't 'go' anywhere, and yet I feel I have certainly moved somewhere !!!

- Laurence (Hertfordshire)


I was surprised when I did this course. I thought it was very structured and informative. I was glad I was able to get some template documents to help me with my practice. At college, we were not taught about what documents we need for counselling, so this I found useful.

- Christine (North London)


I felt I knew a lot of the things that were discussed ( hence the 100% result) but there were parts that I found refreshing or good to know. I am glad I took the course and look forward to putting things into practice and also, passing on the knowledge to my peers.

- Dalv (Fleet)


Thank you for the support with the course. I have finished this today and have done some further feedback after covering the new additions.

It has given me some helpful things to think about and has enabled me to reflect on the 10 months of online work I have done already. Although I knew quite a lot already I found it did challenge me to check over things like social media again and make some further changes and understand more about GDPR and information security. I work for an organisation so some things are not in my control but I feel better equipped to deal with those things that are.

- Andrea (West Yorkshire)


This catered for different learning styles well, presentations, transcripts, interaction, and every module was downloadable for future reference. I feel confident in my learning on this course, and even better that I am able to refer to the content later if any matters arise that I need to revisit.

- Fergus (Kent)


I loved everything about it. I loved the references and handouts and have put lots into the way I worked. There were some real moments where I felt totally called out, as I just hadn't thought of it before so I am very grateful.

The biggest thing for me is that my mindset has shifted. I no longer think of it as being second best, or just because of lockdown. One of the best courses I have done, the book is great too. I love the relationship between you both, which made it easy to engage with. Thanks again.

- Katrina (Scotland - Head of Muir)

'This course has shown the value and place of online counselling in our world today and in the future.'


I have really enjoyed the course and have learnt so much. There is a lot of information regarding working online that I would have never considered without taking part in this course. I feel very positive about it even though there is a lot to consider and process.

- Kate (Derbyshire)


Very helpful tools to reflect on and links to them was very helpful.

- Peter (Essex)


Covered everything and more. Well worth the price.

- Debra (Northumberland)


I found the course to be very thorough. I was very new to working online and this course has made me think about so many important aspects of the work and consolidated information that I knew from my face to face training. I have two children and during the pandemic have been homeschooling. I've really appreciated the fact that I could dip in and out when I had the time. I feel as though I've been in very safe hands.

- Anna (London)


I feel like throughout my journey in counselling you have been there every step of the way, so you almost feel like friends to me! Learnt a great deal and really enjoyed it. Thank you.

- Mia (County Durham)


Extensive information provided and in a great easy learning format. If you are thinking about doing this course but are unsure then I would highly recommend you do it. Invaluable to working online and helps to dismiss any doubts or fears.

- Tracey (Essex)


I really enjoyed the course and wish I had enrolled sooner! It was good to have a refresher on some things that I had already learnt from other shorter courses but there were lots of new learning, too. I liked the lecture followed by a discussion between Rory and Ken format.

- Rebecca (London)


I am currently a student and the incredible learning I have gained from this course has been commented on by my tutors and my peers. They have seen the improvement, in particular to the contracting, and when they do comment on it I always point them to Counselling Tutor and tell them just how valuable I found the teaching. The course is divided up into sections and then sub-sections made for easy learning and following. It fit in well with my full-time work and studying as I could pick it up whenever I wanted.

- Rebecca (Hertfordshire)


As a newly qualified Level 5 Person Centered Counsellor, this course was invaluable in fleshing out the areas that were a little hazy. With the Corona virus pandemic I sometimes felt as though I was having to find my own way through enforced phone and email counselling, this has clarified and streamlined some of the areas I was uncertain about.

- Emily (North Wales)


Thank you so much for the very thorough and engaging material you have provided through all modules. I was surprised by how engaging I found the course, probably as pre-course having a different 'online' mindset to which I now have. I found the enthusiasm apparent during the delivery of this course for online work to be infectious. Thank you very much.

- Margaret (Glasgow)


I have found this course to be very helpful in answering questions I knew I had and even those I didn't know I had in regard to online counselling. The intros and lectures were informative, helpful and clearly explained and the downloads of the lectures and access to further information has also proved invaluable for me as I am a slow processor and its helpful to refer to the transcripts after and to read further via the great resources to have referred to.

- Tina (Brighton)


I was very apprehensive about working online before I did this course. I found the content a great recap on my counselling course, together with the new considerations and learning for working online. I thought the resources were excellent, too. It's always great to have a starting point (showing what the forms are supposed to look like) when designing new forms. I also enjoyed the structure of the course and the fact there wasn't a time limit so I could fit it in around my other commitments. I will go back and listen to the additional longer lectures now too. I now feel confident to work online.

- Carol (Cambridge)


The course structure allowed me to dip in and out when I wanted to and work through the sections at my own pace. The staff were very down to earth and addressed all issues that came up for me so I didn't need to use the contact function to get further clarification.

- Angie (Northern Ireland)


Although many of the topics had been covered on my training course, I found plenty that was practical and useful to b able to take and use in my placement training with clients.

- Howard (Knaresborough)


This course has given me the confidence to start thinking about building my private practice and take it online. Thank you both so much for the guidance and insights.

- Phoebe (Cheltenham)


I really enjoyed the course. It helped me to revise topics covered previously during my counselling training and I learned so much about issues to consider with respect to working online, such as how people can behave differently when working online, being more aware of maintaining boundaries, confidentiality and using technology.

The lectures were clearly explained and delivered and I valued the discussions between Rory and Ken. The resources to download and revisit were excellent, too. I've recently purchased your book which is a great companion to the course.

- Sally (Knutsford)


Having recently left the health service to start up in private practice, this course could not have come at a better time in my career. I have not only learned so much about online and telephone counselling but have also become so much more confident in the use of it. My attitude towards it has also changed.

I have taken my time with this course and had so much fun and laughs always learning along the way. I feel I still have so much learning still to do which I know shall come with experience ... It’s great being able to say that I offer telephone and online counselling something I will continually be able to do in addition to face to face counselling when safe again to do so ... Thanks to all.

- Elaine (Kent)


I found it very helpful and reassuring that I was approaching online and telephone counselling in the correct way. I was meant to be doing face to face placement for training but due to covid19, online and telephone had to take its place. We had not been taught this way so by doing this course I felt more competent working online and telephone whilst doing this course. Definitely worthwhile.

- Hannah (Somerset)


I really liked how you can work through the course at your own pace. The modules were easy to navigate and follow. The additional links to info were really useful.

- Jo (Birmingham)


This course was very practical. It didn't go into theory but gave a good grounding for offering counselling through technology. The course was clear and well presented and I feel that I am more contained and secure about offering online/telephone work now.

- Anna (London)


Really useful and practical information in terms of transitioning from face-to-face practice to online work. This has really boosted my confidence and my enthusiasm for working online.

- Joanna (Northern Ireland)


I have been working in the field of mental health and counselling for many years and have never appreciated the value of phone counselling. The ongoing Covid constrictions and the shift to online work, coupled with the information from the course has given me tremendous insight into the flexibility of online work and I have had the opportunity to meet the challenges in a professional manner with this support. Thank you.

- Margaret (Northern Ireland)


The topics covered were very well researched presented with good knowledge and tutors offered elements of their own professional experiences.

- Maggie (Surrey)


Really thought out. Good pace. Good to be able to revisit the modules.

- Jacque (Hertfordshire)


A really comprehensive and thorough course, well written and delivered. Both presenters are very professional and extremely clear, obviously very experienced in their field. I love Ken's presenting voice especially. Rory has helped me more than he knows throughout my journey on studying and qualifying as a counsellor and tutor. Thank you both. No complaints here.

- Trudi (Devon)


I've come to the course after practising online already so a good deal of the content was revision. There were a few areas that I will explore and reflect on further, and the course has been a useful start from which to consider what my post-pandemic online counselling will look like.

- Caroline (Brighton)


Very informative! Learned things I hadn't even thought I needed to know.

- Julie (Derby)


My supervisor recommended this course to me and I must admit I was a bit dubious about undertaking this training course as I've worked in online and telephone counselling for some time. I assumed I was going to have previous in-house training regurgitated- I could not have been more wrong! I found Rory's approach to be very thoughtful, easy to follow and see how theory can be applied in practice.

- Danielle (Middlesbrough)


Really enjoyed this course! I've learned so much more than I expected - there's much more to online/telephone counselling than I realised. The content is very current, relevant, and Rory and Ken made it really interesting and engaging, too.

- Rachel (Orkney Islands)


The course has really helped me be more confident and knowledgeable about working online. If I can maintain my client numbers, I don’t see myself returning to face-to-face working any time soon.

- Karen (Bridgend)


The format worked perfectly for me. Short video sessions followed up with discussion and then additional reading. Both presenters are clearly knowledgeable, competent and experienced which gives me confidence in the material.

- Christine (Ireland)


I started this course without a client in mind in November. I found this to be a very enjoyable way of doing the course. I immersed myself in it, and it had more meaning as I was starting supervision and my first placement next week!

- Julia (Dorset)

'This was a highly informative, well researched and user-friendly course. It was so well laid out with a great format!'


It took time but everything that I learned was much needed and thorough. I can also refer back to the modules completed as and when needed so that is a big help. Thank you.

- Viquarunisa (London)


I found the course easy to follow, video chats with Rory and Ken were great and good duration.

- Gerard (Co. Kildare Ireland)


It has really changed my view of online therapy. I couldn't see it working prior to doing this course. Now I see clients online and I feel it really is working for the client.

- Ger (Ireland)


I found the language of the course user-friendly and enjoyed the mix of stimuli - such as videos, lectures, resources and handouts. I was impressed with the accessibility of the course - and when I noticed a small issue with one of the videos, this was handled quickly and I was able to have a positive, engaging dialogue with the team.

- Emma (Kent)


All areas covered very thoroughly and plenty of resources provided.

- Rolly (New Zealand)


I've really enjoyed your course - it was excellent and I've recommended it to several friends.

- Chui-Ling (West Midlands)


The course covered a wide range of topics - I've already been working online as my company had moved us to online working but this has definitely made me consider all aspects of how we are working and how I might work if I were to do online work privately.

- Gary (Australia)


I liked that you took the theory and talked about it in practice. I found that very helpful.

- Celeste (Liverpool)


I found the course very in-depth, with lots of supporting external links. I also liked being able to work at my own pace.

- Letty (London)


Very informative, clearly presented and illustrated. So easy to understand with lots of additional information and sources to follow up.

- Karen (Dorset)


The course has been very easy to follow and in good bite-sized chunks so I have been able to fit it around homeschooling two small children. All of the links and documents have been really useful.

- Victoria (Suffolk)


I found there was an excellent balance between personal, process-oriented aspects of online working, such as looking at our own relationship with technology, disinhibition effect and blackhole effect and the more practical, administrative aspects of developing an online practice.

The course was very thought-provoking and raised lots of areas of self-reflection about the different methods of online learning. I very much enjoy Rory's way of presenting the topics - he is warm and authentic while also being highly professional, knowledgeable and experienced. I am a student about to go into my placement and, after completing this course am feeling much more positive about the strengths and benefits of online working, rather than purely seeing it as a second-best 'if I Have to because of covid!'

- Jayne (Highland, Scotland)


Excellent course! Very comprehensive. I wish I had done this at the beginning of the first lockdown. Really liked the idea that I can keep the course when finished to dip into later.

- Margaret (Aberdeen)


The course was excellent, real food for thought. Also being able to do it in my own time, took a lot of pressure away particularly with someone like me who has very limited knowledge of technology. I feel much more confident than I did before.

The course was presented really well, easy to access even for a novice like me. One of the things I found particularly helpful were the discussions between Rory and Ken. When you thought that everything was covered in that particular module, they would come out with something I wouldn't have thought of and talking of their own experiences. i.e when things have gone wrong. Thank you so much to both of you and the rest of the team for your hard work in putting this course together.

- Bella (Lancashire)



I have found this course extremely interesting and I am amazed at how much more there is to consider when doing telephone/online counselling. I would never have even thought about an agreement between the service provider and myself or even a disclaimer if confidentiality was breached by the third party. It has been fantastic that I have been able to do this course in my own time. I have worked throughout all lockdowns, plus literally renovating a house, so it has taken me a while to complete. Absolutely fascinating, learned such a lot. Thank you.

- Louise (Wakefield)



I reluctantly took this course to jump through a hoop for a volunteer placement. This course is really thorough and was an excellent revision of some stuff and learnt loads more. I think it is the confident calm style of delivery that adds value to the course, your experience shines through. Thank you!

- Amanda (Hampshire)


The course was broken down into really helpful small chunks. This made it easily accessible through my working weeks.

- Jaz (Leeds)


The information made me think about my own practice and make sure that I adjured to all the legal obligations, Insurance etc.

- Tori (Suffolk)


The course is clear, well structured and comprehensive. The practice discussion following each formal input was particularly valuable. It helps to consider issues from different perspectives and stimulate thinking and assimilate learning throughout the modules. The presenters have a friendly and engaging style. The content is interesting and extremely valuable for any counsellor considering the move online.

- Sara (N. Ireland)


I found the mixture of lecture and discussion very helpful. The downloads were also helpful. I brought a lot of the discussion questions to group supervision which highlighted areas that or team needed to address.

- Margaret (Belfast)


As a practitioner of several years standing, I was interested to gain a more formal qualification in online counselling as I was forced into this mode of work through the pandemic. I was very surprised at the amount of content and the thought-provoking reflections that the course prompted. There were issues that I had only given a passing thought to, and I found myself going deeper into some of these areas and ensuring I had dotted and crossed rather more of the i's and t's than I expected. I have revisited my contracting and tried to make my marketing and boundary-setting clearer and less ambiguous so that clients can feel secure in their relationship with me - even though we are working remotely. I would recommend this course to any practitioner however experienced - we all have something we can take from it.

- Christine (Greater Manchester)


The addition of the extended lectures in some modules not only added value but increased my learning opportunities.

- Ronald (Southend-on-Sea)


The course made me question, reflect on my practice and make changes.

- Frances (London)


The course gave me a good insight into working online. A lot of information that I wasn't aware of which I can now incorporate into my online work.

- Gillian (Essex)


Very informative, well presented, easy to understand and watch and learn. Thank you.

- Rosemary (East Sussex)


The way the course was presented was exceptional and I feel I have learnt a lot. Thank you for the additional Bonus presentations on Data Protection and Endings. They were both well worth listening to and I have no doubt the course will have enhanced my practice.

- Andrea (Singapore)


Thank you, your course was a pleasure to work through. Your discussions reinforced my learning; as has the extra material and suggestions provided. This course has worked in harmony with my level 4 training, as has the Counselling Tutor podcasts.

- Sam (Gloucestershire)


I thought this course was really good: informative, friendly, and most importantly, broken down into easy ways to understand. The tutors are very very clear and informed. Loved it and didn't want it to end.

- Annie (Nailsworth)


I was so impressed with how much information was given, things I hadn't even thought of.

- Karen (Liverpool)


Useful information and thank you for providing this free. It was clear, notes very useful as were all attachments. Thank you.

- Anna-Maria (London)

'There is a lot of information regarding working online that I would have never considered without taking part in this course.'


A very in-depth introduction to online counselling. It covered topics that I did not even consider such as specific studies regarding online communication and how attachment styles can affect endings. I have only recently completed my 100 hours and I found this course useful for improving my general counselling skills and not just online counselling.

- Sacha (Manchester)


I loved the realness of the delivery of the course, the small but important parts of the topics weren't overlooked and acted as great reminders if already known as they can be on other CPD courses especially since we being online. Nothing felt like an afterthought. The system and course were nice and easy to access.

- Jackie (Essex)


Thank you for this course. I am currently doing online telephone and I am very appreciative of what I have learnt from this course. I took down a lot of notes and I am already aware of things I need now to do. I appreciate the slides and transcript.

- Virginia (Huddersfield)


Ken and Rory ... thank you both for an amazing course. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning and person-centred approach. Well done to you both and all the team.

- Mary (Tipperary, Ireland)


It was a very thorough look at the use of online video and telephone. I liked the different aspects considered. The slides and additional links to resources were really useful for future reflection.

- Hayley (Stroud)


It is a brilliant course and I really like that I can go back and revisit the videos.

- Glenys (Swansea)


I was surprised when I did this course. I thought it was very structured and informative. I was glad I was able to get some template documents to help me with my practice. At college, we were not taught about what documents we need for counselling, so this I found useful.

- Christine (North London)


This course is very easy to follow and as you mention many times, there is plenty to reflect on.

I have found it extremely helpful, even though it took me several months to complete. Sometimes due to my time availability, motivation but mainly the intensive reflection on varied topics.

There are many valuable topics, which are supported by wider research and I would say the course provokes a sense of curiosity for an individual to look for further information, which can be implemented in private as well as organisational practice.

I will miss listening to your presentations.

- Petra (Durham, UK)


Thank you so much. This was a refreshing course. I enjoyed every minute of it. Definitely, I will join the CPD library for further self-development.

- Sibekezelo (Gauteng, South Africa)


I have found the course very informative and interesting, I like the discussions because you can pick up even more information and get different viewpoints. I like the way I can go back at any time and revisit a subject. It has helped me in all areas of my study.

- Sara (Kent)


Such friendly tutors and interesting when you throw your own experiences into the mix. I like the fact that you talk in layman's terms too.

- Chui-Ling (Solihull, West MIdlands)


Great that I could do within my own time whilst being a student.

- Claire (Warrington)


The course was enjoyable, informative and reassuring in what is a very new practise for me. Great format! I like the option of either video or transcript. Thank you.

- Diane (Shropshire)


The course was easy to access and if you were starting up your online work from scratch, it provides a thorough foundation to work ethically and safely.

- Aren (Scotland)


This course was very good, as I was behind as I had been poorly, although there was no pressure as I am just catching up with the course now.

- Karen (Devon)


Learnt so much more than I thought I would - very good value for money and easy to work through. Also, really enjoyed Rory's attachment lecture and Ken's reflections.

- Jo (Dudley)


I loved that I could do this course at my own pace when it suited me! The platform of the site is easy to navigate and it's great to be able start where you left off last time.

- Izi (Salisbury, Wiltshire)


As a trainee, I found this really filled in the gaps of knowledge I needed that haven’t been covered on the face-to-face degree I am doing. Has been really useful in creating all the documents I need and helpful as an all-round counselling course- both the online and general info!

- Eleanor (Sheffield)


Very informative. With some areas of technology benefits and pitfalls that you may not naturally consider.

- Sharon (Cambridgeshire)

'Superb course. I enjoyed learning so much.'


Learnt so much on this course and also on myself though this course, this has helped to improve my practice

- Katharine (Reading)


I actually learned loads. I like the videos - very succinct and well presented and full of useful info. The discussion videos were very important to me as I'm learning in isolation. The Facebook group gave a sense of being part of a community and that was also very helpful. My practice has been hugely impacted and I am very grateful I signed on.

- Rob (Lancashire)


The course was very useful. I learned much details about online counselling. I found your course via internet searching. I had some shortcomings in my online counselling and needed more information. I understand a lot of things that I didn't do before. Thank you!

- Pepa (Aberdeen Scotland)


I found this course very comprehensive. 80 hours sounds like a lot of time but the way the course is broken up, the workload has been manageable and it is easy to pick up from where you have left off. I find the way Ken and Rory explain topics to be very accessible. I chose not to join the Facebook group but instead buddied up with a colleague that I completed my studies with. Everyone learns in their own way and I feel this course really allows for that.

- Louise (UK)


I loved the way you made comprehensive, complex issues so easy to understand. In addition, you showed real understanding as to how intimidating it can feel to move onto online work and somehow made it user-friendly.

- Joanna (Brighton)


I enjoyed being able to do this online and dip in and out according to my own commitments and pace. There were some real gems in here. I particularly liked the lecture on supervision.

- Jill (Essex)


Easy to navigate, easy to understand, well laid out.

- Charley (Northampton)



Enjoyed the course. It gave me confidence, great tutors enjoyed it all.

- Sharon (Barnsley)



I wasn't sure what to expect but in a short time, I have learned a lot and feel much better equipped to continue working and supervision online. I thought that the course handouts and downloads were excellent and very helpful and generous. My paperwork and forms, in general, are in much better order and more thorough than previously.

- Marian (Northern Ireland)



I did the course because it meets the BACP competencies for remote working, and was offered at a good price. So am happy to have done it. I found the presenters engaging and the course was easy to follow.

- Kate (Northamptonshire)


The course structure is really good, the material is organised and easy to find with lots of helpful examples. Tutors are warm and talk very clearly. You did a great job at explaining things and I think is worth doing the course, especially if you have never worked online.

- Andie (London)


Very enjoyable and thought-provoking course. Really beneficial being able to complete in my own time as I was able to work around other commitments whilst completing. I found that once I started I was keen to continue. This worked really well for me and I enjoyed the time spent listening to lecture and discussions.

- Adele (Liverpool)



Some very good points which have lead to me refreshing my practice and tightening up on areas highlighted in the course. The counselling will of particular importance to me and something I'd never really considered in great depth before.

- Noel (UK)


Accessible, easy to follow, interesting, good format and choices as well as extra material.

- Wendi (Gwynedd)


I found the topics useful. I particularly appreciated the resources available and given, that is what I would rate the highest. I thought it was great. Everything was available to download for future reference, etc. I found the videos useful. I think it was good value for money. Overall, I found the topics useful and made me revisit and reflect on certain topics but also some new points that I had not considered. Overall, happy and would recommend.

- Vicky (Newcastle upon Tyne)


I have found it very good. I have really liked the fact that it is all sound and not much reading (except for some additional links). It has made it very easy to learn. I also really like the mix of the learning/theory followed up by a discussion. The weekly webinars have also been great!

- Elin (Kent)


The course was very helpful in giving me the confidence to move my practice online. It helped me to rewrite my contract and other documentation. It reminded me of some of the risks of working online as well as the advantages.

- Karen (UK)


Found the course easy to follow and enjoyed being able to work at my own pace. I am relatively new to working online and found the course content informative and also reassuring.

- Janet (Gwynedd)


A good course covering the possible benefits and the challenges of working online. Really timely as with the onset of the pandemic my work had to change overnight. The course has helped me to feel more confident and positive about this.

- Jane (Northants)


I have learned so much about the dynamics and intricacies of working online. All the resources were really helpful and much much appreciated. Definitely transformed my thinking of online counselling - not second best! Thank you so much.

- Angel (London)


The course is very comprehensive and covers all the aspects of online and telephone counselling. I have enjoyed the journey very much and I learned a lot. Thank you.

- Svetlana (Chichester)


The varied preferred learning styles are well catered for, with visual, audio and reading options and group and self-reflection tasks to consolidate learning. I found the referencing of extra resources excellent.

- Trudi (UK)


I have completed Module 1 and am absolutely loving the course!! It is exactly the training us face to face therapists needs and honestly I am so grateful to Rory and Ken and all the team at Counselling Tutor for providing this training!

- Shalom (Dublin)


The online course I have completed has been incredibly valuable. Thanks for all you do.

- Anthea (Exeter)


I have completed this course the first time round it came out. I loved it and it benefitted my remote work during placement beautifully.

- Emma (West Sussex)


Thank you so much for the certificate on the Online and Telephone Counselling course. I have found the course very helpful. I have learnt issues I had no knowledge of before.

- Martha (Dublin)


Yeah, I’ve passed. What a great course! Heavy going at times, but so thorough, and has already aided my practice. Thank you, Rory and Ken. I’m going to miss you guys.

- Lucy (Herts)


Thank you so much for providing the course. I enjoyed the learning. I am glad it is available for reference.

- Agnes (East Dunbartonshire)


I just wanted to say a big thank you for your delivery of the training on online and telephone counselling – I found it really beneficial and the delivery was very friendly and engaging – I felt like I got to know you both a bit through doing the course. For your information, I’m doing the Postgrad in integrative counselling and this course will contribute to BACP accreditation as an online/phone therapist. Thanks again for the informative course – I found the extra resources a real bonus for future practice. I will certainly use Counselling Tutor again for further CPD.

- Richard (Dublin)


I enrolled on the Online Counselling course and I have been participating by completing modules and taking part in the Wednesday webinar. I am really enjoying the course and there is far more to it than I imagined. The reflection and additional reading are also parts which are very useful and I am trying to make as much use of these as I can.

- Christine (Warrington)


Thank you to everyone at Counselling Tutor! The Online and Telephone Counselling course I did a few months back is coming in very useful. So glad I did it.

- Karen (Stockport)


It has been a wonderful experience learning about 'online and telephone counselling'. The part that I enjoyed the most was endings and the role of attachment styles. This was something very interesting for me. Looking forward to continuous learning ...

- Juliet (West Bengal, India)


I've only been halfway through your online and telephone counselling course, which is fantastic and is making me relook at my admin. I have already recommended this to colleagues of mine.

- Loraine (Norfolk)


I completed the Online and Telephone Counselling course in the summer of 2020, with my certificate being issued July. I have found the training invaluable in switching my entire practice online in these difficult times.

- Susan (Surrey)


Thank you for the wonderful course. It was a great learning experience.

- Juliet (West Bengal, India)


The support your course has given our organisation was a wonderful boost during challenging times. Putting us in a positive position to continue to provide a service for clients, without interruption, for all 2020.

- Sharan (Dublin)


I've finished!!! Thank you ... thank you ... Great course and very grateful for having the opportunity to learn so much more.

- Yasmin (Manchester)


I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed this course. Initially, it was a little overwhelming and I kept getting distracted by all the exciting things to look at and learn about. The first two modules were a bit overwhelming but well worth persevering with and so well presented by you both.

It has been an absolute pleasure doing this course. I have learnt so much. You have set it all out well. I was never afraid to get in touch and often messaged Colette for support.

All the team involved in this are all very helpful and supportive and I will most certainly spread the word as I am a mentor for student counsellors in their placements. Very well presented and informative. I have also registered for CPD with you all and there are so many things in there to look at. I am not a Facebook member as that is not really my thing, but I managed the course well. Thank you so much.

- Sandra (Wales)


Thanks, Ken and to Rory, too. I enjoyed the course and learnt lots. Your enthusiasm (both of you!) is infectious.

- Rupert (Berkshire)


Your resource became very popular during the lockdown and subsequently as students and qualified practitioners realised they needed clear, accessible learning in order to be able to provide a good level of service to their clients. I completed this course and found it to be thoroughly interesting and central to how I am now working on placement (all via phone or videoconferencing). Thank you and best wishes!

- Caroline (Tyne and Wear)


Thank you for responding so well to a real need in the counselling community to update our skills in our new world. I wish you the very best for the end of this strange year and a much better 2021.

- Zsofia (Edinburgh)


It’s a very good course!

- Kate (Wiltshire)


The course has given me food for thought. It is well planned out with lots of valuable information and resources.

- Wendy (South Yorkshire)


Thank you so much. This has been an amazing course which will definitely enhance my skills. I have over 10 years of face-to-face work but now feel more confident to move onto online work. I really enjoyed this course, learning so much and know for sure that I’ll revisit some of the modules. Thanks again to the Counselling Tutor team.

- Win (Kent)


Thank you so much. The course has been amazing and loved every bit!

- Paula (Liverpool)


I am finding the course hugely useful.

- Ellie (West Sussex)


The course is so good and I’m already putting into practice what I have learned so far.

- Caroline (Lincolnshire)


I am really enjoying it and it's so informative!

- Sandra (Wales)


Thank you for a fantastic training course!

- Victoria (Amersham)

'I invested in this course and I think it will turn out to be one of the best business decisions I have made!'


Thank you for the wonderful course which I am still appreciating four months after completing it.

- Jean (Dublin)


I am really enjoying the course and finding it incredibly useful!

- Nicola (Leics)


I was one of the first intakes. It was brilliant. Never thought I would undertake online counselling, but this course gave me the knowledge, skills and courage to do it.

- Mary (Greater Manchester)


The feeling when you embark on a course with expectations, and it surpasses them. Well, that! Thanks, Counselling Tutor. This covers all the ground you need to get you up and running online.

- Andrew (Cheshire)


The course has really helped me to improve areas of contracting that was perhaps lacking; interestingly, experimentation with phone therapy has helped me re-tune my empathic and congruent responses in ways that will enhance my face to face work; it's also reminded me of the importance of self-development through ongoing learning - I've found myself asking really unexpected questions about my work and really consider the nuances of online therapy. Well worth the time and effort. Thank you - Thumbs up!

- Jon (Greater Manchester)


I’m enjoying the content and the format enormously, and I know I’ll be benefitting from this high-quality additional training.

- Emily (West Yorkshire)


The course has been very helpful in helping me to understand the differences between face to face and online therapy. There are some things that were outside of my awareness, particularly in the areas of contracting, assessment and maintaining confidentiality online. This will impact on the way I offer therapy online and face to face, there is a lot to consider going forward.

- Leebert (Dublin)


This course has been sooo informative! Still working through it taking my time and making sure everything is in place! Thank you to counselling tutor for this amazing course!

- Nazrin (Blackburn)


The course so far has helped reassure me in how much I have managed on my own during the pandemic and am doing good ethical practice. The course itself has been very helpful/informative and insightful, enabling me to have the information and knowledge to tweak and check that I am working ethically and safely. This course has been superb so far in helping me to achieve these things.

- Kim



The Online and Telephone Counselling course was brilliant.

- Lisa (Cornwall)


Really impressive course and very grateful.

- Rose (Manchester)


It was an excellent course!

- Sheila (South Glamorgan)


I'm waving my certificate in the air with pride!

A big thank you to you all. I came on this course newly qualified and a rabbit in headlights. I have come away with so much more knowledge and confidence to embrace my new career as a counsellor.

I can honestly say I have learnt so much more than I ever did at college to achieve my Level 4 diploma in therapeutic counselling. I will continue to use your CPD library to build my portfolio of training as I've thoroughly enjoyed my learning from this course.

Thank you for what started off being a bit of anxiety to feeling a bit out of depth to my process becoming more gaining confidence and being excited about helping others.

- Aimee (Beverley East Yorkshire)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Counselling Tutor for providing the online training at such an affordable price. Keeping up with necessary training mounts up ... finding quality, trustworthy certification/CPD is a minefield. I have followed the Counselling Tutor podcast since it started in 2016, qualified two years later at level 5 and now working towards accreditation. So again many thanks for coming along, and continuing to be by my side for the sometimes wild ride that it is, in becoming a counsellor (whatever that means!)

- Sarah (Somerset)

'Thank you, I overcame my fear of technology.'

Initially, I felt overwhelmed with all the information but when I did the webinar, it became clearer. The help on the Facebook page, looking at people's questions was very useful. Thank you so much for putting this course together so promptly. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to.

- Sandra (Northwest Manchester)

I really enjoyed the course and never thought there is so much to learn. I was quite negative at the beginning of this training since it did not make much sense to me. My placement wanted me to work with my clients via online/telephone/Skype/zoom. In the beginning, I found it hard to make contact with them. I thought building a healthy relationship with the client would be difficult.

Using the skills I learned from this course, I was able to build a healthy relationship with two of my new clients which is great. Still, it is not like working face-to-face but my view about online counselling is changing now. I am now moving forward with confidence and courage. Thanks for organising this course. Highly appreciated.

- Tina (Birmingham)

I found the course really useful. As a student counsellor, I felt some of the resources would be better used once in practice but it has given me a lot to think about and so much information that I can use in practice. I found the course easy to follow and that they were always someone to discuss things with if I wasn't sure.

- Donna (County Durham)

The detail in the course is fantastic. The downloadable resources are incredibly helpful. It will help myself, albeit an experienced therapist, to begin using online therapy as an option for my clients by providing really good examples of all key aspects to consider.

I am aware of my online mindset now. I know I am only comfortable to work with clients synchronously. That in itself is invaluable. I want to say a huge thank you for putting this excellent course together in such a short period. I wish you much success in the future as you continue to educate many more novice online counsellors.

- Andrea (Lancashire)

I am a level 4 student and only just started face-to-face agency placement. Due to the pandemic, I was unable to continue with my client. This course has enabled me to learn how to support my client via telephone support check-in calls. I feel I have gained new tools and confidence through taking part in this enhanced learning. I feel confident that I can now offer online counselling within my agency placement. I am very grateful. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.

- Debbie (Kent)

Great resources to have and plenty of them for future reference. I have joined your CPD section as a result of doing this course. Very impressed.

- Deirdre (Northern Ireland)

I really enjoyed the course. The depth and clarity of information made the learning experience all the better.

- Debbie (Staffordshire)

Certainly has helped with my understanding of technology and in my private practice competencies. I have offered online/phone for a while but mostly face-to-face. Just weeks before the lockdown, I was able to convert a high percentage of clients over to online/phone.

I always check in with clients regarding their confidential space. Now, I have brought in more tech considerations. Great to be more informed about ethical and legal requirements, disinhibition and black hole effect. I originally had supervision face-to-face but changed to Skype (now Zoom) 18 months ago and it has proved very successful.

- Julie (Staffordshire)

Delivered beautifully, full of information and easy to listen to. Warm, welcoming and supportive from the start.

- Abbie (Sheffield)


Learnt a lot and feel more confident in counselling online.

- Janet (Dorset)

Helpful content and presentation. I found the course useful to get used to working online.

- Marco (London)

I liked the self-directive nature of the course and how I could complete the modules at my own pace. I learned new things which I would not have considered about working online had I not completed this course. It gave me the confidence to ensure I was working safely and ethically with my clients.

- Mandy (London)

There was a lot of repetition - this I thought was helpful and aided consolidation of knowledge. There was always a place to share thoughts (Facebook page) and ask questions - webinar and Facebook. The ability to manage my own time and study in a way that suits my learning style was a relief and a blessing! 10/10 Thank you!

- Anne (Glasgow)

Great course, especially with help in ensuring our paperwork considerations were updated. Really helpful examples which I appreciated.

- Nicky (Newbury)

I enjoyed learning and embracing this style of learning due to the clarity and simplicity of the information as well as the structure of the course.

- Dhara (Leeds)

how I best learn. I enjoyed the style of presenting the course both in website format and in delivery. An added extra was the additional reading elements which boosted knowledge in some ways and nicely signposted in others. In other words, care and passion have gone into developing this course. Any questions or requests that I have had have been responded to satisfactorily and quickly. The support is wraparound with both the Facebook group and the weekly live webinars. Thank you all.

- Rachel (Cardiff)

I found the course extremely thorough and will be going back and pulling out different bits as and when I need them. There is a lot of information to absorb which is good and I will definitely use some of the materials in the future.

- Lis (Cornwall)

I really enjoyed this course, being able to go at my own pace, the idea of a buddy was brilliant - I have found a lovely buddy and we both get a lot out of talking and sharing. I made a friend 🙂 I liked the weekly webinars, where I felt part of the cohort and was able to ask questions.

- Jude (Cumbria)

Fantastic course, thank you! As a trainee counsellor, I found it very thorough and allowed me to consolidate and build on previous counselling theory where appropriate in addition to learning new skills. I was very nervous at the prospect of online and telephone work at my placement. However, I now feel able to work in this way more confidently.

I especially appreciate the references to ethics throughout, this has helped to deepen my understanding of this way of working. I also appreciated the huge amount of online support especially the Facebook group, very helpful! The course content was very rich and varied also and served to broaden and deepen my learning through real-life examples, lectures and theoretical reading. Once again, huge thanks, great value!

- Olga (Edinburgh)

I found this course very helpful in the current climate of the Pandemic with everything swiftly moving online. I do feel much more confident than I did before. I do feel that this course is a resource that I will be referring back to several times in the future.

- Kat (Glasgow)

I found the course easy to navigate and access. I have learned so much more than I was expecting to, and I feel that I am taking a lot back to build upon my private practice. I enjoy the relaxed presenting style of Ken and Rory and find them both knowledgeable and easy to listen to. I feel very much prepared for online work now and also have developed an enthusiasm for it.

I think that a whole new lot of opportunities are going to open up for me in the future because of the skills and information I have gained. Thank you very much to Rory, Ken, Colette and the Counselling Tutor Team. And thank you also for your consideration in keeping the cost of the course affordable. I have joined the CPD library and I am looking forward to learning more through your company.

- Rachel (Plymouth)

Thank you. This course was great. Considering the time frame you both had to put this together, I'm astounded by how in-depth it is.

- Emily (High Wycombe)

I found the course to be very thorough and very good value for money. I realise it was written and compiled to suit a broad range of experience and learning styles. I appreciate the opportunity to look into a clinical will, social media, disinhibition and insurance at a deeper level. Many thanks for the course.

- Andrea (Kent)

Very pleased that I have undertaken Counselling Tutor Online and Telephone counselling course. I have learned more than I expected. I really value the Facebook group and the interaction and feedback from my buddy Counselling Tutor students: one of the best bits of the course. I have recommended this course to other counsellors seeking online training for telephone, text/email and online video counselling because of the quality of the course content and the value for money. I really value that we can access this course and revisit it for updates.

- Anna Marie (Flintshire, North Wales)

I found the course more helpful than I imagined. The seminars and discussions are easy to understand. Use of language was not too complicated. Available resources to enhance my understanding, templates that I can adapt easily and research papers to read. My organisational change from face-to-face to online and telephone has been so much easier due to the course. Thank you so much.

- Jacqui (Dorset)

I think this is a well constructed and comprehensive course which covers all angles and complexities of the diverse nature of online counselling. I liked the combination of presentations, further resources in terms of additional lectures and downloads. It was easy to access and navigate.

- Debbie (Coventry)

Excellent content, delivered through blended learning, which you progress at your own pace. Brilliant, thanks very much!

- Mark (Essex)

Doing the course has given me more confidence in working online. There were a few issues that I hadn't considered and it was interesting to see how online work differs from face-to-face e.g. disinhibition and the black hole. I think it was good to think of online as different but not second best. I particularly enjoyed the practice discussions. Although I didn't use the buddy system in the end, it was helpful to read the comments and experience of others in the Facebook group.

- Mourna (Northern Ireland)

Great course. Easy to follow and can be done in our own time. I feel like Rory and Ken are old friends already! On a positive (but negative) note, it has given me sleepless nights by realising there is so much involved in setting up an online service and what we need to do before we get going! I may not have seen the obstacles you have shown us and would have been unprepared. Many thanks.

- Ava (Lytham St Annes)

Learnt more than expected from the course. I feel this time has opened up doors I wouldn’t have considered with working online and this course has helped underpin the knowledge and skills required. Thank you.

- Emma (Middlesbrough)

I found the course very interesting bringing in aspects that I had not even thought of like 'The Black Hole Effect'. Excellent resources and good further learning suggestions.

- Julie (Middlesex)

Really enjoyed the course and much more than expected. Really enjoyed Ken and Rory - very down to earth and clear delivery. Also fantastic value - a lot for hours of input for the price paid.

- Patrick (Louth, Ireland)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. What I enjoyed most was being able to do it at my own pace and the way the course was delivered. I enjoyed the variety of reading, watching, and listening, which engaged all of my senses. The templates were extremely useful, too and the steps to setting up zoom sessions. Before I did the course I was quite apprehensive about using technology to provide counselling, now I feel quite confident and knowledgeable.

- Linda (Brentwood)

I found the course very interesting and informative.

- Michelle (Redcar)

I really enjoyed this course! It was interesting and I've taken quite a lot away with myself. I now feel that I've been using the correct approach with my clients on the telephone. I was worrying that I might trip up a bit but I'm happy to continue now with more confidence.

- Amanda (Wirral)

This course was amazing. I learn so much about myself and my practice. This is a course I have recommended to everyone I have spoken to about this. I feel more confident about working online and feel so much better equipped to do so. I am a student counsellor and work offering bereavement support so your course has helped me both professionally and in training.

- Annie (Gloucestershire)

Very informative and I really liked the presentation style with the official learning and slides followed by the how-to practically apply its discussion.

- Helen (Wiltshire)

I felt fairly ambivalent about online and telephone counselling at the start. I now see its value and the challenges involved which are far more complex than I realised. I feel much better equipped as I go forward in the online world. I found the resources all excellent and will be very useful reference tools/user tools as I go forward. Thank you.

- John (Herts)

I had already been using the telephone for clients but the course highlighted many things I hadn’t thought of. It has made me a little nervous due to being more aware which I don’t think is a bad thing. I loved the calm and friendly voices throughout the course. I love the fact I could do the course in my own time.

- Amanda (London)

I literally stumbled across this Online and Telephone Counselling Course by sheer fluke. Oh! My word, I am so thankful that I did. After losing 70% of my Face2Face work, this course has been a lifeline for me, to be able to continue working with clients who were keen to continue their support either by telephone or Zoom.

After being in practice for many years, this has got to be the best value CPD I have ever undertaken. This has enabled me to continue working safely in a professional manner with clients, especially during these difficult times. It has also opened up and given me a new method of being able to reach out and work with new clients.

The course content has been invaluable covering absolutely everything anyone would need to know working online with. Rory and Ken are just amazing in their delivery and Colette was so supportive when I was struggling to establish my connections and understand the technical issues in the early days. So, I would truly recommend this course 100% to anyone thinking about offering an Online and Telephone Counselling Service. Thank You All So Much.

- Gillian (Essex)

A timely course that will have long-lasting positive ramifications for my practice long after the current situation has passed.

- Simon (Teignmouth)

I enjoyed learning at a pace that was suitable for me but structured and easy to navigate.

- Matthew (Caerphilly)

I was very anxious about applying for the course as I am very dyslexic however, it was very easy to navigate. It was very informative and I am so glad that I did sign up. I will be looking for more course with Counselling Tutor in the future as you are very supportive. I feel very proud and will be sharing my experience with friends, colleges and anyone who wants to listen. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

- Linda (London)


The course was structured well and I liked the fact that I could go at my own pace.

- Les (Gloucestershire)

I'm almost sad that it's done. Or I am actually sad. I waited every day when my learning time comes. It was such a pleasure to join you, listen, learn, and feel I'm growing. You probably heard that a lot. Didn't realise there is so much to learn things I thought I know something about. Just about it turns out, thank you.

- Kate (Birmingham)

This is an excellent course - I was able to transition to working online and by phone with ease. It gave me 'food for thought' and encouraged reflection. I was able to update my contracts and develop a positive mindset to working online and I am enjoying it. This was once I got over my fears around technology (which were greatly eased by working with a buddy).

I like the references and read the research. As I did not feel I could put my hand on my heart and say the course had taken 80 hours to complete, I have also read the recommended books Telephone Counselling by Maxine Rosenfield and Online Counselling by Gill Jones and Anne Stokes. When I get there, I will be able to print off the certificate with a clear conscience. Out of the two books, I got more from Maxine Rosenfield's and felt reading the books rounded the course off nicely for me.

- Heather (Yate)


I felt the course has been really informative helping me with working online but also helping prepare me for private practice.

- Karen (Kent)

Throughout this course, I have found that I have had questions arising in mind and then gone onto further modules and later had those questions answered. I have also had the opportunity to engage in discussion through the encouragement to 'buddy-up' and use the online message group which has given me extended peers to engage with and see ideas from others as well as share my own.

Being able to work at my own pace, I could dip in and out without pressure and yet feel that I was making progress throughout through the visual tracking on screen.

Motivating. The resources will be used long past the end of this course and I am sure I will return to refresh my thinking and recall in the months to come - it is reassuring to know that I can do this.

- Joni (Tamworth)

Overall, I learnt so much about online counselling and found the topics for the modules have been structured such that it flowed well from one to the next. Appreciated that participants who enrolled were given the leeway to move through the modules at their own pace as some of us work almost 10 hours a day and really needed more time to complete each module.

- Shanthi (Singapore)

I decided to do this course while furloughed, (I am a manager of a counselling department in a hospice and we've had to pause our services for the time being). I felt it's important to upskill in online counselling while I have the opportunity, knowing that when I'm called back to work, I will need to implement a change in how we deliver our service.

I have learnt a lot regarding the factors that are present in online and telephone counselling that I was not aware of before. I feel this knowledge will serve me well going forward in both my practice and that of the supervision I provide to trainees and qualified counsellors once they switch to online working.

I've worked for many years on the telephone with people who contact the hospice, and I know how deep and intense conversations can get, and how you become enclosed in a bubble with the person on the other end of the line, while they share their innermost thoughts and feelings. As much as I find this a very precious thing for them to share their story with me, it was very useful to learn about the disinhibition effect as although I've noted the difference in how quickly people share so much of themselves on the telephone, I didn't know it had a name until now.

Some of my volunteers have already signed up to your course, and I have recommended it to others. The PowerPoints were just enough it wasn't 'death by PowerPoint', and having the voiceover as a presentation was easy listening for me. The speed was just right, as it enabled me to write a few notes as I went, to embed my learning. The discussion following each presentation was also really interesting, to hear you both in a dialogue on each specific subject, again, helped to embed the learning.

The ability to download all the content means I can go back and look over anything I need to remind myself of. Thank you for the examples of things like contracts, evaluations, etc.

Altogether, I found this to be a very thorough and concise course. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you very much.

- Dianne (County Durham)

I am currently a student in my last year of the ABC level 4 counselling and psychotherapy course. I have been unable to meet with clients face to face due to the COVID-19 therefore felt this would be the perfect opportunity for me to gain additional knowledge to use in the future with clients. I am dyslexic and found the layout of the course to be very accessible and the fact there is no end date meant I didn't put pressure on myself and could go back over the details at my own pace.

- Marie Claire (Stalybridge)

I really enjoyed this course. It has made me feel more confident about working online and telephone counselling. There is a lot of information but I am so pleased that I can continue to access the course even after completing the course. I have particularly enjoyed the video tutorials and topic discussions. Thank you for providing such a detailed, friendly and accessible course.

- Carmilla (Leicestershire)

It was a real pleasure sitting down to take each unit. I found I gave more time than I expected as I gained a lot. The course is presented in a gentle light way, so it felt almost a pleasure. Thank you.

- Rochelle (Hertfordshire)

This was such a timely course for me. It supported me through client work on the telephone and was an excellent back to (extremely thorough!) basics after maternity leave. The sheer volume of additional resources that came with the course was worth the money alone, and with the addition of weekly 'tutorial' webinars, buddy work and FB group discussion, the learning experience felt really holistic and community-based. I feel sad and a little rudderless to finish! Thank you to Rory, Ken and Colette for all the hard work.

- Emma (Merseyside)

Put together with passion and a lot of knowledge.

- Philip (North East)

Very good with increasing my knowledge I’ve learned a lot to carry on with my learning.

- Samantha (Durham)

I enjoyed the course, much of it enforced what I already do but there were some new ideas and lots of food for reflection and learning.

- Ann (Ipswich, UK)

I have found the course very informative and given me lots of things to reflect upon regarding my private practice. I will be going back over each module again, to gain different insights and new thought processes. It has validated how important online and telephone counselling can benefit clients and offer another service to clients. The information on each module will act as a reference point for future needs and when I need to refresh on subject areas.

- Carla (South West)

Really enjoyed the course. Learned a lot to take forward into online practice.

- Julie (Newbury)


I found the course to be interesting, useful and very comprehensive. Hats off to Rory and the team for producing something so relevant and much needed. Thank you, very much!

- Jackie (Northampton, UK)

The course was far more comprehensive than I had expected and provided lots of prompts to stop and consider how I wanted to work. I was very worried about having to switch to working online as I wasn't prepared and felt de-skilled - the course has helped me make the transition in a thoughtful and considered way.

- Elaine (Hampshire)

As many therapists have been at this time, I was thrown reluctantly into the online counselling world. I never offer a service that I don't feel confident to provide or competent to deliver so this course came at just the right time to tick those boxes for me.

The training that Rory and Ken have put together in this course is excellent and their knowledge and delivery of it pitched perfectly. I love the format of the course that I could do at my own pace and the opportunity to return to again and again (and I will).

Such rich material that makes me reflect on my practice as a whole, both as a therapist and a supervisor, which was an unexpected bonus. It has added another string to my therapy bow that will sit in harmony with my practice in the future even beyond COVID-19. Thank you again.

- Karen (Craigavon, Northern Ireland)

I now have a deeper understanding of the possible pitfalls when working online. Before completing the course I did not fully appreciate how to contract for online working, this course has been instrumental in designing a contract that helps me to work ethically and safely for both myself and the client. The theory and additional learning have highlighted areas that I had not previously considered.

- Anne (Merseyside, United Kingdom)

I found the course very thorough and comprehensive. I really appreciated the resources to print out and go back to.

- Katharine (Torbay, Devon)

I am a recently qualified counsellor who works part-time for an agency and would one day like to move into private practice. Not only has this course shone a light on the world of online therapy but it has also deepened my understanding of private practice as a whole. This has been very valuable CPD that I feel I will keep coming back to as I eventually take steps into forming my private practice.

- Sally (UK)

As a 1st year MSc student, I have always planned to have at least an element of online work in the future. I took the opportunity to do this course when it arose as it would be so useful. I had not considered many of the aspects such as Data Protection act, so what this course has done is given me a huge amount of food for thought about how I would work online in a practical sense as well as the actual skill set needed. I was lucky to have a buddy who I already knew who is qualified and practising so I was able to learn even more and access her existing knowledge but also challenge her in a productive way meaning we both learned so much from the experience. We talk on the phone and online regularly which has been very useful too. I have enjoyed the course thoroughly and take elements from every module forward with me. Thank you!

- Caroline (Dundee, Scotland)

I really enjoyed the course. I found it easy to follow and full of up to date info.

- Rachel (London)

This course well exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful for the amount of work and the speed in which the team made this available given the current climate. I was able to speak about this with my agency supervisor and manager who both enrolled and my peer counsellor. I loved the mix of lectures and then consolidated by the discussions Ken and Rory had really helped it embed in my mind. I was also pleased to be able to download all of the necessary information so that I can refer back to it. This course has made the difference between me working or not which is my first year as a qualified counsellor has impacted not just me but my whole family. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!

- Carol (Birmingham)

This course has given me so much knowledge and confidence in working online. I feel able to start my first placement working online with no more apprehension than I would have if I was doing face to face sessions. This course also gave me confidence in continuing with my therapy online, which I may not have otherwise.

The resources provided in each module are great. The lectures were interesting and I felt fully engaged. The content covered was detailed, relevant and accessible. I have already recommended this course to peers and colleagues.

The tutors are all knowledgeable and down to earth. Frankly, if I bumped into any of them on the street now, I would feel like I knew them (a bit weird for them). Tamara offered great expertise around working online and offers additional links into a range of services that can be paid for to support a therapist as they set up a counselling practice.

I got so much more out of this course than I had expected. A very big thank you to you all!

- Julie (Guildford)

The course is well structured and I like that it can be completed at our own pace.

- Alison (Vale of Glamorgan)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the team for putting this together so quickly. As a clinical lead and manager of an abuse service, we have to quickly transition from face-to-face to online during COVID-19 and this course has been essential to ensure accessibility for our clients. To be able to enrol my team so that they can complete and feel more competent and confident in their transition in these times has been so helpful. As a manager, it has given me some solid areas to consider regarding changes in policies and procedures which as a BACP accredited service is essential and to see the course was delivered with the BACP competencies was reassuring.

- Ejaye (Middlesbrough)

I loved how the course taught me new concepts and cemented the ideas through practice discussion after the lectures. I also loved how it helped me revise previous learning from being a trainee 10 years ago. I needed to brush off the cobwebs. Thank you.

- Gina (Hereford)

Found the course incredibly informative. Really liked the additional information such as sample forms and lectures. It was delivered in a very friendly way that I liked. Have already recommended to others. A lot of thought, effort and work has clearly gone into putting it together. Thank you, this course came at a good time for me and I have learned a lot.

- Alison (Leigh On Sea UK)

Brilliant course! Lots of information and included a lot of refresher training. Great I could study at my own pace.

- Suzanne (Chester)

A well structured and thought out course relevant to the work I am now doing online. Gave me plenty to think about, work through and apply e.g. contracting, understanding the different nuances of each type of online working. As a student counsellor, I found this course invaluable to assist in moving my placement time to online. Thank you.

- Tim (Dorset)

The course offered a lot of theory and practical information that I could digest at my own pace and in my own time. The format was well organised and delivered. Any queries answered promptly and in a friendly manner. I have not used Counselling Tutor before but felt this course might help me with the phone counselling my agency is now using due to Covid-19. It's been extremely helpful and insightful to all e-counselling and I feel much more able to offer this service now I've had some good quality training.

- Lucy (London)

What a FANTASTIC, interactive and informative course this is! When I printed out and looked at the programme content I felt slightly overwhelmed at the sheer volume of content, and wondered how I was going to weave all this in with my current studies at Level 5! I was relieved to discover that the content is broken down into bite-sized chunks of video presentations, which is fab for the visual learners! I made full use of all my senses as I fully embraced the nature of the course! This course has really helped me above and beyond my requirements as a student counsellor on placement during these unprecedented times! Thanks to you all at Counselling!

- Lindsey (Manchester)

I expected it to cover more about telephone counselling but was interested to find out so much about everything - it really made it clear what would be involved and how all the confidentiality issues come in on every on line situation. Very informative all around.

- Margaret (Fife, Scotland)

I am a qualified counsellor/supervisor. I have my own training company which focuses on counselling work with children and young people. I have been in practice for 20 years. I found the course to be extremely accessible and very easy to follow. I really appreciated the discussion platform with Ken and Rory. The downloads are fantastic!

- Moira (Fife, Scotland)

Excellent, simple to understand. I like that you go at your own pace. This course has been very helpful to me in my practice.

- Jo (Cambridge England)

Great depth and knowledgable without being pretentious.

- Simon (Preston, Lancs)

I signed up to the course as I didn't feel competent to work with a client in an online format. This course has left me feeling confident in my ability to work via video calls. This course has inspired me to improve my written communication so I can explore email working. I am amazed at how much this course has helped me edit and update my forms and contracts in my private practice (only set up this year) so I leave the course having what I think is a far more robust and professional set of paperwork to use with clients.

- Jason (Midlands)

Really enjoyed working through the course material. Very informative, excellent knowledge. Very good, able to take all forward into my practice. I will enjoy reviewing the course material reading and researching future on the topics

- Susan (South Yorkshire)

I am an experienced counsellor and trainer. I really enjoyed the course and made me revisit my contract and some other ways of working. I would recommend the course for anyone wishing to move online.

- Jax (Suffolk)

Wow! I’ve done telephone counselling during my time spent living in Spain but the course content here has taught me some amazing facts. Some that tell me about counselling clients who live in different countries and my own. The effects of working with a style which doesn’t work for me and would deeply upset my presence of mind. And how working towards and understanding technology makes a lot of sense. I had thought that there wouldn’t be much to learn; how wrong I was.

- Denise (County Durham)

As a complete technophobe, I have resisted venturing into virtual counselling. But now I feel much more confident and am looking forward to putting my learning into practice. This course has been great food for thought.

- S (Surrey)

As an experienced practitioner who is already using telephone and online counselling, I found this an excellent course that reminded me of many issues but also promoted new learning and made me more conscious of the relevant issues when using this medium in counselling.

- Derek (South Wales)

I found the course engaging which is amazing. I do feel more competent in my role supporting clients by phone and online and would consider doing more of this ongoing. The detail in the course around risks for both clients and counsellor is really good.

- Jenny (Hampshire)

An enjoyable and highly informative course that covers so many aspects of working online or by telephone. The course is delivered in a very 'human' way which feels personal. The weekly webinars were useful and fun, too. I very much appreciate the time and effort you all put in to deliver a course so very quickly - just when it was needed! Thank you. I feel far more positive and prepared for this new way of working than before the course.

- Jane (Devon)

I found the course very helpful. The main lecture was supported by the discussion between Rory and Ken and we were encouraged to explore or gain first-hand experience by joining Facebook group or buddy with another to further our learning.

- Georgina (London)

Thank you for a comprehensive and detailed course. You have covered everything.

- Amanda (Warwickshire)

I found the course to be very detailed, informative and useful in theoretical and practical ways. I enjoyed both the formal lectures and the discussion between Rory and Ken, which often gave a different slant or angle to the subject.

The discussions make the theory come alive. I appreciate the amount of information available to download and also been able to step back into the ground level theory, some of which I had put into the archive of my mind since I was a student! Good to revisit this again.

I am amazed at how much I have learned about online and telephone counselling. I did think it may be a 'tick box' exercise to become certified, but it certainly is so much more than this, so pleased I have completed it and can plan my future into this exciting world of online and telephone counselling. Thank you.

- Diane (Yorkshire)

I found the course very enjoyable. It was great to be able to learn at my own pace when I had the time. The modules are very interesting. Not only did I learn, but I also had the opportunity to revisit what I had previously learnt whilst studying for my diploma.

I found it very useful and informative. I liked the idea that after each module there was extra learning with discussions which helped me to reflect on what I had learnt.

Online and telephone counselling is the way forward, especially at present. Although I prefer face-to-face counselling, it has given me other opportunities to help clients at the moment. 10/10! Wonderful. Thank you.

- Carol (Buckhurst Hill)

Great course! Really appreciate you putting this together so quickly.

- Vicki (Scotland)

Thank you to all who have been involved with the creation and delivery of this course. I am so glad I did it. I started my business in August 2019 and work with my first paid client work. In the New Year of 2020, I had just received a couple of private referral clients and started working from a clinic when Covid-19 and the first wave of restrictions hit – my income 'dropped off a cliff'. So with what little money I had left, I invested in this course and I think it will turn out to be one of the best business decisions I have made! Thank you, Counselling Tutor.

- Belinda (North East Wales)

'I am really enjoying this course, and I think it does what it says on the tin. I am finding it very thorough and detailed, with bags of help from Rory and Ken, which is saving me so much time from having to trawl through everything myself. The self-reflection process is great and is adding to my mindset and confidence of what to bring to counselling either by telephone or online, safely and professionally. Excellent.'

I liked the combination of tutorials by Rory and discussion with Ken and Rory. The discussion brought up loads of useful information that I wouldn't have thought of.

- Linden (Essex)

I have been a tele-therapist for 15 years, over the years I have participated in various telehealth training courses and I still gained lots of information. I would recommend this course to experienced and novices alike.

- David (Leigh)

I just want to say thank you! I am amazed by just how much I learned on this course. The information provided has even been added to my face-to-face contract. It did take time to produce all the documents suggested in the course but I really enjoyed learning. I will be back for more courses in future.

- Nicola (Staffordshire)

Really impressive course and very grateful.

- Tova Rose (Manchester)

This course has helped me to revisit aspects of my private practice and make some practical adjustments in my paperwork. It helped me to become more confident with technology as well as consider safety and confidentiality aspects. It was a good refresher from when I last qualified in 2010 with the added transferable skills into the online therapy world. Overall it felt like great experiential learning topped with a great client interview at the end. I absolutely loved that! Thank you for your hard work putting this course together.

- Jael (Wexham)

Thank you so much, really found the course useful and beneficial and has changed my mindset in working online.

- Zak (London)

Thank you for such a comprehensive, challenging (in a good way) and insightful course, I really have enjoyed it and will recommend the course to other colleagues.

- Ann (Kilmarnock)

I am really enjoying the online course on online and telephone counselling I am currently doing with you guys… I am finding it a very helpful and fantastic addition to what I have already researched and put into practice and discussed with my supervisor. (my supervisor is very impressed with your course by the way).

- Joanne (Coventry)

I enjoyed the course! I believe the way you delivered the training and your way of working together helped a lot. I have already signed up to the CPD library, I'm looking forward to more learning.

- Annette (Wexford, Ireland)

I just want to say thank you! I am amazed by just how much I learned on this course. The information provided has even been added to my face to face contract. I will be back for more courses in future.

- Nicola (Staffordshire)

I found this course very thorough and made me think about stuff I perhaps should have acted on before, specifically privacy statements.

- Sandra (Birmingham, UK)

A comprehensive course that is highly relevant to the profession of working online and telephone.

- Maria (Ireland)

I found the course an excellent resource in order to assist my transition from face to face working to working remotely. I feel I am much better equipped and feel confident within my online practice. Thank you.

- Jennifer (Kent)

Really enjoyed the course. I liked the different learning styles. Being dyslexic I would have struggled if the course was too wordy so enjoyed lectures and webinars.

- Lynne (Redcar/North East)

This course has helped me to transition with confidence to online counselling knowing that I have considered all the relevant theory and core competencies. Tutors are well-read and knowledgeable and deliver the course in an informative, thought-provoking and friendly manner.

- Pam (Dundee, Scotland)

Very helpful course and covered things I never even thought about before. It has helped me really think about what I need to consider before setting up practice online and how to stay safe. I would highly recommend this course.

- Rachel (Chepstow, UK)

I really enjoyed this course. I find it very accessible and I’ve learnt a lot.

- Kay (London)

I have gained valuable insight into online and telephone counselling through this course. It was a learning process that came at just the right time as I was considering how I may help potential clients through the pandemic. The course has broadened my skill set and opened my mind to different ways of working that I will use now and in the future. I am a student counsellor who uses a wheelchair. I am almost qualified but struggled to find a placement because of my access needs, with many agencies unable to offer me a placement because of the wheelchair. This course has helped me immensely because it has given a good foundation in skills and the basis from which to build an online service for clients with access needs.

- Tuesday (Newport, UK)

I now feel almost as confident approaching online work as I do face to face work. I found the course to be very thorough and well researched but delivered at a gentle pace.

- Ale (Brighton)

There was more to this course than I ever imagined. Very good value for money. You made the course fun which made it more enjoyable and it did not feel like a chore. THANK YOU GUYS!

- Sue (Woodford Green Essex)

I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. I feel more equipped to do this type of counselling and also to support other practitioners, which is part of my role.

- Adele (Essex)

The course has given me the confidence to transfer my clients to work both online and on the telephone. I still feel I have a way to go, both with the technology and the new learning curve of working in this way, but this course has given me the foundation and insight into working in a completely different way in the future. Thank you.

- Julie (Kent, UK)

The volume of material prepared and presented is very impressive and all aspects are cross-referenced to ensure that the learner is regularly reminded about how everything is linked. Attention to the ethical considerations particular to online work is outstanding.

- Mary (Newry, Northern Ireland)

The format of the course appealed to me as I am primarily an auditory (lecture) and visual (PowerPoint slides plus video) learner. I especially enjoyed the sharing of research literature about online counselling as it set up the learning context appropriately.

- Lisa (Singapore)

Excellent course. I entered thinking that online counselling was probably something I should be able to do in the current circumstances and quickly found that my mindset changed so that I now think online counselling is an excellent option for those who wish to engage in it both now and in the future (when we eventually return to some sort of 'normality'). I learned so much - there was so much to learn that I hadn't even thought of!

- Elspeth (Northumberland)

I've enjoyed the course and learnt more than I thought I would. The presentations were superb, and the discussions helpful. All the links and additional info - great!

- Linda (North Wales)

Really enabled me to feel that I am approaching working online ethically. It has also helped me to re-visit certain aspects of my current practice, too.

- Lynn (Milton Keynes)

The structure felt very intuitive and one module built on the previous. The basic structure of each module with the taught content followed by a discussion/supporting materials helped me learn and grasp the content.

- Gabriel (London, UK)

The course had so much information and a lot to think about before and while working online. Great handouts and samples of contract, evaluation form etc. Also, even though I didn't buddy up I found the information from other counsellors on the Facebook page very helpful.

- Kerry (London)

I found this so informative and help me in preparing to go online.

- Joanne (Doncaster, UK)

I joined the course as it appealed to me with having to adjust to online working. I feel I have taken a lot from the course. I am happy that I have lifetime access to it as I am sure over time, I will revisit some of the modules. I thank you all for putting this course together at such short notice.

- Gill (East Midlands)

Found the course to be very interesting - expanding my knowledge and skills. Certainly gave a different perspective to counselling. I am already working with clients online and by telephone and the course gave me the confidence to continue.

- Jo (Brighton, United Kingdom)

Very comprehensive course and I'm very pleased that I signed up for it. I have found the tutorials informative and thought-provoking.

- Kiren (Bedfordshire)

Found this really helpful - particularly the ethical and practical issues with online counselling. Some things I wouldn't have thought of. Thank you.

- Liz (London)

I have enjoyed the course. I found the combination of lecture, discussion and other activities to be the ideal way to learn about something that I probably wouldn’t have done. The content, delivery and tech support are first rate. Thank you from a very happy customer!

- Bev (Berkshire, UK)

I enjoyed the course and find it very thorough and the information is explained very clearly 🙂

- Charlotte (Lincoln)

I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this course. I had some strong feelings about it to start with. But over a period of time tapping in to the course material, listening to the great discussions has been uplifting, consolidating and authentic. Really enjoyed this online training and gained valuable information, understanding and a time to reflect on my practice and where I want to be as a counsellor in the current climate.

- Lynda (Warwickshire, UK)

I never knew online counselling entailed so much! The presentations were easy to understand and very clear cut into what should be done. The legalities were extremely helpful and felt like I'm being kept safe in this profession by doing this course. I feel this course have opened a whole new perspective for me. I'm ever so grateful for your hard work for me to continue placement ethically and safely!

- Emma (Horsham)

The course covered a lot of ground regarding legal, GDPR, technological and ethical boundaries which was excellent bringing it all together in one coherent place which meant that it was much quicker for me to cover all that ground without having to do all the legwork.

- Moira (East Midlands, UK)

I found the course very enjoyable and helpful. I am now working on-line with clients via Zoom and feel confident doing so, I would definitely not have felt confident before doing the course. I joined all the webinars and found the questions helpfully answered and I found the extra reading and lectures to be super helpful and good revision, ie boundaries and how to make the best use of supervision.

- Tracy (Hertfordshire)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course which is not something I ever thought I would say. I have never been keen on counselling in any other way than face to face. The course helped me to approach this differently, which I did and am thankful for the encouragement and support. I find the whole team are so down to earth and natural, putting me at ease as a new counsellor and also as someone who is not a natural academic.

- Jenni (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Each module was succinct and focused on relevant topics needed for providing online counselling. The availability of webinars for those who are unable to attend was a plus. The site was easy to navigate.

- Malar (Singapore)

I believe the course worked so well as it was informal, interactive, friendly with a deep level of knowledge about the subject. The conversation with Rory and Ken helped improve my learning and was not as 'cold' as other online training I've been in. The course closely followed the BACP ethical guidelines which were also really helpful and I now feel prepared to take my counselling service online. Thank you to the Counselling tutor team for an excellent service!

- Kate (Perthshire)

I found the course very informative, interesting and easy to follow - I loved the fact that I was able to work at my pace through each module without feeling pressured.

- Annarita (Bedfordshire)

I felt that the tutors went above and beyond the expectation for them to produce for this course. Every detail seemed to be well covered.

- Viki (Oxfordshire)

I loved the 'learn at my own pace' combined with the videos, slides and supporting documents. I felt I wanted to log in to see what was next because I enjoyed every module. This course de-bunked my fears of online and telephone counselling.

- Ann (Dover)

This course is thorough, packed full of material and useful templates/additional resources. It has given me a good foundation to offer online counselling. The mix of visual and written content was delivered in a warm, friendly and accessible way. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking or worried about how to make the transition to online therapy. Thanks to you all!

- Matt (Dorset)

I found the course easy to follow and enjoyed most of the webinars. Very informative. I was so nervous about doing online or phone counselling at first, your course helped me to settle down and calm myself and realise I was nervous because I knew nothing about this mode of communication and I felt scared. As I went on and have learned so much, I am starting to put it into practice. Thank you.

- Sue (Wales, UK)

This course presented the material in a more user-friendly and steady way. I also learn from hearing about practical examples, so Ken's input was helpful. I now feel confident and competent to counsel online. Your course is benefitting hundreds, maybe thousands of people in need. A real labour of love in a time of crisis. So all that's left to say is, very many thanks.

- Christine (British Isles)

The topics were explained really well.

-  Catriona (Co. Armagh, N.I.)

An absolutely fantastic course and I learnt so much! Rory, Ken and all the Counselling Tutor gang ... you really are fab!

- Laura (Shropshire)

What an absolute Gem of a course - it's beauty shines through in the thoughtful care of the delivery of the course by all at Counselling Tutor. I have learnt an incredible amount in the last month, far beyond my expectations. It's a Gem because the course is still accessible even though I am about to graduate and still working with my study buddies, if something comes up, or if a little more knowledge, information or clarification is needed then I can refer back to the course modules for help and guidance - win-win.

- Julie (Horwich, Bolton)

Excellent course. The content was well-structured and knowledge built progressively during modules but we also had room to re-visit and reflect (webinars/additional reading). Topics were presented with just the right amount of seriousness and playfulness; this made the learning very accessible and easy to learn at our speed.

- Helen (York)

The course was well organised and it was easy to access the resources at an individual pace. There were lots of additional resources and links to support learning and meet individual needs.

-  Maria (Essex, UK)

I have found this course very informative. I had some resistance to making the switch to online work but after working through the course modules and initially feeling very overwhelmed with the differences between online and face to face counselling, I now feel that I have accomplished a lot from the course and I have a different mindset regarding online work. I now see it as an opportunity to offer my clients more choice and flexibility and it feels like an extension to my therapeutic work, not a replacement. I am really pleased I have done this course.

- Stuart (Shropshire, United Kingdom)

This course was way beyond my expectations and I learned so much – I will keep learning from it for many months and it will help me – and already has so much with suddenly being 'thrown in' to online counselling. The confidence I have gained is great and also knowing that someone is there to help if we are not sure as well – thank you SO MUCH.

- Helen (Worcestershire)

The course provided a sound foundation for experienced counsellors to understand the differences between face to face and remote counselling. The course delivered what it would, it did what it said on the tin and I learned more than I thought I would.

- Clare (East Devon)

Absolutely loved this course. Having started my journey in Childline (many years ago), I was always aware of the effective and positive results received from telephone and online counselling.

The course has covered more than I had thought it would. I have recommended it to many of my colleagues and will continue to do so.

So well-constructed, with honest and humble teachers. A true gift.

- Jeanette (Londonderry)

This course has helped me a great deal, especially in the current times where most organisations are using technology to communicate much more.

This way of therapy for client and counsellor can be daunting when dealing with many issues from mild to severe, however with so much newer material learnt in this course, I have gained much new confidence to understanding a newer role whilst still giving that deeper therapeutic response to clients.

I personally prefer and use telephone for supporting mainly and now feel ready to use online/email/text. The materials on this course were good usage with added additional reading etc--there was so much.

Most importantly I throughly enjoyed doing the course and having the group on Facebook sharing was also good support.

Greatly appreciated and money well spent.

- Gurbaksh (West Midlands)

I studied this course to get a grasp of online counselling as I'm currently doing online with my clients due to the Covid-19. It's also something I plan to do globally in the future, therefore very beneficial to me going forward. The course is excellent. I've highly recommended it to IACP therapists and students. Keep up the great work:).

- Lisa (Ireland)

I have absolutely loved this course!!! I have stayed up through the night on many days over the past few weeks because I was so engrossed!!

The live groups have been very stimulating and I have laughed too!  Rory and Ken's chat's were my favourite bit, what a double act!

I am at the end of my training in a couple of months and I have been in a clinical placement working with trauma clients since May, and this course has greatly enhanced my learning and made me a more reflective ethical practitioner re processing my online practice more profoundly.

- Michelle (London)

It has been a wonderful experience for me as a student counsellor to enhance my learning, and enable me to build my confidence with technology. I feel very lucky to have been part of this course, and I'm sure online counselling will be a huge part going forward in the climate we now find ourselves in.

- Allison (Devon)


Wow! What an amazing course! When I started this course I thought I knew most of what was needed in order to provide online counselling to clients. How naïve was I? I have learned so much from this course and it has given me the confidence to provide a quality service to the people who come to me for online counselling.

- Maria (Manchester)

I feel that the course was both informative and affirmative to the practice that I have had in place for the past few months of working online with my clients. Thank you Rory and Ken for sharing your knowledge and encouragement throughout.

- Tina (Somerset)

I have just printed off my certificate! The course has really helped me understand the complexities of setting up and preparing for online and telephone counselling. I learned about aspects I'd never considered like the black hole effect.

The mixed learning methods: Facebook group, buddy system, lectures, webinars were all helpful for interest and variety.

I found there was always someone on hand to help, whether that was technical issues accessing the course or topics to reflect upon, practice or discuss.

It was a very thorough and interesting course and the interview with a client at the end was a great bonus! Thank you very much to all involved in running this course. Fab!

- Rose (Bristol)

The course covered a lot of different aspects involved in working with clients online and telephone counselling. Thank you very much, excellent value for money. It was explained well and in a way, we could all follow and understand.

- Janette (Coventry)

The style and content of the presentation of modules were excellent, informative and hugely engaging-especially the connection between Rory and Ken. I was motivated to complete each and every video and cover each slide, template and reading recommendation.

- Josephine (Ireland)

The course provided a really good grounding in the telephone and e-counselling competencies set out by the BACP. The slides, peer discussions and other resources included all combined to supplement my learning. I feel much more confident and prepared to offer telephone and e-counselling to my clients.

- Anon (Wales)

A comprehensive course that allows you to work in your own time and provides very good value for money.

- Jackie (Whitstable)

The ability to work at my own pace was useful and the ability to make a start after getting through the first 2 modules has helped me a lot. The learning here will follow me into my counselling career and hopefully one day into private practice so the cost was a very good investment.

- Jaymain (Bradford, West Yorkshire)

The Online and Telephone Counselling Course has provided me with a real lifeline during this time of crisis. I have enjoyed the format of the course and found it very easy to navigate. The lectures, discussions and live webinars have been very informative. The resources have been invaluable and being part of the Facebook group has given me so much support, too.

- Wendy (Stafford, UK)

Truly wonderful learning experience, thank you so much.

- Angela (South Yorkshire)

Really appreciated this at just the right time. I like that you can go through it at your own pace and can go back to bits ...!

- Lynne (Isle of Wight)

The course material was very thorough and gave many pointers for further study, reading and practice. Module slides were clear and thorough. Podcasts are very good, too. Liked the buddy system.

- Letizia (Greater Manchester)

The depth in which the course went was astonishing and it covered all my areas of concern. I felt reassured by the fact that it was developed by people with dyslexia. I have dyslexia and when I trained, my dyslexia wasn't taken into consideration. I liked the friendly approach to the delivery of modules.

- Andy (London)

Really enjoyed working through the course at my own speed. I now feel confident using the tech and practicing with my buddy. I am now working with clients online and feel that the support and learning on this course has helped me to achieve this. Thank you to all of you.

- Julie (Devon, UK)

Thank you for providing this course and making it available at the start of this crisis. It gave me direction and helped me change my mindset about new ways of working.

- Amy (Wrexham, UK)

Truly found the course informative and very helpful. Trying out the various ways of communicating with clients before actually 'doing it' with real clients was very educational and has eliminated rookie errors that may have happened.

- Shanne (Wakefield, United Kingdom)

The lectures were excellent. The continued access to the course as it develops is VERY MUCH appreciated.

- Trevor (Dartford)

Excellent course! I learned things I had never even considered. Doing this course has enabled me to move my practice online and feel competent and proficient and to even take on some new clients. I am beyond happy.

- Emma (Devon)

I have a love-hate relationship with technology and the course helped me to develop a more positive online mindset and recognise the immense benefits of online therapy.

- Denise (Ballymena Northern Ireland)

I found this course to be extremely useful in helping me to transition from face to face to online counselling. This is such an amazing wealth of information. The lecture on online contracting was extremely helpful and the Facebook group very supportive. You have made learning fun again and, it has given me a lot more confidence online.

- Vanessa (Southampton)

The course was very informative.

- Claire

I found the course very helpful and enlightening as well as challenging. Discussion on 'Endings' was brilliant – specially that we have to factor endings from the beginning as well as use of theory of attachment.

- Isaac (Croydon, UK)

I found this course to be so much more engaging than any other online CPD I have done in the past. I love the use of a video lecture followed by a video discussion and then breaking away to complete tasks in my own time. It made the whole learning process thoroughly enjoyable. I can revisit any module and resources after I have completed the course.

- Holly (Scarborough, United Kingdom)

The course fee is very modest when you think of what you get - live webinars with the course providers, question and answer sessions and loads of material to download and refer to over and over again. The tutors are generous and that encourages the course participants to be generous, too and share information. A very pleasant learning experience.

- Elaine (West Yorkshire)

I wanted to have a better understanding of working with my clients over the phone, I feel I have this. Rory and Ken were approachable and always friendly. I enjoyed that I could work through the course at my own pace and with no pressure of time boundaries.

- Marie (Barry, South Wales)

Comprehensive coverage of topics. Rooted in ethical practice.

- Helen (Staffordshire)

The course was very informative. It made me reconsider what I do and the way that I do it in online working. The buddy system was great! It was good to have someone who had the same interest and understanding in trying to work through the process, to bat ideas around with, to gain some mastery over Zoom.

- Mandy (Farnborough)

I enjoyed this course. I learn much more than I thought and there were so many areas that I would not have considered about Online and Telephone Counselling.

- A Gallacher (Glasgow, Scotland)

I liked the structure of the course - the theory put into practice. Input from Tamara was great, too. The webinars are a helpful addition and I appreciate you all saying: 'We’re here. How can we help?' I felt you are all invested in the learning and shows how much you care for your students and the profession as a whole.

- Kate (Bristol, UK)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very useful for all the online work that I am now doing. I have also recommended it to many colleagues and my supervisor, who was most impressed with the content and execution by Ken and Rory.

- Janis (Middlesex, UK)

I am so, so pleased I followed your course. It has allowed me to safely and confidently carry on working throughout these last months. I may well have far more ‘on-line’ clients rather than face-to-face ones in the future!!! I am recommending you to all my supervisee’s!

- Jill (Cambridgeshire, UK)

I want to say, having had the two courses to compare, how well your course stands out for its clarity and order, which makes it easy to understand and follow. In fairness, I didn't fully appreciate what Rory, Ken, you and the team, had achieved until I joined the alternative course. I have since recommended your course to many of my peers and will continue to do so. With best wishes and many thanks again.

- Julia

This course sets a very high benchmark for online learning. I really like the way the course is laid out. The presentation and discussion videos are great, along with slides, transcripts and sound files - it's a great mix of different methods for learning. The live webinars are consistently friendly, supportive and informative. Well done Counselling Tutor - you are helping to re-engineer traditional learning!

- Adam


I'm extremely impressed by this course, both in content and the way it was conducted so professionally, especially under such extenuating circumstances of the COVID-19. I gained confidence and successfully transfer my client work online. Thank you for your support and help throughout. You've been my 'safenet' as I make this transition. I have a strong foundation behind me now to build on and move forwards.

- Lisa (Bournemouth)

Very extensive. I was surprised at how many areas had been included for consideration. An amazing effort. I learned so much and never would have considered many of the issues raised had I not undertaken the course before moving online. I found the buddy system a great practice and discussion aide. Well recommended.

- Adrian (Dromore, Northern Ireland)

The course was very well presented, was easy to understand and take at our own pace. The downloads were useful, informative and the course gave a great overview of the video, telephone and text counselling.

- David (Leeds)

I learned a lot of useful and practical tips/ideas from the tutors and the other participants. Its great to see counsellor/tutors who enjoy lifelong learning and are enthusiastic in supporting this in others.

- Patricia (Suffolk, UK)

Fabulous content. Well-spaced between modules to avoid overload of information.

- Neil (Manchester)

Thank you. You are doing a great job!

- Natalia (Brisbane, Australia)

This is one of the best course I have taken! As a person with dyslexia, I valued the learning. I liked that Rory introduced the subject and both Rory and Ken revisited it in more details. It reinforced what I might have missed. The structure and layout are easily accessible. Very organised considering the course was completed in the event of the Coronavirus.

- Angela (Sheffield, UK)

Totally happy with the course!

- Christine (Blackpool, UK)

Thank you for all the course material and your time and effort. Greatly appreciated. Some good learning and things I was reminded of and enjoyed the whole course.

- Wendy (Devon)

I have really gained a lot from the course. I am now working with one client on zoom and two on the telephone. Without this training course, I don't think I would've adapted so well.

- David (Warrington)

This course went above my expectations. Being able to take each module at my own pace enabled me to process the information and move on when I was ready. It is very important to embrace all that this course has to offer and not to rush - a discipline that does not come easy to me and so it helped to do it during lockdown conditions!

- Katie (Reading, UK)

This course was provided at a time of enormous anxiety and pressure for us all as professionals - I looked to Rory and Ken to offer guidance and support and just the right amount of challenge. I understood the professional context and the relevance of meeting my needs and those of my clients. The balance of theory and in-practice application was just right. The anxiety and pressure have been channelled into progressive learning and reflexive practice. Thank you for holding us (me) at this time as we learned together how to meet the challenges of adapting quickly, safely and professionally.

- Rachel (Hampshire)

I learned a lot. This course was much better than good enough. It has given me a lot of confidence to move into working online and on the telephone. It confirmed much of my previous understanding and gave me a lot to think about particularly in ways to better work online. I liked the way you matched content to the BACP competencies, that was important for me.

- Nicola (Cheshire)

Brilliant course. I have learned so much that will be invaluable going forward. Thank you! And thank you for providing it for such a ridiculously low cost. Well done for being more people, than just profit, orientated. You are men of the people! 🙂

- Sarah (Cardoff)

I learned a lot throughout the course. I hadn't thought about attachment styles when It came to endings that gave me a lot to reflect on and is something that I intend to take to supervision.

- Lisa (Lancashire, UK)

I thought it was fantastic and well worth what I paid!

- Steven (St. Helier, Jersey)

The course was very smoothly delivered. It helped to cement my learning. I have learned about the ins and outs of online therapy - stuff that I would never have considered or thought about.

- Heidi (Dundee, Scotland)

The course is very informative and comprehensive, in all areas of my practice not only for online and telephone work but for my everyday practice. I learned a lot in connection with GDPR, online working, telephone working and emailing as ways of working with the client. I also enjoyed the webinars and the downloadable resources I can go back to when I need to. Thanks, guys.

- Laura (Poole Dorset)

This course is an ideal starting point for converting to online work safely and ethically. I like how it maps to the BACP framework. It was very thorough and I have already recommended to many colleagues.

- Ann (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom)

I have enjoyed the course very much. It is very comprehensive, has challenged me and made me reflect on my practice and has certainly exceeded my expectations. I am recommending this course to my EAP team and other counsellor colleagues I have collected over the last 21 years.

- Yvonne (Cornwall, United Kingdom)

This course gave me so much information and confidence to be able to work over the telephone and online. As soon as I started the first module, I realised how little I knew, It’s a real eye-opener!

I found the course informative, easy to follow and great support is provided by the team.

Definitely recommended!

  • Zivile (London, United Kingdom)

There was so much to learn. I felt guided through the minefield of information. I like the ability to set your own pace and enjoyed the online community. I feel better equipped to continue with telephone and zoom therapy.

- Fiona (Sheffield)

Congratulations on the course! All the presenters, Ken, Rory, Colette and Tamara were really pleasant and very helpful. The course offers an excellent overview of Online and Telephone Counselling with additional resources included. I enjoyed the opportunity to revisit areas such as contracting, supervision, self-care and endings. Thank you to all!

- Helen (Manchester)

The Online and Telephone Counselling course is really helpful. It enabled me to recognise what I needed to do to deliver these sessions confidently, ethically and safely to my clients. Thank you.

- Rachel (Cornwall, United Kingdom)

That you were able to put this course together as a reaction to COVID-19 is truly amazing! I enjoyed the practice webinars and hearing your stories which made it real for me. Very thorough content. I am really looking forward to putting this all into practice. Thank you all very much.

- Jackie (Kent)

The course went beyond my expectations. It raised issues I had not even considered and has given me the confidence and information I need to ensure that I design a pretty bullet-proof and ethical online practice.

- Grace (Aberdeen)

This course has been amazing in terms of its timing. It has given me a structure to my days and weeks. I learned so much and will refer to this when I eventually see clients. It has given me a thorough grounding in the considerations and best practice for working in this way.

- Julie (London, United Kingdom)

It was an extremely satisfying process, very well organized. It covered a huge subject thoroughly and in a way that the context could be applied in practice in different countries.

- Kyriaki (Xanthi, Greece)

I think the course was very well structured. You have a depth of knowledge and material that is quite amazing and along with your impressive enthusiasm, it showed itself throughout.

- Colin (Carnoustie - Scotland)

I found this course really useful and although I had already started working online, I found many of the topics thought-provoking. It certainly made me amend and relook at my contract for online working.

- Karen (Essex, United Kingdom)

The Online and Telephone Counselling course is a very timely and comprehensive course. The course enables the widening out of practice to incorporate those who find it hard to access counselling by conventional means.

Well-facilitated by Rory and Ken at a pace easy to follow and trimmed to the bone without loss of quality from a cost perspective. Everything we have come to expect from the two leaders of counselling education. A great investment and a privilege to be a member of the first intake. I recommend this excellent online delivery of Online and Telephone Counselling to all colleges.

- Dave (East London, United Kingdom)

I literally stumbled across this Online and Telephone Counselling Course by sheer fluke. My word, I am so thankful that I did.  After losing 70% of my face-to-face work, this course has been a lifeline for me, to be able to continue working with clients who were keen to continue their support either online or by telephone.

After being in practice for many years, this has got to be the best value CPD I have ever undertaken. This has enabled me to continue working safely in a professional manner with clients, especially during these difficult times. It has also opened up and given me a new method of being able to reach out and work with new clients.

The course content has been invaluable, covering absolutely everything anyone would need to know working online and on the telephone.

Rory and Ken are just amazing in their delivery and Colette was so supportive when I was struggling to establish my connections and understand the technical issues in the early days.

So, I would truly recommend this course 100% to anyone thinking about offering an Online and Telephone Counselling Service. Thank You All So Much.

- Gill (Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom)

Just a text to say a big thank you to you all. I came on this course newly qualified and a rabbit in headlights. I have come away with so much more knowledge and confidence to embrace my new career as a counsellor.

I came off Facebook but I'm waving my certificate in the air with pride. I can honestly say I have learnt so much more than I ever did at college to achieve my level 4 diploma in therapeutic counselling.

I will continue to use your CPD library to build my portfolio of training as I've thoroughly enjoyed my learning from this course.

Thank you for I started off feeling a bit of anxiety, to feeling a bit out of depth, to my process of becoming more, gaining confidence and being excited about helping others.

- Aimee (Beverley, United Kingdom)

It’s the best ever format of remote CPD I have done so far. I’ve recently completed a distance-learning MA at Bath Spa University and I wish that they had used similar technology to create this amazing format of blended distance-learning.

I love the way you have structured the course, the variety of materials available, the technical implementation of it all, the user-friendly interfaces you use, and the co-creation of content that emerges when you involve and invite participants’ contributions.

I love the community of learners that evolves from it, and the sharing of experience as well as trials and tribulations. In times of COVID, this sense of community is even more important than ever. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Just brilliant! Compliments to all of you.

- Susanne (Worthing, United Kingdom)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful course. I am steadily working my way through its content and have found not only is the content relevant and up-to-date, but also delivered in a manner that is engaging and so true to your teaching.

I am in my final year of Diploma and I cannot express how helpful this has been not only in terms of my studies, but also in my professional and personal development.

The methodology for delivery is brilliant as it not only provides reference material to fall back on, but also is explained through the videos in a manner that demystifies and provides personal challenge.

All the media used is comprehensive and the support surrounding its content from yourselves and peers in the private group has been truly inspiring.

The course and its overall content I feel is amazing value for money and I have recommended it several times to my colleagues. I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to engage in further courses.

Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.

- Angela (South Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

I have accessed Counselling Study Resource, Counselling Tutor etc. with Rory and Ken throughout my diploma training and pos­­­­­­­t-qualifying. This was the main reason that I chose this Online Course above all the others on offer – I knew that the information would be thorough and accurate, and that the course would do 'exactly as it says on the tin' . My confidence in using this resource has been more than justified.

- Julie (Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom)

I would like to congratulate you for piloting/running your first successful online counselling course. Well done!

Heartfelt thank you for enabling me the opportunity to engage in this type of ongoing learning which is immensely valuable. Thank you for all your generosity of your time (working extremely long hours) financially (cost of the course for the substantial contents which is of high quality plus the access to other resources, the podcasts, ebooks and downloads is more than valuable for money), your quick response to queries.

The efforts you have put into this course is outstanding, sharing your passion and expertise, your humour, providing a friendly, warm, safe, supportive and welcoming learning environment throughout the course including through emails, webinars and the live daily broadcasts with Rory in the FB community.

I felt like this course triggered fond memories of being a student again, full of excitement and anxiety. The learning I felt here was like I was back in a real life classroom. Left me reawakening, believing in myself and certainly feeling in a better position to adapt my practice in order to provide a good ethical service and support for my clients working online and have received positive response to moving online from clients which is welcomed.

Again I thank you for helping build my confidence and faith in knowing that I am working to best practice. This course is definitely invaluable for my counselling practice and my own personal development.

There are many topics that have been important to me and are helping me to continue to develop my skills like mindset, the different data protection for working online than face-to-face work, technology and the range of platforms, preparing for endings at the beginning, and more importantly self-care.

The course is comprehensive, detailed, its structure is well set out, it is easy to follow, a solid and reliable foundation to build into my practice.

I really like the multiple learning styles you have implemented in this course. I find learning this way a lot easier for me than just one or two ways.

For me, it puts this course and you, the training provider, at an advantage and at the forefront of the other learning providers I have recently encountered ... This course is one of the best counselling-related course I have completed since graduating as a counsellor. I strongly recommend this course to others and already done so.

I also like the function of having to complete one topic then move on to the other, makes the learning more valuable and insightful and really lets me take the time to understand its contents.

The course is concise with clear key objectives and outcomes and standards being met across all key areas.

The handbook is good and well written and a good resource to refer back to.

The course modules in downloadable format is great. I downloaded my course and the attachments for future reference. I like to take my own notes and keep my course notes.

The webpage is easy to navigate and I have not encountered any difficulties of login, navigation, connections, receiving emails, etc.

Again a HUGE THANK YOU for putting this course together and running it at a very accessible cost.

I do hope to see in the future that you put some other online courses.

This course and all it offered has been an amazing experience, challenging at times and a real privilege to have met you in a virtual sense and been a part of the first cohort of a wonderful group of like-minded professional.

- Cheryl (Cheshire, United Kingdom)

I think the course has equipped me to be able to give of my best both on telephone and online counselling, bringing to light lots of things and issues I hadn't thought of.
Many thanks to all concerned.
- Deborah (Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom)

Counselling Tutor's Online Counselling Course: I strongly encourage you and everyone to consider taking this course. It’s not expensive but it takes several weeks to work through. It revises key counselling themes and gives you a very solid starting point for anything non face to face - really embracing that other way of counselling which WILL, sometimes, be part of our offer. It will make you think ‘Yes, I can do this - my client is getting the best’.

- John (Surrey, United Kingdom)

Well done to you both. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much. Polly was genius--what an insight. I have learned so much, and about myself. I was never going to do online, I don’t like looking at myself. All that’s gone and excited about the next chapter.

I will join the CPD library as I think it will be invaluable.

Thank you both.

- Jan (Coventry, United Kingdom)

I am very impressed with the clarity of the teaching, the amount of additional information that’s provided and the course content. The learning has been invaluable for my client work at this time and I can’t thank the team enough for the learning and the support they have been providing throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Counselling Tutor course to any counsellor or placement counsellor who is considering working online or by telephone.

- Kiren (Bedfordshire, United Kingdom)

I’ve just completed the course and was in the first cohort. I wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has given me so much confidence in the telephone counselling I am offering in my placement (I am a last year level 4 diploma student).

I have spoken about it avidly with my college peers and tutors and so far 5 of them (including 1 of my tutors) have now enrolled!

- Sian (Warwickshire, United Kingdom)

I really like the structure of this course, it is varied and stimulating, and I love the style of delivery, a really down to earth way of doing it.  The webinars are great too.  I've been recommending the course to anyone who will listen!

- Frances (Bradford, United Kingdom)

I am so glad that I enrolled in the Counselling Tutor Online and Telephone Counselling Course.  I have learned so much about working online and telephone counselling, due to the great mix of videos, downloads, webinars and group support on Facebook, that are incorporated in the course.

I am so grateful for the amount of resources provided and the time and effort that has gone into the production of the course.  It is clearly evident how committed, dedicated and professional the Counselling Tutor Team are.  The course is exceptional value for money when you consider all that is included and how much work that has gone into the course.

Through this course I have learned so much about working online and now feel confident about using online and telephone counselling to provide counselling sessions in an ethical and safe way. I have revised concepts from previous training, learned new concepts and really refined my administrative practice.

I was so nervous about moving to online counselling but the tutors convey information in a way that is understandable, supportive and reassuring.  My confidence has also grown through the buddy system, developed through the course Facebook group.  The buddy system meant that I have connected with another counsellor and we are able to practice using Zoom on a regular basis.  We continue to message each other and discuss our learning and any issues that arise.

I would recommend this course to any therapist who is looking to improve their skills and practice in online working.  I can't thank you enough Ken, Rory, Colette and the team for all your hard work.  This experience has been amazing and has changed me for the better!

- Gina (Herefordshire, United Kingdom)

I have found the course extremely informative, interesting and very enlightening. It has supported me in updating my knowledge, understanding and the requirements of GDPR and BACP. I have recommended this course to all the counsellors I know and work with. I'd like to say thank you to the whole Counselling Tutor team for putting the course together so comprehensively and quickly.

- Laura (Dorset, United Kingdom)

Thank goodness for this course which came just at the right time. The course kicks off by asking us to think about mindset and this is so important to the topic and especially for myself who was feeling a bit worried about adapting to a new way of working.

From what I have done so far, this course is perfectly pitched and very comprehensive. It certainly looks like they’ve thought of everything.

I am also surprising myself. I have always considered myself a face-to-face person but now I am realising that online and phone counselling are likely to have a far more significant place in the future and I am now feeling confident about my ability to adapt to it. With grateful thanks to the Counselling Tutor team.

- Sally (Worcester, United Kingdom)

'I work with young people with issues of drugs or alcohol.  I have been working in this area for the past 12 years ... I was so glad I signed up for the course ... The young people have really taken to phone counselling in a way that has surprised me.  In my normal work, I would have a lot of DNAs but the phone contact seems to be a way the young people connect with me.'

I found the course easy going, interesting and knowledgeable. I received a great amount of useful updated information on online counselling and it is fully worth the money I paid for it.

The structure of the course and the explanations of topics covered in it are easy to understand for me (English is my second language). I like that Rory and Ken clearly and fully reflected on all BACP requirements.

Videos and group discussions helped me to understand topics and to clarify uncertainties. Practicing online sessions with buddies raised my confidence and made me familiar with online technologies. I like that I can go back, look at slides and refresh my knowledge. I like that there are many templates that I can adjust for my own practice and many links for useful information.

The course allowed me to avoid a lot of mistakes in my work and enabled me to improve my practice. Loving the course as it is and it is a great help for me. I will surely recommend it to my colleagues.

- Nadia (Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom)

Firstly thank you so much for this course. I have found it invaluable and it has meant that my agency are pleased with my CPD and want to put me forward to offer online and telephone therapy to my clients as of next week.

- Kate (Oxfordshire, United Kingdom)

The course is DEFINITELY VALUE FOR MONEY! There is so much information, resources, and support. I love that there is a tutorial, discussion and downloads, as well as 'homework' for each part of each module. This keeps it interesting. It's great that you can work at your own pace and take a break when you need to. Also, the content is available to refer back to at any time.

There is a lot of community support on the Facebook group from a wide range of people at different stages of their careers and training, who are willing to answer any question or to discuss any topic. There is also the Counselling Tutor team, only an email away, as well as the weekly webinars. The additional access to other lectures and podcasts, etc is a bonus.

I would recommend this course to any therapist, whether they are still a student or have been practicing for many years.

- Glenda (Norfolk, United Kingdom)

I am enjoying the teaching of the course as I can listen to the audio of the webinars and look at the PowerPoints as I like taking notes. I am able to download all of the resources.

I am not currently doing online or telephone counselling, however it is something I am thinking to do in the near future. I have a preference for telephone counselling than online counselling as I do not have a confidential office space so it is more circumstantial for the time being.

I feel that the course is very informative and there is a lot of detail, time for reflection, and it is a pleasurable experience as you go at your own pace. I am finding it very engaging and my interest in the subject keeps me easily motivated and stimulated. I am not on Facebook so I am not in the private group.

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who is interested in doing a CPD course in online and telephone counselling and it is very good value for money. Honestly how can I complain when I am getting more than my money's worth?

A huge thank you for this affordable experience during these hard times.

- Sabrina (Coventry, United Kingdom)

Thank you very much for your updates and emails. They are very much appreciated.  I am going at a very slow pace and am still in Module 1.  However I have a buddy who is also a colleague and we have started to meet up weekly on line to discuss the course.  Although my client group is young, I still feel that the course is challenging me and helping me develop professionally. Thank you and the team for all your hard work and for coming to our help in these unexpected circumstances.

- Stephanie (Malta)

I just wanted to say also how helpful I have found the Online and Telephone Counselling course. I have got 4 clients with Cancer Support Yorkshire, email and telephone work at the moment and also one client via video link for Bradford Counselling Services. All voluntary at the moment to build up my hours for accreditation but hopefully will get some paid work at some point! I only qualified last year so still building up my skills and experience.

- Heidi (Shipley, United Kingdom)

'What I feel sets you apart from others offering this kind of training is the sense that you as a team really care about the counselling community, hence the price of the training really reflects this – value for money is an understatement.'

Thank you very much for your updates and emails. They are very much appreciated.  I am going at a very slow pace and am still in Module 1.  However I have a buddy who is also a colleague and we have started to meet up weekly on line to discuss the course.  Although my client group is young, I still feel that the course is challenging me and helping me develop professionally. Thank you and the team for all your hard work and for coming to our help in these unexpected circumstances.

- Stephanie (Malta)

I just wanted to say also how helpful I have found the Online and Telephone course. I have got 4 clients with Cancer Support Yorkshire, email and telephone work at the moment and also one client via video link for Bradford Counselling Services. All voluntary at the moment to build up my hours for accreditation but hopefully will get some paid work at some point! I only qualified last year so still building up my skills and experience.

- Heidi (Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Thank you all so much for every bit of effort that has gone into making this course so special. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and still got ways to go but it's been great. The way you guys work has been so relatable which has made it much more enjoyable.

- Shannen (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom)

I work with young people with issues of drugs or alcohol.  I have been working in this area for the past 12 years. I signed up to your course as I have always done face-to-face counselling and as my organisation moved to telephone counselling or Zoom, I wanted to be competent to do it. I have completed module 1 and 2 and from the start it opened my eyes to my own prejudice around telephone counselling.  I really thought it would not be as good. Doing module 1 changed my mindset right away!  I was so glad I signed up to the course.

The young people have really taken to phone counselling in a way that has surprised me.  In my normal work, I would have a lot of DNAs but the phone contact seems to be a way the young people connect with me.

The videos and comprehensive detail is great and I have been able to pass on some of the information to my manager and organisation.

I have recommended this course to other colleagues and to some of my supervisees.  The course is value for money, so thank you again.

- Bernie (Tyrone United Kingdom)

This is the first training I have done with Counselling Tutor. I am really impressed with the teaching and format. The slides are easy to follow and to the point. Rory and Ken speak clearly and with enough pace to keep momentum going.

This training is exactly what I need to meet the needs of clients given the restriction on face-to-face contact. Not something I had considered before.

The learning has definitely helped me move to online and telephone counselling. I feel I am gaining new skills and confidence and getting my paper work in order to offer online and telephone counselling to clients.

The learning provides enough detail. It also gives me links and points me in the right direction for other resources around the subject to continue to learn.

I am not a big Facebook person, however the group has been a great support. I have posted (twice!) and have been able to search for comments and experiences  on the different modules. I am currently working on module 2 so being a little behind others means others have already posted the questions I may have had, so looking on the group has been really useful.

I had not realised how much was involved with telephone and online counselling. I feel [the course] is a must for any counsellor providing these methods of counselling.

I often feel CPD can be expensive, CPD is a necessity and it feels good when I come across affordable training.  I was pleased and relieved that this course was affordable.

The Wednesday webinars are also really good and informative too. A breadth of knowledge and experience from yourself,  Rory,  Ken and Tamara.

- Sam (Burnley, United Kingdom)

'It goes over and above my expectations and there is so much more bonus and additional information and resources that I would certainly recommend – and actually have done – this course to students, and trainee and qualified counsellors.'

I was sceptical about joining the training course as I didn’t think I would get much from it but thought it would be CPD and therefore would be useable as evidence of this.

How wrong I was.  I have found the course to be informative and comprehensive.  It goes over and above my expectations and there is so much more bonus and additional information and resources that I would certainly recommend - and actually have done - this course to students, trainee and qualified counsellors.

The course is a credit to everyone who has been involved in making it a really professional, relevant and accessible learning environment.

- Debbie (Coventry, United Kingdom)

I must say how much I’ve gotten from the course and how it has changed my ‘mindset’ completely on doing online counselling. I feel like you have covered so much and I feel that I will be ethically able to provide a safe space for my clients online. The help on ensuring confidentiality through information on security has really helped my confidence. THANK YOU.

- Kathleen (United Kingdom)

I've enrolled on and started your excellent Online Counselling training course. It really is well put together and I especially like the 'bite-size chunks' of each module. I can process and reflect on each subject before clearing my mind for the next part.

- Brian (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

I must say how much I’ve gotten from the course and how it has changed my ‘mindset’ completely on doing online counselling. I feel like you have covered so much and I feel that I will be ethically able to provide a safe space for my clients online. The help on ensuring confidentiality through information on security has really helped my confidence. THANK YOU.

- Kathleen (United Kingdom)

The Online and Telephone Counselling Course has a great balance of relevant input, discussion, and practical tasks for the participant to tackle.  The tasks are guided by excellent resources and the outcomes will be of real value.

The emphasis on the particular requirements for maintaining ethical practice in the various online settings is exemplary.  Provision of weekly webinars and access to the course Facebook group allows for maximum interactivity between course members and tutors.

Keep up the great work.

- Mary (Newry, United Kingdom)