FREE live CPD lecture, with certificate

5 Practical Trauma-Informed Interventions
for therapists

This is a FREE online, live lecture for counsellors and psychotherapists

This session will equip you with essential tools to enhance your practice and effectively support clients who have experienced trauma.

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7th January 2024 @ 11am GMT** (London Time)


What You'll Learn:

Deep Understanding:
Gain insight into why trauma-informed practice is crucial in your practice.

Practical Tools:
Learn five practical, trauma-informed interventions that can be directly applied in your practice.

Enhanced Skills:
Improve your ability to recognise and manage trauma symptoms in clients, preventing re-traumatization.

Client Care:
Discover strategies for creating a safe and supportive environment for your clients, focusing on trust, choice, and collaboration.

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Start your journey to enhance your therapeutic skills and profoundly impact your clients' healing process.

7th January 2024 @ 11am GMT** (London Time)

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5 Practical Trauma-Informed Interventions
for Therapists
is a free 60-minute online lecture designed specifically for counsellors and psychotherapists.

This presentation is open to all levels of experience and modalities and has real-world applications for all therapists.

Attendees will receive a CPD certificate upon completion of the lecture.

The presentation happens on Sunday, 7th January 2024 at 11 am (UK GMT), and you are invited to join us.

Frequently Asked Questions