212 – Psychosexual Therapy

212 – Psychosexual Therapy

The Skill of Summarising – Managing Personal Relationships during Counselling Training

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In Episode 212 of the Counselling Tutor Podcast, Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly take us through this week’s three topics:

  • In this episode’s ‘Counselling Foundations’, Rory and Ken discuss the skill of summarising.
  • Next, in ‘Focus on Self’ we’ll look at managing our personal relationships.
  • And finally in ‘Practice Matters’, Rory speaks with Michelle Harrison-Lee on psychosexual therapy.

The Skill of Summarising [starts at 2:07 mins]

Listen as Rory and Ken discuss the benefits and applications of the skill of summarising:

  • It can be used at the end of sessions to collate information and tie things together.
  • It is a wide skill – different from the skill of paraphrasing.
  • Shows the client that they’ve been heard and paid attention to.
  • Gives both you and the client a map of where you’ve been during sessions and shows an emotional journey.
  • It is helpful to have things like this written down so your client can look back on it.
  • Gives an opportunity for the client to say if anything has been misinterpreted.
  • It is a skill that goes beyond simply noting the narrative – you have to be able to capture the emotions too.

Managing Personal Relationships during Counselling Training [starts at 20:35 mins]

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As you go through your training, and life in general, you will change and adapt. This can impact the relationships you have with those around you and in this section, Rory and Ken share some of their personal experiences with this.

The main points of this discussion include:

  • You will experience personal growth, bringing with it new perspectives and realisations.
  • These changes will require courage and can be painful.
  • You may find yourself no longer trying to fit in with the crowd you were once a part of.
  • Accepting that this is your true self, even if it means you now feel out of place.
  • You don’t have to form yourself to fit into people’s impressions or expectations of you.

Psychosexual Therapy [starts at 35:52 mins]

In today’s ‘Practice Matters’, Rory speaks with Michelle Harrison-Lee on psychosexual therapy.

Some of the key points from this section include:

  • It is a positive psychology.
  • There is a long assessment period for clients.
  • The internet and social media provide unrealistic and misinforming views of sex.
  • You’re creating an environment in order to help the client build an erotic environment.
  • Psychosexual therapy requires you to be more directive and curious, asking your client about their experiences.
  • You provide homework tasks that the client should be prepared to fail and try again.

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The Skill of Summarising Explained

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