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Testimonials from students who use CSR resources

Counselling Study Resources


Counselling Tutor is an incredible source of up-to-date, reliable and thought-provoking tutorials and podcasts, and I wish you all the best for the future.

Dave (Bath)

I am a 40-year old dyslexic mother with a part-time job and a busy life. But I wanted to let you know that I really couldn't do this without you. I struggle to retain info and I need to hear it. Your podcasts, Youtube and the Counselling Study Resource are literally saving my student life. I just wanted to say thank you... I wanted to say thank you so much. When I graduate, I will owe you all.


Gillian (Pitlochry)

I truly value being a member of CSR, even though I qualified last year. I find knowing that I have the support of the CSR whenever I need it very comforting and supportive, as it has been throughout my training.  I doubt very much if I would have qualified without it.

Lea (Hertfordshire)

I would like to say a big thank you to you and the team as without the Counselling Tutor's support I wouldn’t have got on as well as I did.

Ben (Horncastle)

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you do in helping student counsellors. For me, it is much appreciated.


I did find your resources really helpful and can't stress how much I enjoyed your presentations and did encourage my peers to join as it was such a valuable learning tool.

There's so much you guys offer! I'm glad to be part of Counselling Tutor support. My hope is to push myself to use these resources and better my performance in my study. Cheers!!!

Maureen (Hounslow)

Thanks for all the resources you make, I've been benefiting from them so much on my Level 4 course.



Really find the platform useful and real support. Thank you so much!

Beverley (Kent)

I can honestly say that Counselling Tutor's Counselling Study Resource has been invaluable to me whilst I was studying for my level three. I found the content so interesting. I have loved reading the theory and listening to the podcasts. I am eager to start studying again in due course.


Sarah (Hampshire)

Your resources are helpful, clear and concise. I have appreciated the great support and resources from your dedicated team. Thank you.

Nicola (Cornwall)

CSR is a really excellent resource. I have used it a lot to support my working practice.

Karen (West Sussex)

Heartfelt gratitude to you, for the personal touch, which meant a lot to me as a dyscalculic student and my struggles to complete the final stages of the academic side of my training.

Kerry (Bucks)

Thank you for all the help your organisation has given me. It has been invaluable in getting me through the course. Every blessing to you all.


CSR and the entire team have been a dream to work and communicate with! I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Violetta (Devon)

Thank you so much for all the incredible information. I am halfway through my Bachelor of Counselling in Perth Australia. Your Counselling Tutor information has been so inspirational. Thank you so much to you and your wonderful team.

Anette (Perth, Australia)

I’ve been wrecking my melon all day trying to understand Gestalt, then this evening I settled down to watch Rory’s lecture and that was that! I got it. Thank you so much for providing these, I find them so very helpful.

Lois (Lincolnshire)

Counselling Tutor was an enormously helpful resource during my training and the Online and Telephone Counselling course is essential learning. I would encourage any student to join both.

Susan (Devon)

This community has inspired and taught me. Provided me with incredible insights. The lectures fitted my learning style enormously!


I am pleased to be a part of this amazing community! Brilliant guys 🙂


Adil Ryan (QLD, Australia)

I would like to thank Rory, Ken and Colette for the valuable information and expertise put into the website. I wish you good luck and keep it up. Thanks.

Carmen (Gharghur, Malta)

Your material and lectures have been an invaluable resource over the months to help me reach my goal. Thank you.

Catherine (Wiltshire)

Thank you for the help you provided whilst I was training. All the best for the future and keep on providing the help that is so badly needed to assist students to qualify and help the wider public.

Thank you for providing such a great service. Counselling Tutor Support has been so useful during my degree course. I've now been awarded my degree!

Deirdre (Kildare, Ireland)

I would like to thank you and the whole team for your hard work in organising seminars and lectures which I have benefited from. Thank you for all of the fabulous lectures and resources, they have really helped my development this year.

Florence (London)


I have found Counselling Tutor's CSR extremely useful over this past year and would like to thank you and the rest of the team for providing such a valuable resource.

Keith (West Glamorgan)

I would really like to thank everyone at the Counselling Tutor for their excellent support. It has made such a difference.

Samantha (Essex)

The CSR platform, podcasts, Sunday webinars and most importantly amazing team, have been a huge part of my training journey and I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved. Best wishes to you all for continued success and support to upcoming students.

Angela (Scotland)


CSR is a fantastic resource. Thank you for all the brilliant content.

Amy (St. Albans)

I have learned so much from CSR and have found your website invaluable. I work as a volunteer counsellor as well as my regular job as a nurse and the transferable skills, and techniques I have learned have enabled me to understand myself and those I encounter.

Dinah (Banbridge)

The resources have been very helpful. Counselling Tutor and the team have been great and your service is not expensive.

Star (Warwickshire)

Thank you for providing such an amazing resource. Wishing you all the very best for the future.

I have found podcasts, lectures and lecture notes invaluable. I can listen to them at work, repeat them when I don’t quite ‘get’ the point being made and go to the notes if still struggling. I find reading almost impossible, so CSR really has allowed me to train for a career I would not attempt otherwise. I have waited forty years to be able to do this, only CSR has made it possible. I live for the day when I can quit being a manual worker and properly use my brain.

Frank (Somerset)


I just want to say thank you to you and the team for providing such an amazing website and resources. I am currently a stage 1 student on an MA counselling course and the website has been quite helpful towards my studies.

Pippa (London)

Thank you. I have thoroughly enjoyed the assistance and guidance, invaluable. I have printed off lots of CPD certificates and will use them as a reference for my continuation of learning.

I value CSR in helping me learn counselling skills. Thank you so much ... I've learnt so much and will definitely recommend this amazing resource to my fellow students.

Esti (NSW, Australia)

I have just finished my third year and found CSR to be an invaluable asset to accompany my learning. I really enjoy the lectures and it's great to have them on the dashboard to watch back. I have recently started placement so the support is even more important as I get to work with real clients, and feel I have learned so much already from the lectures and the now-familiar faces of the lecturers!

Suzanne (Dublin)

Counselling Tutor's CSR has been amazing. I would not have passed the level 5 diploma without it. Thank you!


I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all those involved in Counselling Tutor. The information available and the support from the online material has been invaluable to me throughout my level 2 and 3.

Sam (North Yorkshire)

The resources on Counselling Tutor have been a fantastic support to my studies this year, thank you very much!

Karen (West Sussex)

CSR has been so useful and got me through my ABC level 4. So thank you to you all at Counselling Tutor!

Thank you for the materials you provide on your platforms for counsellors and counselling students. Your materials were a great guide that helped me while studying for my level 2 counselling course.

George (Bucks)

I am in Sydney and am enjoying my counselling study. I am grateful for all the skills and knowledge I can learn from CSR. It is amazing!

Esti (Australia)


Many thanks to you and all the Counselling Tutor team for providing such a valuable and supportive resource and community. It has been priceless in my study.

Helen (Hants)

As a level 4 student doing my final year 100 hours of client work as well as studies, and working part-time, I find the CSR & podcasts invaluable and look forward to new ones weekly as well as working through your back catalogue when driving or walking.

Peter (Northern Ireland)

Your site is a gold mine of counselling goodness!

I would just like to say that I am bowled over with the support I received yesterday from you, Rory!

I did not think that such help existed any more these days. The information you have sent me is invaluable and even though I have not been able to get through it all as yet, I already feel more empowered.

I am so glad that I signed up with CSR. Thank you for the invaluable help that CSR provides!

Thea (Coventry)


Many sincere thanks for your emails with all the CSR details and top tips. I am finding my way around the site very well and I have already completed six excellent CPD lectures.

Seán (CO Wicklow)

Thank you for Counselling Tutor!

Goodness knows where we’d all be without it.

It’s amazing.

Sara (South Yorkshire)

Thank you for all your hard work.

I found your information and lectures invaluable especially in helping me to pass my recent level 3 CPCAB course.

Your site is a great asset to students and I would highly recommend it.

Mireille (Essex)

It is such a fabulous resource and feels almost like a miracle to have discovered it. CSR has been a massive help!

Amanda (Devon)

Counselling Tutor has been a huge help in my progress through the levels and I couldn’t ignore the impact you guys have had on my journey.

Jim (Liverpool)

CSR is a great resource can't fault it at all, love your CPDs and clear way of explaining each module.

Aaron (Birmingham)

CSR was my go-to resource for everything counselling. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me.

To all the counselling members of Counselling Tutor. I just wanted to say thank you and how your work and research really help students like me. Cheers!!!

Maureen (Hounslow)


CSR has been a great resource during my studies and I am most grateful for all the assistance provided.

Lawrence (Surrey)

I would like to thank you for your CSR platform. I was able to grasp lots of knowledge and skills in counselling. Besides, it was so easy to cover my CPD required hours. This service is great value for money. I thank you for not making it expensive!

Mahmoud (Egypt)

I’d like to say that I love your site and the accessibility of the information, making counselling and studying accessible and not shrouded in academic terms to help academics feel clever!

Sophie (York)

CSR is a fantastic resource and I really enjoyed using it while I was not studying during the summer break.

Therese (Wellington, New Zealand)

I am a level 4 student and in real need of some support and help, and I would like to thank all of you for the fantastic, informative, accessible and engaging work you do.

My fellow students and I are avid fans and members of your Counselling Tutor educational family.

Helen (London)

I qualified four years ago but still find CSR a useful resource.

The work you put into it is greatly appreciated.

Maxine (Thetford)

Thank you, it is a great resource and has been really useful to me.


Jill (Isle of Man)


Just love how Rory and Ken make complicated academic-speak accessible to us all in an easy to understand language.

They got me through L3!!

Billie (Oxfordshire)

It is such a fabulous resource and feels almost like a miracle to have discovered it.

I have no words to describe how helpful I am finding the Counselling Tutor resources! I have already written reviews on both the CSR and the online course. I have over 50 CPD certificates thanks to you and Rory, and it's just so helpful in my studies.

Victoria (Lancashire)

Counselling Tutor has been an incredible tool and has contributed to my understanding of therapy, especially humanistic therapies. I am grateful for all the work that the team have done to make it a success. All the best!

Monica (Lancashire)

I find the lectures invaluable...Thank you to everyone at Counselling Tutor for all the fantastic services you provide.

Jane (Devon)


Thank you for your help. Your resources and podcasts are so informative and so helpful.


Matt (Cheshire)

The materials and the service have been exemplary and I frequently recommend them to friends and fellow academics. I would like to thank you for the interesting - and encouraging - talks and presentations.

Malcolm (County Tyrone)

I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the beginning of the first lockdown and I have been overwhelmed by the workload. I am also on a placement, have three kids at two different schools, am building a house from scratch, and have parents who are isolating whom I haven't seen for over a year. These resources feel like a silver lining on a very heavy grey cloud. Thank you 🙂


There is too much exciting information on Counselling Tutor for me not to remain a member. Besides, I am now doing level 5 so I'm excited to see that there will be helpful information. Looking forward to more studies.


I am dyslexic and the visual learning is invaluable for my understanding. I may have given up my journey to be a counsellor without your support.




I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this study resource. It's absolutely fantastic. Thanks for creating it!


I am really starting to appreciate how good CSR is, but more importantly, what a superb and understanding organisation you are, with a fantastic innovative management team.

CSR has been invaluable. It has made my journey easier and the presentations are well presented and explained. I also took Online and Telephone Counselling course, which helped my confidence.

I can't recommend CSR enough, this is my second year. Thank you to the team. Join up for CSR. You won't regret it, good luck!


I found being a member of CSR really helped me. There were times I didn't understand theory lectures in college. I listened to your lectures, which gave me a better understanding and helped me visualise in a better and practical way without the hindrance of jargon or academic grammar.



Listening to Ken and his passion for counselling skills gave me insight during triads and helped me become more self-aware. Purchasing both of your books assisted with how I started to process and understand TC-L4 criteria and the help God gave me to hang on during times I almost quit. Your podcast, lectures and medium of counselling have paid off. I feel happy about passing my exam.


Keep up the good work. Rory and Ken Kelly are doing awesome work. God bless Counselling Tutor. Best membership and money I have ever spent. Completing the Online and Telephone Counselling course, too was brilliant. Thank you, guys. Thanks to the entire team at Counselling Tutor.


Would like to mention that aside from the obvious research and academic benefits, the community of experience - from fellow students at all levels to fully qualified counsellors - is invaluable in providing that peer support and opportunities to bounce around ideas and seek opinions. Fabulous!


I am a CSR member. I find it so useful to dip in when I struggle to understand something or things do not make sense. I've found your lectures and videos very helpful. Lots of excellent worksheets and lectures to keep me on track. 


I referenced lectures from the CSR in all my assignments. Every topic I have ever needed is in there. It always provided food for thought with regards to further reading. Well worth having. A really useful study resource with CPD certificates to evidence your work. It is also mapped to most counselling courses and you can click on your course and a list of resources for that level appear. All in all very easy to use and great content.


As a CSR member, I've found the resources invaluable! The 'holes' I had in my knowledge and from a lack of tutor contact were easily filled with the wealth of knowledge available. Having the online lectures and webinars also reduced feelings of isolation as a result of COVID and provided virtual tutors to 'relate' to.

The student roadmap is my 'go-to' link whenever I'm struggling with criteria and the CPD certificates I can earn encourage my motivation and foster a sense of achievement. I can't recommend CSR enough! You have all been my virtual lifeboat in a storm of uncertainty.



I can't recommend CSR enough! I've been using CSR to stay up to date with my learning and it has helped me feel connected the whole time. I now feel ready and excited to continue my journey. Thank you to everyone on the team!


This is my second year with CSR. It’s been absolutely fabulous for me. I’ve undertaken CPD on endless subjects, such as self-harm or personal development. I have used academic writing lectures as well as theory. I could write an essay on how CSR has aided me in my studies. I would highly recommend it. I’ve had fantastic results in my assignments, gaining firsts in my grades.


I am just starting level 4 - been a member for about ten months. CSR is a great tool! The road map and exemplars have been so helpful in lockdown to aid in my learning and assignments in level 3. I have used as part of my CPD evidence the certificates given. Well worth the monthly fee. The live webinars have also been interesting.

Anne Loraine

CSR has been a wonderful resource and I could not have managed without the support it has provided. More power to the Counselling Tutor team!

It is a fantastic resource. I have been a member for a while now. CPDs that you can easily download for your portfolio - absolutely everything is covered! Everything you need to know is in the CSR.


I love CSR because Rory's presentations are very well presented and explained. He explains the theories very efficiently which helped me understand. I absolutely love your support and I would not manage my counselling journey without your resources. All resources were adequate for each level of my training. With CSR resources, I am now in my third year of a counselling degree.


CSR helped me survive my two-year counselling skills course. It helped me be much more confident in speaking in groups in class as the language is easier to understand. Kept me afloat. Excellent lectures and advice.


The CPD lecture videos have been extremely beneficial throughout year 1 of  level 4. The fact that you can go back and watch them over if necessary is also great. It is easy to navigate and the volume of information available is huge.

Counselling Tutor was also one of the first organisations, if not the first, to offer an Online and Telephone Counselling course, which gave me the confidence to go back to working within my placement.


I don't think I would have passed my assignments in my year 1 level 5 course without my CSR membership. It is well worth the membership and I would recommend it to all. I find the information is explained in a way I understand.

- Michelle

Wish I had joined sooner. Has made my journey so much easier. Really looking forward to level 4 with your support. Thank you.

- Fiona

Invaluable resource. I am so glad I found you. Thank you.

- Amanda

I am a CSR member. I use this resource constantly as they delivery the information in a way that is easy to understand. Really helpful.

- Avril

CSR has been brilliant! I can't recommend it enough - it has been a real lifeline in getting ready for practice and meeting the first clients. Really go for it - very much worth it!

- Kelly


I found the CSR so helpful during my studies. I could not have completed without it. It was a life saver. Rory and Ken explain so well and simply. Thank you.
- Donna


I liked the way CSR gives clear explanations and encouraged reflection on my own interpretation. This helped me enormously when I felt my college teachers were throwing back ‘What do you think?’ a bit too often ... Being put on the right track was all that was needed ... Your resources should be flagged up as essential to anyone considering counselling training. I certainly couldn’t have got as far as I did without it. Thank you.

- Anna


I have just qualified at level 5, and have been singing Counselling Tutor's praises to all my classmates - your exceptional customer service today just highlights the quality of the care offered by Counselling Tutor.

- Clare


Joined CSR this week - best decision made. Getting so much out of it. Thank you!

- Karen


Whenever I needed help, I listen to the CPDs and they are so helpful. Thank you for your hard work, which has helped so many thousands of students.

- Mariyam


Thank you to all the team for the superb job you are all doing in providing counsellors with interesting, relevant and up-to-date information. I’ve been a fan of Counselling Tutor since my level 2.

- Jo


I would like to express my gratitude to you as well as Rory and Ken, for inviting me to join the CSR group. This invitation came at the time where I needed some support. I am studying online level 3 counselling skills, and I consider this Online and Telephone Counselling course as part of my training. I will not be able to practise yet, - however, the information that is given to us is of a great value and I would recommend this course to others. I appreciate the support that is provided during the webinars and the effort in answering questions.

- Zahia


I highly recommend Counselling Tutor to all those studying, as well as college faculty. Great news is the college IACP Ireland are already fully aware of it and are allowing me to upload courses completed as CPD.

- Lisa


May I take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate the excellent material which Counselling Tutor provides.

- Theresa


Taking the opportunity to say how CSR is helping me in my level 3 studies, and yourself and Rory are becoming very familiar faces and voices. I continue to use the invaluable services that you and your team are providing.

- Jaqueline


My level 3 course has, and continues to be, extremely challenging as we are getting a poor service from our college. But it is the input I am able to get from you and Rory that constantly lifts me and helps to keep me going.

Feeling refocused and motivated again.

- Bridget


The site is great. I wish I had used the site earlier in my studies ... I found your way of describing subjects very easy to understand and found your talks added the concrete to the foundations I had laid on my course. Your book suggestions were excellent too. I’ve ordered two following your recommendations.

- Jackie


Fabulous! Thank you for providing such a comprehensive resource.

- Angela

'It was the best decision I've made since a long time to have joined Counselling Tutor.'


Since joining, I have found Counselling Tutor a fantastic resource. Keep up the good work!

- Carol


I’ve just listened to a lecture and read an exemplar. This is EXACTLY what I needed to put me on the right path. I can’t thank you enough. I can now get on with writing my essay knowing I’m on the right track.

- Marlene


Thanks for everything while I was studying. You do a great job for us aspiring counsellors.

- Philippa


Hi Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly. I wanted to compliment you on your wonderful service. I recently joined as a CSR member and I am very happy with the content but also very impressed with the wonderful IT. It all works so smoothly and brilliantly! I have already spent quite a few hours on your website and listened to lectures and podcasts. Thank you!

- Wendela


Counselling Tutor has been with me from the beginning of level 2 and I’m now approaching the end of level 4. It’s been a fantastic resource so thank you all.

- Julia


I would like to say that the support from Counselling Tutor is amazing. Being able to receive live support with the discussion groups, along with Rory’s takeaways, have helped me so much when the self-doubt is raging and I’m feeling a bit isolated. Counselling Tutor really feels like my ‘counselling home’ and I can’t recommend it enough.

- Alison


I have finished my degree in counselling and am now doing a master’s in counselling and psychotherapy and still listen to your counselling podcasts. They and the CSR have helped and kept me motivated. The service you all provide is so interesting, varied and great to listen to, so please keep going!

- Rebecca


It was the best decision I've made since a long time to have joined Counselling Tutor.

I started only in January and am at the beginning of the counselling journey. I'm 78 years old and absolutely fascinated with the subject. Thanks to Rory and Ken, I can't stop reading and listening to the podcasts and lectures.

At this early stage I'm trying to apply the counselling skills wherever I go, even when I talk to people on the bus.

Obviously, at my age I probably will not become a practising counsellor but it's never too late to learn and keep the brain active.

Let's see how far I get ... that would be my third profession ... from a state-registered nurse, to accountant and maybe counsellor?


This is a huge shout-out to Rory and the gang at Counselling Tutor, and also this CSR community and CSR resources. I have just received a grade for my first essay on my foundation degree and I came out with a first (75%). Thank you to everyone who provided me with information hints and tips. Also for putting up with me bombarding the Facebook group with questions. Thank you, everyone!


Loving the CSR. I'm a new member and it has just taken my learning to a new level. I feel very supported. Thank you, CSR.


I find it really helpful to be able to ask Rory questions. Your help and support - it has been invaluable and has given me confidence in the theory side.


I’m now on the first year of an integrative degree, but have been using your resources since my level 2 certificate. I don’t know if I would’ve made it so far on my own, so I wanted to take the opportunity to send a big heartfelt thank you to all the team at Counselling Tutor!

'I can safely say I would not be the counsellor I am today without your input.'


Many thanks to you, Rory, Colette and all your team for all the help and knowledge I have gained from the CSR and Counselling Tutor. I will be forever indebted to you all, and I can safely say I would not be the counsellor I am today without your input.


Thank you so much to CSR for all the help you give us students.


I can honestly say that I found CSR to be such a wonderful support for me as I waded my way through level 4, the diploma in counselling. My only regret is that I didn't sign up sooner.

I found the online lectures incredibly accessible. The wonderful way in which theory was explained by Rory and Ken cut through the often off-putting academic, wordy explanation within text books and other online resources.

So many aspects of the counselling process, the practical skills and the theories behind the skills are provided within CSR. There is even wise advice imparted on placements and support for looking ahead to professional practice. You couldn't ask for more.

You can feel the warmth and genuine positive regard that Ken and Rory have for the counselling students who access their resources. I found their kindness to be a huge support. Especially when I was doubting my capabilities along the way.

I can't recommend the CSR resource enough. Invest in your academic journey and reward yourself with a user-friendly guide to becoming a counsellor. Keep up the great work, Ken and Rory!


The handouts are excellent, so easy to understand and enjoyable to read. I have just finished my second assignment for level 3, and your resources became the core source for my research. I have also been recommending your resources to other students on the course.

'I can honestly say that I found CSR to be such a wonderful support for me as I waded my way through level 4, the diploma in counselling. My only regret is that I didn't sign up sooner. I found the online lectures incredibly accessible. The wonderful way in which theory was explained by Rory and Ken cut through the often off-putting academic, wordy explanation within text books and other online resources.'


I am loving using the Counselling Tutor Resources. Glad I joined. Keep up the wonderful work you are all doing.


It is such an amazing and helpful resource, which I am benefiting more from than from my actual college tutor!


I LOVED the site, the service and information ... I found it so helpful.  


CSR is an amazing source, most especially the support that comes with it.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for setting up Counselling Study Resource. It really has had a remarkable effect on my studies and understanding of the subject ... even in the small amount of time I have been a member.

'I have just finished my second assignment for level 3 and your resources became the core source for my research. I have also been recommending your resources to other students on the course.'


I qualified 18 months ago and am enjoying building my private practice, and I use the CSR for keeping me well-informed and building up my continued knowledge around so many varied subjects and it helps with ongoing learning. Thank you both.


I’ve found the resources really, really useful and it’s really helped to simplify some of the theories and help with assignments - we’re doing TA at the moment so you can imagine!

I joined the CSR in the second year of my level 4 diploma (2017) because I knew the lectures would help me with my studies, and the Facebook groups. Now qualified and in private practice, the lectures continue to extend my learning in so many different areas, too many to mention. Learning and growing continues throughout ...

After qualifying, I stayed with the CSR because I can claim CPD, an ethical requirement of the BACP, which is a lot cheaper than just attending CPD training (although I do when the training is relevant). And when I feel a bit wobbly in private practice (which happens), it helps to go back to basics and remind myself to trust the client's process ...

Thank you, Rory and Ken. I honestly don't know what I would do without you.

The CSR is fantastic value for money and you all do a great job of putting it together. I don't know what I would do without all the information you provide and the support from fellow students.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Rory and Colette for probably one of the most informative counselling sites I have had the pleasure of using.

I am grateful for the material you sent to me, I found it useful in my work. Thank you so much for the help rendered.

'After qualifying, I stayed with the CSR because I can claim CPD, an ethical requirement of the BACP, which is a lot cheaper than just attending CPD training (although I do when the training is relevant). And when I feel a bit wobbly in private practice (which happens), it helps to go back to basics and remind myself to trust the client's process ... Thank you, Rory and Ken. I honestly don't know what I would do without you.'

I cannot thank you and Rory enough for all the support you gave me during the past academic year. CSR is fantastic and I will always remember that all the good comments I had with my written work was because of you guys! Thank you once again and I really wish you well.

I love your work. It is a great help for me - I learn better by listening. If I read something, I don't understand, I become anxious and concentration goes out the window. Being able to learn from you and having access to your resources is really great. I'm studying BA(Hons) Integrative Counselling and Art Therapy. It is a dream come true for me to be doing this.

I completed my level 4 last year having subscribed to CSR throughout and during my level 3.

Can I just say that as my course was not what I would consider to be 'good', I found the resources you and Rory provide invaluable; not only for the portfolio but also the additional materials. My portfolio passed first time with no amends and I attribute that to your guidance and my dedication.

In a couple of weeks' time, I'll beginning my continuing voyage of discovery on the level 4 diploma course and I'm sure I'll be logging in a lot more over the coming weeks and months, and over the years after I qualify in 2021 🙂 Thanks to you, Rory, and the rest of the team who work so hard in bringing students and practitioners a further and deeper understanding of therapy.

I have been a member of the Counselling Study Resource group for some time. It is a great resource to have when you're a student, with all the information, such as the study guides and catalogue of lectures - and the live interactive lectures are amazing. But most importantly, the amazing support from everyone. There is always someone there that can answer questions on a point you have missed, and people who can give advice on How To. It is an overall great resource for help and information to have as a counselling student.

'Rory and Ken have given me so many moments where I have said 'Oh! I get it now.' They take the fear out of getting assignments right ... Having just passed my level 4 diploma last week, I am full of gratitude for all this learning.'

I've found the CSR invaluable at degree level. The information contained and the podcasts have been an excellent resource for clarifying things missed in lectures. I'd recommend to anyone studying counselling at any level.

I found Rory on YouTube. I think I was doing my level 2 at the time. We just couldn't get our heads around the concept of transference - until, that is, we watched his video. So easy!

I joined Counselling Tutor as the live webinars began. I have learnt so much and if it's too fast during the allocated 'live' hour, you can watch them again. So much more is explained than in class.

Rory and Ken have given me so many moments where I have said 'Oh! I get it now.' They take the fear out of getting assignments right.

As well as the webinars, the podcasts are really useful too. I listen while doing the ironing!

Having just passed my level 4 diploma last week, I am full of gratitude for all this learning and am looking forward to the next webinar in September.

Rory and CSR have been a lifesaver to me. I am almost at the end of my foundation degree. I have to repeat skills so, needless to say, your lecture was just at the right time for me.

I found the site useful and easy for me to understand. I'm shocked that my tutors at college cannot explain it the same way as I paid a lot more! Thank you for your help.

'My portfolio passed first time with no amends and I attribute that to your guidance and my dedication.'

In my first year at master's and studying counselling and psychotherapy. Prior to that, completed level 2 at college and have to be honest - I did not learn what I know from college, it was from CSR. Being dyslexic and having the lectures enabled me to process the information in a way I could understand and I pass this site on to university students. I cannot thank Rory and Ken enough for this excellent site that breaks down the information in easy to understand steps. The resources, lectures ... essay guidance, skills ... goes on and on. Because of CSR, I am actually ahead of my peers in understanding causing great panic.

What did I say? Here's the CSR lifeline and join, best money I spent, affordable and I will be a long standing member for years to come. No other site like this trust me I know I researched.

Thanks, Rory and Ken.

So pleased I joined and worth every penny, you and Rory are just brilliant and I have come across other students who are starting counselling and recommend your site and will continue to do so.

Whilst I am sending this to you, my heartfelt thanks is to each and every one of you for the unstinting work you do and the service you provide.


... and I couldn’t, most definitely wouldn’t, have done it without you.


I am eager to find out if I will have a place on CPCAB level 4. The wait is agonising but I am hopeful. The CSR has really helped. I feel I have a good grasp of PCT now to go into the course with. And I finally understand what you mean by phenomenology and how it fits into existentialism, which feels great to finally understand.

'I feel like shouting hallelujah! Theory and concepts I understand! Thank you for these resources - they are surely going to be useful to me as I enter into my second year of my degree course.'

Wow! This really is going to help my studies! I'm currently at the beginning of level 3 and can see this will ease the pressure. I love the way counselling jargon as you put it is broken down into layman's terms. I'm very much a hands on person so academia isn't that easy!

I have really enjoyed your skills book and the Counselling Tutor website, channel and podcasts feel like a treat to use, recently dipping in the great lectures available too. It’s like studying wrapped in a welcoming safe feather duvet, I love it, understand it (being dyslexic), and look forward to learning something further every time I visit. I’ve two degrees (20 years in social work) and literally previously hated studying but not anymore, I actually enjoy it now!

I’m a paid up CSR member. Thank goodness. Finding such relevance on the site, it’s just like perfect - really - one could google for hours or just join CSR!! So succinct.

I feel so lucky to have found such a treasure of information that will without doubt help me on this new and exciting journey towards becoming a qualified therapist.

I know that I’ve been very lazy with CSR.  I’ve been dipping in and out for a few months now but I sat down to it properly last night and OMG, I am just blown away by how informative it all is.

You and Rory have put together fabulous resources and I feel like my tutor has now moved in with me lol :).

I feel so lucky to know about you guys and just want to say thanks because I feel so much more confident now with the resources you offer.

'I’m a paid up CSR member ... Finding such relevance on the site, it’s just like perfect - really - one could google for hours or just join CSR!! So succinct.'

Thank you so much, CSR has been a great help. It is such a big relief being able to know and understand what I am talking about. Thanks to you guys using simple, understandable language.

Since I'm new in this subject, it is so easy to understand.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the resources ... having so much relevant and easily accessed material all in one place is fabulous!

Thanks very much.

I find the CSR very interesting, helpful and also motivational!  I am at level 3 and dip in and out of the resources at the moment, rather than completing modules, as I’m trying to juggle a lot of things, but I like the way the resource is structured, that we can use it in different ways.

I'm really enjoying the handouts, and other resources on the CSR. I look forward to the weekly podcasts, and I often listen to them whenever I need anything specific to study we are covering in class, which helps me concentrate and gives me a greater understanding of the theory.

I've highly recommended CSR to my peers, hence you may have some new members very soon.

Sincere thanks for all the hard work and thought you and Rory put into the CSR, I really don't know what I'd do without it.

The whole resource was invaluable whilst doing my postgrad person-centred diploma. So a huge thank you to you.

Member of CSR, certainly paid off in my studies at master's level. Thanks, Rory and Ken.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of the support and insightful resources given.  As a newbie to all of this, I feel calm and supported in the knowledge that all of your resources speak to me in a language I can understand.  Long may that continue!!

Just to say thank you for a fantastic learning resource online that I can trust. It enhances my self-directed learning and often gives a different perspective from the classroom.

'I’ve been dipping in and out for a few months now but I sat down to it properly last night and OMG, I am just blown away by how informative it all is ... I feel so lucky to know about you guys and just want to say thanks because I feel so much more confident now with the resources you offer.'

It is so good I'm only just forcing myself to turn the computer off and get some well-needed sleep. It truly is a treasure box FULL to the brim with wonderful gems. Honestly, the wealth of information is outstanding and yet you always manage to simplify subjects, questions/answers and even the CSR with all the information, topics, etc. you have simplified it for persons like myself who found using an A-Z (it's all satnavs now!!) easier than computers 😉

Just to say a big thanks to Rory Lee Oaks for help with pointing out where to find resources. Member of CSR certainly paid off in my studies at Master's level. Thanks, Rory and Ken

At first I was sceptical to join CSR because of the fees and thought it's yet another con. But I put my fears to rest when I paid for the Handouts Vault, which felt so rich with information. After listening to Counselling Tutor Podcast on YouTube and on Android, I decided to go for it. I paid the annual fee for CSR without any regrets and am loving being part of it to inform my knowledge. Thanks, Rory and Ken.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful resources you have made available and to say how much I enjoy your podcasts. I'm currently studying level 3 CPCAB Counselling Studies and your podcasts are insightful and my top go-to for extra learning/understanding while I progress on my path to a career in counselling.

I became a member of CSR yesterday in preparation for the level 2 I am starting on 3rd September. I want to say how impressed I an with the quantity and quality of the resources. I can't wait to dive in when different topics come up in my studies. I am sure it will all come clear to me what will be relevant and it will help me identify which resources I'll be using in my first year. Thanks!

I have really enjoyed being a member. I have gained my BSc and without your support, I couldn't have done it. I personally felt more case studies around how we work in the room, and how personal reflection improves practice, skill scenarios for students to watch would be useful. Many thanks for all your help over the past two years.

I have been looking around the Counselling Study Resource site. First impressions: truly excellent! I really, really like the material and will find it very helpful indeed. Thanks, Rory and Ken. This looks like a very worthwhile investment for me.

Joining the CSR has helped me to enrich my learning much more effectively than I could have imagined. I have been enjoying listening to podcasts and lectures daily. In my opinion, it is endlessly helpful.

Stopping my studies for now, but I will be back! It is an excellent resource and I'm sad to go.

The resources you share are a God-send and very well laid out and put together. 

Thought I'd give a heads-up to anyone who is yet to start the external ABC Awards Unit - buy Rory's online, downloadable guide. Even if it means selling your house/your children/your organs (although hopefully none of that will be necessary because I think it was £25!). I would have seriously lost the will to live by now if it wasn't for the massively helpful guidance he gives. I'm not finished but the end is in sight ... due to listening to his podcasts and looking at sample work that's provided.

So if you're feeling like I was -nd I considered myself to be fairly okay with the academic side, having obtained a BSc Psychology a few years ago, don't stress (although you probably will ...). Just part with some and make life a whole lot easier for yourself by learning what's essential to include from Rory.

I don't think I would have passed without it (ABC Portfolio Key) - far more guidance and direction from it than ever given by my college. So, so glad I got it. Made it less stressful as well. Thank you so much for putting it together, Rory. You are a star.

'It is so good I'm only just forcing myself to turn the computer off and get some well-needed sleep. It truly is a treasure box FULL to the brim with wonderful gems. Honestly, the wealth of information is outstanding and yet you always manage to simplify subjects ...'

The (ABC Portfolio Key) guidance was absolutely invaluable to me. I honestly believe I wouldn't have passed without Counselling Tutor support!

Thought I'd share that I had a little telephone call from my tutor today to say that ABC Awards have passed my external work, first time.

And I honestly don't think that would've been the case without spending lots of time listening to Rory Lees-Oakes and reading exemplars. So a big thank you from me for all of the 'portfolio key' help.

Just got my notification that I have passed all the modules in year 1, level 4, en route to a BA(Hons) in Counselling Studies.

Aged 53, and with dyslexia confirmed, I truly thought I had taken on too much.

Without the Counselling Tutor at a pivotal dark point, I don't think I would have had the faith to keep going. Just wanted to share and say thank you.

I was so relieved to have found the guide so thank you - it's lovely to have ongoing support when you're not in the classroom. The guide is very helpful in ensuring you stay focused on the task in hand, which I like.

The assignment guidance that I downloaded and printed off is absolutely brilliant and wish I had it at the start of my three years here at the University Centre at Blackburn College. 

I am currently in the throes of starting my dissertation and with several remaining final assignments. 

The assignment guidance is very easy and a straightforward read with great tips to help, especially the introductory phases as I often find it can be time-consuming to keep thinking of varied words when referencing.  

I’m sure I will still have this by my side when I find the motivation to actually get started and yes I have a plan of action/schedule in place but that is the easy bit. 

'When you work it out monthly for what you get - especially for students - for me it's the best money spent. I have almost finished all my criteria in 12 months when I have two years! ... For me, it's second to none.'

Just spent the last three hours reading some of your information. Very excited to read more as now I'm on level 3. It all started to make sense now, the terminology is sinking in ... a bit! So keep up the good work.

The Counselling Study Resource is a tremendous support to me. Throughout my level 3 studies, the lectures available 24/7 via CSR provided extensive insight and clarity, complementing my college learning experience.

Rory and Ken are not only experienced and skilled in the field of counselling, keeping up to date with ongoing developments, they also offer support and encouragement to students of all levels. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Counselling Study Resource. Thank you!

There is so much rich material on the website  - I would have struggled on my diploma course without it. You seem to have plugged many holes!  A huge thank you to you and Rory. 

I have my graduation BA (Hons) Counselling on July 10th and the Counselling Tutor resources helped me to get a first! Thank you sooo much, Rory.

I find it very useful as I’m in my last year of Msc Person-Centred and I’m focusing mostly on reflexive study and research at the moment. 

I’m delighted that I have so much information in one place. I wish I knew about it at the beginning of my training, but I will make the most of it. Many thanks! 

The Handouts Vault is BRILLIANT! Sooooo useful!

Passed my first year master's, big thanks to Rory and Ken. Couldn't have done it without CSR. Kick ass to dyslexia.

Thank you so much for the amazing resources you produce. I am currently on the first year of my diploma and having to juggle my own work, life, college, counselling and supervision - and find that Counselling Tutor makes my life a lot easier and helps me gain a deeper level of understanding, especially of what the skills actually look like. 

I can find nothing to help you improve the CSR. It has helped me through to passing my level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (TC-L4) with CPCAB. Many thanks to you both for your excellent resource and friendly manner. Thank you so much.  

I have passed my COP with the BACP and am patiently waiting for clients in my private practice.  

This is amazing, Ken ... I would definitely recommend this to anyone studying and as I keep saying – your style of tuition is perfect for my learning abilities. 

Passed my first year master's. Dyslexic as well. Cheers, Rory. Wouldn't have done it without your lectures and resources.

A huge thank you to Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly. Apparently I passed level 4. I'm thrilled!

I am in my first year of an FdA in integrative counselling course ... I have just spent a few hours navigating the CSR website. It is sooo informative ... I have also been watching Rory's YouTube teachings, which are great and so useful.

When you work it out monthly for what you get - especially for students - for me it's the best money spent. I have almost finished all my criteria in 12 months when I have two years! It's helped me with placements and I've started to learn new theories - I'm passionate about what I'm doing and love the style Rory and Ken put the stuff together in.

For me it's second to none - you could do a short training course on one topic for £250 so it's very good value.

Brilliant value.

I pay by monthly subscription so it feels a bit less of a stretch financially. Quite frankly, I don't know how I would have got though some of my assignments without the CSR. The lectures are brilliant and the assignment exemplars incredibly useful. I'm just so grateful that I discovered it fairly early on in my studies.

I'm a teacher and have written countless schemes of work and resources. The CSR is well-structured, easy to navigate, reassuring in its tone and content. Nice job!

I have to say, it's nice to see a set of resources that acknowledge that it's a criteria-led qualification and not some fluffy 'seek and the answer will be found' meander. Now there is the power differential in education. I, as a teacher, will hold the answer and through my musing you will behold the answer. The CSR is easy to use, direct and unpatronising.

'I'm blown away!!! Literally - it just doesn't get any better. Just printed off my certificate and this can go neatly into my folder with the work I've done on trauma. Brilliant!!!'

This is a quick thank-you message. I signed up to your Counselling Tutor website a while back ... It's been absolutely awesome for me, not only as a useful learning tool for my own knowledge, but as an ESSENTIAL resource in completing my assignments! I've just done assignment 1, module 1 of my level 3 and honestly I couldn't have completed it (and actually thoroughly understood what I was writing about) without your learning resources! I also love the fact that you have further links and wider reading on all your resources ... Makes searching for info a whole lot easier! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I would like to say thank you to Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly. This is a great resource site and very helpful, very useful having the lessons on video, and all the resource materials in plain English. Best site out there. I would be struggling without it.

I completed a postgrad counselling skills course last week. I entered the course as a mature student without a degree and wasn't sure if I wasn't sure if I was going to be out my depth. I was quite anxious beginning my assignments as I wasn't used to writing essays for university but I really applied myself and I got there. Counselling Tutor was an excellent resource for me. Thank you guys.

Thank you for the assignment model answers. Without the guidance, I would not have passed my diploma resubmission. My college failed to provide any help. So I had nowhere to go for guidance, apart from Counselling Tutor. I got confirmation that I passed today, so I am very happy.

'I have now come to the end of my level 4 diploma and I would like to say I really couldn't have done this course without all your vital resources. I am so grateful.'