I am a counselling psychologist in Kenya and your CPD library have been informative, and eye-opening into my career. Once more, thank you for a good job.

- Vespus (Kenya)


I have joined up for the CPD online courses membership it is such good value for money and also for me to grow and develop as a counsellor. It was very useful and I will be using the techniques to support my clients.

- Naela (Middlesex)


Thank you for the fabulous resources on your site which I have started using recently.

These are great for many aspects of my professional roles, and its wonderful to have easy access to such a wealth of knowledge and skills.

Best of wishes to you and the team.

- Melanie (Devon)


Your resources and support have been important to me in my training and development, and I'm grateful for the work and commitment of everyone involved.

- Clark (Telford)


I’m so pleased I join as I have been looking at the library and there are so much to learn from. Very useful!

- Emilia (West Sussex)


Many thanks for this Ken. It looks great.
I'm loving all of the CPD resources and getting loads from it.

- Niall (Cookstown)


I completed the online and telephone counselling course with you last year and have signed up for your CPD package. I am very impressed with the quality of teaching you provide.

- Claire (Berkshire)


Really, thank you so much! I’m glad to be a member of your organisation. Resources and your services are unbelievably good.

- Zakera (Bristol)


I did attend last night’s lecture on Applying Neuroscience in Counselling Practice. Very useful and I thought Maggi was great! If they are all of this standard, I am glad I joined!

- KR Brian (Kildare, Ireland)


Counselling Tutor has helped me tremendously in enhancing my skills and being updated with new learning opportunities.

- Bhanu (Mumbai)


I have found the lectures really useful and they have really helped me with setting up my practice. Thank you.

- Alison (Adelaide, South Australia)


I am very pleased with the help and support I have been offered over the last few months with your organization and I have referred others to make inquiries with yourself. Counsellor CPD has been a great resource and support with my practice and development.

- Marcia


I have just joined the Counsellors Members CPD service. I am blown away! This is exactly what I have been looking for. Now I have it at my fingertips and so nicely explained and easily laid out, too. I cannot tell you how delighted I am to have access to this fabulous tool. I am a tutor and lecture third-year students who finish with me this month. I will definitely point them in your direction! Delighted here today.

- Sarah