Basic Counselling Skills A Student Guide

Basic Counselling Skills - A Student Guide

The perfect skills guide for students of counselling and psychotherapy

Written in easy-to-understand (non-academic) language - Counselling skills theory decoded into plain English.

Bonus downloadable audio files that demonstrate skills in action - Listen on your smartphone, tablet or computer

The perfect skills book for any student of counselling or psychotherapy - Easy reference to complement your studies

What fellow students think

The "ah-ah now I get it" moment I have been looking for. Clear precise guidance and I wish I had this book when I started my counselling studies. 

This book should be in every counselling students library. 

- Gary Brown

I am doing my first recorded session tonight and the very first section of your book, "Opening a session", has already been enormously valuable

- Corne Schafer

Just finished your book and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am looking forward to referencing from it in my skills assignment!

- Vicky McGuirk

The book is fantastic!

I am currently on the Level 3 Counselling skills course and this is so beneficial to me.

I have already plugged the book on our own closed Facebook group as my peers would find the contents of the book such a useful tool!

- Sarah Moran

I'm in my second term of a Foundation degree and I have read the book from cover to cover.

I will be referring to it frequently throughout my studies. 

- Sharon Sands

I have used your book to complete my CPCAB level 2 and I am part way through CPCAB level 3. 

What I like about your book is that is has the answers to my questions without having to trawl through pages of information. 

It’s information that I can just connect to and understand

- Marie King

I'm really glad I bought your book as I feel it will provide a useful source of information for my teaching. 

I teach a counselling skills course, and your easy-to-read chapters on counselling skills is very easy to read and then disseminate to the learners. 

- Tracy Fletcher

Very user-friendly - love the links to your podcasts - wish you were my tutor!

– Anita Eng

I have been using counselling skills for the past twelve years and I would recommend this book for those who want the cream-of-the-crop on their book shelf! 

- Layla Digby

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In my book, I go beyond offering just a theoretical definition of what a skill is and an explanation of what it does in a counselling relationship. I share a deeper look into the skills and explore a more philosophical explanation from my own experience as a practising therapist and former counselling tutor. - Kenneth Kelly

e-therapy course tutor Ken Kelly

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