Endings in therapy

Endings in therapy and the teaching of it….!The academic year is coming to and end, in the next couple of months Certificates and Diplomas will be dropping through the letter boxes of my now ex learners as they move on in to what ever future they desire to aspire to.This week I said goodbye to learners , some of whom I had taught for four years, they came to me wanting to know about the world of therapy and left as confident therapists ready to move in to professional life.

Dear reader don’t get me wrong , ‘the road less traveled’,  that of personal development is a bumpy one, not everyone gets on , there have been spirited debates, tears and sometimes a little despair ( those assignments can be tough !)The secret of teaching counselling was passed to me by a friend who taught children to paint, she told me ” they all have the potential to be great artists .
My job is to encourage , support and show them the beauty of what they create” then after pausing to think, she looked at me and said ” sometimes I have to take the paint  brush off them before they ruin what they have done, in time they recognise their own talents and put the brush down by themselves” 
I learned three things that day, 1 ,work with potential  2, trust individuals until you have to intervene 3, explore and reflect the beauty of what they create, help them see it for themselves.

So back to endings , I was very touched to receive this leaving gift from my learners.

Endings in therapyIt’s an existential teapot, on the outside it has some of my ‘sayings ‘ and it is filled with teabags with little notes attached with more of my ‘wise words ‘ which I have allegedly uttered to the tutorial over the years.So thank you for the experience , and all that you have taught me, its been a blast.
Tea anyone ?
Rory 🙂