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Online and Telephone Counselling
- Course Overview - 

Join Ken Kelly and Rory Lees-Oakes from the Counselling Tutor team as they discuss the details of the Counselling Tutor Online and Telephone Counselling Course.

Over 9000 fellow counsellors, psychotherapists and placements students have taken this course to help them work safely and ethically online.


1 April 2021 @ 2pm BST

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Students and qualified counsellors need to gain the skills to work safely online quickly and effectively during this isolation period.

Determined to rise to the challenge, Counselling Tutor have launched a six-module, 80 hour, certified, distance-learning course on telephone and online counselling.

At this webinar we will cover:

  • The difference between face-to-face and online counselling
  • How ethics and confidentiality differs online
  • What you need to do to keep you and your client safe

We will also cover any questions you may have regarding the Counselling Tutor Online and Telephone Counselling Foundation Course.

The webinar happens this Sunday, 26th April from 7pm to 8h30 pm (UK BST), and you are invited to join us.

What email address should I send your invite to?