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Counselling skills form the foundation of the relationship between client and therapist. Learn the theory and practical application as well as how to explain counselling skills in your assignments.

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Counselling theory explained in a way that is easy to understand. Theoretical approaches compared and contrasted, evaluated and outlined with top tips for writing your assignment.

Ethics and Practice

Counselling practice is underpinned by an ethical framework, legislation and professional practice requirements. Get an insight on how to link theory to practice in your assignments.

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Welcome to our online campus, this site offers a wealth of study resources useful to students of counselling and psychotherapy.

What is Counselling Tutor?
Counselling Tutor is made up of a collection of informative videos, blogs and counselling resources training materials aimed at those looking for help with they're counselling assignments

Counselling theory, skills practise, ethical considerations and saying counselling models are explained in easy to understand way by a qualified counselling tutor.
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This site is not just for the student counsellor. We warmly welcome practitioners who value counselling continued professional development and we are committed to providing accurate and up to date information on all aspects of counselling.

General public looking to get an understanding of what counselling is about are of course welcome and I hope the simple explanations will help demystify some of the misconceptions that surround counselling.

The Counselling Tutor Facebook group is the ideal meeting place for  students of counselling and psychotherapy all over the world. The private group is a great place to exchange views, get support and have a general chin wag about counselling related issues.

Counselling tutor offer support and resorcses for students undertaking a counselling course who feel they would like some extra support.

018 – Theory and Practice – Five-Relationship Model – Business Planning – Qualitative and Quantitative Research

By ken kelly | September 24, 2016

In episode 18 – as the Counselling Tutor Podcast comes of age! – Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly discuss how to deal with a mismatch between theory and practice. ‘Theory with Rory’ looks at Petruska Clarkson’s five-relationship model, while in ‘Person-Centred Business’, Ken provides a guide to stress-free business-planning. Last, the presenters explain the difference…

Person centred counselling training – A students view

By Jane Askew | September 20, 2016

Person centred counselling training changed me! Person centred counselling training has changed my life , It’s all about me ! I realise that if  I  live my life about me, then there is more harmony inside and out ! I realise that if I live my life about me, then there is more harmony inside and…


017 – Returning to Study – Defence Mechanisms – Person-Centred Business – BACP Ethical Framework

By ken kelly | September 18, 2016

017 – Returning to Study – Defence Mechanisms – Person-Centred Business – BACP Ethical Framework In episode 17 of the Counselling Tutor Podcast – the first in season 2 – Rory Lees-Oakes and Ken Kelly talk about returning to study after the summer break. ‘Theory with Rory’ looks at defence mechanisms, while Ken introduces a…