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Library of Counselling Resources update…..

I can confirm that ‘behind the scenes’, myself , Ken and our library manager  Yvonne  are busy building the structure to the library and adding resources which will open in September 2013 ready for the new academic year.

The ambition is to finally and in time  provide over a thousand articles, and resources mostly in PDF format to support learning on levels 3, 4 and Higher Education Courses as well providing information to an interested general public in the world of Counselling and Psychotherapy 

What started out as a ‘ Jolly good idea’  hatched over a cup of tea has become quite an adventure, which has seen Ken busily constructing the page layouts and search strings that Yvonne designed (She has a BA Honours in Library Management. don’t you know!).  

Ken has also done some super work on site speed, the tests we have run show  documents served up at lightning fast speed in PDF format 

My role is to select the resources, contact any copyright holders to ask if their work can be included in the library, three contacted  so far and three ‘yes that’s fine, what a super idea’ type responses !.

Which brings me to YOUR role in this little venture!

 We are looking for’ Beta testers ‘to test out the following;

  • Library Navigation and Design 
  • Download speed 
  • Quality of resources 
  • Feedback as to any improvements we could make prior to launch or ongoing 

The plan is to give Beta testers a secret link to test out the site prior to it being opened in September so we can  implement any changes that have been brought to our attention and we feel could benefit users prior to launch.

All contributors receive a a mention in the thank you blog on launch, and a labeled 'Counselling Resource Earl Grey Teabag' sent via post to their home address to have a drink on us as we celebrate the opening of the library.

We will be publishing eligibility criteria soon; however as a guide we are looking for one student from the level 3 and both the level 4 courses at Warrington Collegiate starting in September 2013.

3 learners from other Colleges, Universities or private training providers in the united Kingdom , who will be studying counselling at 3/4 and HE levels.

Finally (but not least!).3 learners from other Colleges, Universities or private training providers in the rest of the world, who will be studying counselling at 3/4 and HE levels or equivalent  in 2013.

If you are interested in taking part in this opportunity to develop your and other student’s learning resources. please express an interest and I will get back to you in the next few weeks with the criteria for becoming a beta tester.

Interested? then contact myself or Ken here –


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Counselling Resource on YouTube, biggest in the world?

Other new is that the YouTube site Counselling Resource is officially* the most watched video channel in the world dedicated to Counselling and Psychotherapy, the site since its inception on June 2011, has had, as of today  421.522 hits and currently has1648 subscribers, so thank you for watching !
 *Officially, is my unscientific trawl across you tube sites which host presentations dedicated to counselling and psychotherapy, if anyone can find a site with more hits then get in contact ….